30 Rock

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2010 on NBC

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  • argus

    Will Forte was already on an episode of 30 Rock. I hate continuity errors, although the show was essentially a non-stop continuity error in the first season as Rachel Dratch played a different character every week,, so I suppose that I cannot complain too much.

    Tonight's episode was bizarre, to say the least. There was an episode of Just Shoot Me like this where the character of Nina Van Horn found out there was a man impersonating her as Nina Man Horn. Essentially the same thing here.

    But it was still kind of funny. Not the best Tracy performance, but I liked the references to Grizz and Liz and their sexual past.

    Funny like always, but not one of the better ones.
  • brilliant one-liners!!

    I really dont know why this scored so low.. Was nobody paying attention??? It seriously had some of the best one-liners I've ever seen on the show. Not to mention a self-referential moment (btw "Dallas" and Liz) that was just ridiculous. Wowee. Stuff I couldn't even believe would be on television like

    Liz (to Jenna): "Did you soak your tampon in vodka again?


    Liz: I know him pretty well, got my toe ring lost in him last night..

    seriously! hilarious stuff!

    I think 30 rock is one of the funniest comedies on tv at the moment. in addition to modern family, community and big bang theory. ah its just brilliant! and i really love liz lemon.
  • A good 30 Rock episode after a really long time..

    Is it because I am watching 30 rock once every 3 weeks or is it because the writing is so forgettable, that I feel like I haven't seen much of this show this season. While I think the latter is the case, I thought this episode was simply brilliant. We had 3 different storylines here. We had Jack swimming in his own vanity believing Don Geiss' spirit was in a peacock that Jack inherited. Jenna is dating Will Forte who is a Jenna impersonator. And Grizz is getting married to Feyonce (Beyonce with an F!!! [lol]). And of course, we have Liz playing the usual punching bag guiding these 3 through their weird adversities. The writing was spot on, and some of the one-liners such as "Jenna, why are you pressing his boob?" and Tracy saying Grizz's fiance Feyonce [intended to be heard as fiance fiance]were simple brilliant. And not to forget, Tina Fey's self deprecating humor was there to top off everything.

    Great episode.