30 Rock

Season 7 Episode 6

Aunt Phatso vs. Jack Donaghy

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on NBC



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    • Liz: I told you like ten times I had a doctor's appointment today. My bunions are out of control. The podiatrist said that the only possible explanation is that one of my ancestors mated with a dinosaur.

    • Jenna: Too bad hazel, looks like everyone's on to your crazy now.
      Hazel: Why don't you make like a woman driver... and get lost.
      Jenna: 'Cause I'd rather make like the father I never had and... stay.

    • Jack Donaghy: Lemon, do you think I'm a villain?
      Liz Lemon: Well, I have heard you say, "Guards, cease him."
      Jack Donaghy: I was at a Knicks game. They needed to stop the clock.

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