30 Rock

Season 1 Episode 12

Black Tie

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2007 on NBC
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Liz wonders if she's actually on a date with Jack as she accompanies him to a birthday celebration for a foreign prince. While at the ball, Liz sees a different side to Jack as he unexpectedly runs in to his ex-wife. Back at 30 Rock, Tracy tempts Pete with a booze- and babe-filled party in the office, while Kenneth tries to keep Pete on the straight and narrow.moreless

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  • Good.

    Liz wonders if she's actually on a date with Jack as she accompanies him to a birthday celebration for a foreign prince. While at the ball, Liz sees a different side to Jack as he unexpectedly runs in to his ex-wife. Back at 30 Rock, Tracy tempts Pete with a booze- and babe-filled party in the office, while Kenneth tries to keep Pete on the straight and narrow.

    Oh my god was the inbred prince Pee Wee Herman LOL. This episode was the funniest thus far. Pete was really good and the Kenneth and Tracy acting like angel and devil was fun. The party was funny with Liz and Jack acting like a couple.moreless
  • The show had a slightly different feel. Not bad at all, just different.

    The episode was fun and funny, no doubt. I had a good time with it. But the characters and writing seemed a little out of synch. Kenneth seemed oddly aggressive and forthright, especially after thanking Tracy for shoving him at the beginning. Paul was wonderful as the prince, but the character seemed a little too surreal for the general scope of the show, and the Liz/Jack story was fun, but surprisingly cliché in a show generally so surprising in its choices.

    Also, the individual storylines (Jenna, Pete and Liz) were all strong, but failed to connect with each other the way storylines generally do.

    Despite this, the show still was strong. I enjoyed another fine installment and look forward to another episode.moreless
  • One of the best episodes of the season

    This episode was absolutely amazing. The European prince who had to lift his legs manually and Isabella Rossilini as Jacks's ex, it was an very well done. Every week I look forward to 30 Rock, and this week it outdid itself. It's easy to see why Alec Baldwin has won a clutch of awards for the show, and I can only see the show getting better. The storyline regarding Pete and Tracy was also entertaining and the scene with the Angel (Kenneth) and Devil (Tracy) was hilarious. Lets hope it continues to get better, and I'm looking forward to next week.moreless
  • I was teetering on the edge of "do I like this show or not?". But when Paul Reubens came on as an inbred prince.... Sweet Mother...

    Words cannot describe how happy I was when the commercials for the episode revealed that Paul Reubens, my hero, was going to be on the show. The best part was that he got to play a great roll that was definitely made just for him. The inbred Prince from some far off land is so awesome. The way he delivered the line "Thank You For Coming To My BURFFFDAY!!!" oh. my. God. Hillarious. If they keep pulling stunts like this, I'm going to keep watching. Just knowing that they're capable of this is going to make me add them to my thursday night routine. I love Paul Reubens, and thank you 30 Rock for giving the man a little face time! Great!moreless
  • Best of the best,

    30 Rock,

    In this episode we find Jack and Liz, and jenna, going to a birthday party for a prince i think. Liz thinks she is on a date with Jack but cant be sure. Jack's ex wife is there too. Liz shows Jack that his ex wife stills has feell ings for him when she attacks Liz. Jenna by accident kills the prince.
Paul Reubens

Paul Reubens

Prince Gerhardt

Guest Star

Will Forte

Will Forte


Guest Star

Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini

Bianca Donaghy

Guest Star

Lonny Ross

Lonny Ross

Josh Girard

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Jenna: Oh, hello.
      Liz: Hi. How did you get in here?
      Jenna: Oh, Liz, if you dress well and enter with confidence, you can get in anywhere.
      Liz: You showed the security guy your boobs didn't you?
      Jenna: Just one, it's not the White House.

    • Jack: I had "lunch" with Martha Stewart and "dinner" with her daughter Alexis.
      Liz: Gross.

    • Vikki: (to Pete) Your name sounds Jewish. You must be important

    • Jack: Lemon, I want to thank you for showing me that I could have a pleasant evening with a woman my age.
      Liz: I'm twelve years younger than you.
      Jack: A woman your age, then.

    • Liz: It's a fast song! (starts dancing jerkily)
      Jack: Okay, easy there, Jackie Chan.
      Liz: (looks down at her chest) Are they in? They're not umm....
      Jack: Let's go. Yeah, be careful.

    • Liz: You've already made up your mind about this, haven't you?
      Jenna: Oh, you're right, Liz. I should go for it.
      Liz: You're not even listening, are you? Poop. Monkey butt.
      Jenna: No, you're a good friend. And thank you.

    • Pete: (on the phone with his son, using an Elmo voice) Elmo wants you to aim your pee-pee at the potty. Haha, no, not at mommy, at the potty. How is that Elmo's fault? Did mommy have some wine before she called Elmo?

    • Jack: That Gerhardt is amazing, isn't he? Most people in his situation would be angry with their family for the centuries of inbreeding, but not Gerhardt. He's too busy trying to stave off infection.

    • Jack: Just to know [Bianca]'s filled with bile over me warms my heart.

    • Jenna: Gerhardt, would you like to dance?
      Gerhardt: Sadly, because my body does not produce joint fluid, I cannot.

    • Bianca: Congratulations, John, she's much sharper than the other girl you had. What was her name?
      Jack: Beyoncé.

    • Jenna: Oh, Liz, its always been my dream to marry a prince, like a modern day Cinderella story.
      Liz: Well, maybe I'm Cinderella this time!
      Jenna: No, Liz, Cinderella is blonde. You can be Snow White and party with the little people.

    • Liz: What's the difference between yo momma and a washing machine? When I drop a load in the washing machine it doesn't follow me around for a week.
      Jack: Uh, Lemon, can I speak with you alone for a moment?
      Liz: That's what your sister asked me last night. Booyaa!
      Liz: Okay, fine, I'll do it, but I'm not going to like it.
      Jack: That's what your mom said to me last night. Booyaa!

    • Jenna: You know I've always reminded myself of Grace Kelly.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The German episode title is "Der Geburtstag des Prinzen", meaning "The Prince's Birthday". The French title is "Le bal", meaning "The Party". The Italian title is "Una festa elegante", meaning "An Elegant Party". The Spanish title is "De etiqueta", meaning "Formality".

    • International Airdates: Czech Republic: March 4, 2010 on Prima COOL


    • The scene when Jack brings Liz a diamond necklace to wear and snaps the box on her fingers refers to an unscripted scene in Pretty Woman where Richard Gere brings Julia Roberts (also wearing a red dress) a diamond necklace and snaps it on her fingers causing her to laugh out loud. In the scene in 30 Rock, however, instead of laughing out loud Liz begins swearing that her fingers were hurt.