30 Rock

Season 1 Episode 3

Blind Date

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on NBC
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Jack sets Liz up on a blind date with his friend, Thomas. While Liz is busy preparing for the date, Jack infiltrates the writers' weekly poker game.

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  • Great.

    Realizing that her near or total lack of a social life is having an adverse effect on her work, Jack sets Liz up on a blind date with a friend of his. Jack infiltrates the writers' weekly poker game and starts winning hands down until Kenneth the Page joins in and proves to be a surprisingly adept player. I'm really enjoying the show so far, I'm glad my brother told me too watch it now. I find the storyline interesting and this show is funny. So far Jack is my favourite character, I love the littler nerds too because everyone is awesome. Jack sets Liz up thinking she isn't straight, I loved that storyline. I love the way they are playing poker - great scenes I love Jack and Keneth in this episode - awesome. Great episode.moreless
  • One of the best episodes.

    Jack sets Liz up on a blind date with his friend, Thomas. While Liz is busy preparing for the date, Jack infiltrates the writers' weekly poker game.

    This was easily one of the funnier episodes of the season. Kenneth playing poker against Jack was the highlight, I laughed out load a lot when Jack made his little evil speech against Kenneth. I think this was also the episode where Pete bet his wedding ring even though he still had money and where Tracy had two of his cards the wrong was round. Hilarious episode, none stop laughter. 9.5 out of 10.moreless
  • Great episode, Liz on a date, Jack in a poker game

    There are three main reasons to watch 30 Rock. Sadly, Tina Fey is not one of them. Don't get me wrong, she is a huge talent, both acting and writing. I would attribute all that is funny in the scripts to her. However, the star of the show is Alec Baldwin. Take him out of the show. Not just this epidsode, but the show, and it's done. It's finished, gone...

    The casting of him, the writing for him, and the acting by him is some of the best on TV. Not just today, not just this decade, but EVER. His character is as funny as it gets. Not sure if it's him, or the writing, but I DO NOT CARE. 30 Rock does rock, totally. But for the reason that I initially thought it would.moreless
  • Really funny LMAO

    Realizing that her near or total lack of a social life is having an adverse effect on her work, Jack sets Liz up on a blind date with a friend of his. Jack infiltrates the writers' weekly poker game and starts winning hands down until Kenneth the Page joins in and proves to be a surprisingly adept player. This was the best episode yet the last fifteen minutes are brilliant it was really funny LMAO I could stop laughing at the poker game really funny can't wait to see the next episode. It reminded me of arrested development but the humor is much more clever.moreless
  • This was the best episode of 30 Rock today, as it brings constant laughs at the expense of Lemon and Kennith.

    This episode significantly improved on the first two, and showed that other characters could steal the show besides just Tracy Morgan. Basically this episode was about Lemon, who absolutely dominates every scene of the show shes in with serious laughs mixed in with good undertone of a story. The side bit about Kenneth was great, as this was his first time to really shine, as his interactions with Jack were just hilarious as he appears out of nowhere in his first scene. All in all, it was a very pleasurable episode and one that really keeps you hooked on 30 Rock.moreless
Stephanie March

Stephanie March

Gretchen Thomas

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Brett Baer

Brett Baer

Guy at Bar

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Rich Brevard

Rich Brevard

Big Rich

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Keith Powell

Keith Powell

James "Toofer" Spurlock

Recurring Role

Lonny Ross

Lonny Ross

Josh Girard

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Maulik Pancholy

Maulik Pancholy


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • It is revealed in this episode that Kenneth's middle name is Ellen.

    • Jack says that Kenneth's "Myers-Briggs psychological testing shows a rare combination of extroverted, intuitive and aggressive." The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality questionnaire designed to assign the test-taker one of 16 personality types. However, "aggressive" is not a category in the test.

    • Frank wears three different trucker hats that read "Extra Sausage," "Joystick Master," and "Double Cheese."

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Liz: Who's gonna go with me to cooking class next weekend?
      Guy At Bar: Well, if by "cooking class" you mean 'your bed,' and by "next weekend" you mean 'tonight'...
      Liz: Oh, shut up. I can see your wedding ring. (sotto voce) Idiot.

    • Liz: Even though I am... not into the sex stuff, if it helps you, I would let you... do stuff to me.
      Gretchen: I can't be around you anymore. Bye, Liz.
      Liz: That's funny. That's what the guys always say.

    • Liz: If I'm gonna be with someone, it has to be a guy.
      Gretchen: You sound pretty sure about that.
      Liz: What can I say, I love a bald spot and a hairy back.
      Gretchen: You're alone there.

    • Frank: (about Kenneth) He's awesome. You can't read his thoughts because he doesn't have any.

    • Liz: So what are you saying, Pete? I should just be a lesbian?
      Pete: Well, I'm not saying it'll be easy. You know, get drunk first.

    • (discussing Liz's past boyfriends)
      Pete: There was the guy who was obsessed with Charlie Chaplin.
      Liz: Neil.
      Pete: There was the guy who played Halo under the name "slutbanger".
      Liz: Dennis.
      Pete: There was the tall, gangly, red-haired guy who played guitar all the time.
      Liz: Conan.

    • Jack: Very clever boy, Kenneth. But the curtain has been drawn back now, and I know the real you.
      Kenneth: (whispering to Grizz) I think he's confusing me with someone else.

    • Liz: That's a pretty good joke for somebody from plastics.
      Gretchen: Well, I wasn't always in plastics. I used to work in water process technologies, working mainly in primary metals.
      Liz: Ah, so you have a comedy background.

    • Liz: Why would Jack just assume that we're lesbians?
      Gretchen: I am a lesbian.
      Liz: Mmmm, that's awesome.
      Gretchen: Is this the first time somebody's made that assumption about you?
      Volleyball Coach: (to teenage Liz) Lemon, don't let these girls give you a hard time about... who you are.
      Dentist: (to child Liz) You know, you need to brush your teeth more, young man.
      Old Lady: (looking at baby Liz) Oh, my, what an adorable little lesbian!

    • Jack: When Frank is bluffing, he asks a series of inane questions to hide his nervousness.
      Frank: Oh really? Is that what you think? Is that what I do? Am I doing that right now? Yeah, I'm out.
      Tracy: Okay, Rain Man. Tell me what I got.
      Jack: Well you have two of your cards backwards, actually.
      Tracy: I'm out.

    • Pete: (to Liz) Hey, look at you! You look like a fancy prostitute.

    • Tracy: (playing poker) Remind me what's better: a pair of black aces or a pair of red aces?

    • Tracy: I love poker! I used to play all kinds of poker with my aunts: Crazy Seven, Albuquerque Freakout, One-Card Stud.
      Josh: Yeah, I don't think those are real games.
      Tracy: Whatever. Get ready to get took.

    • Pete: So who is this Thomas guy?
      Liz: Oh, I don't know. He's one of Jack's friends. Oh, my God, isn't Jack friends with Tom DeLay? Am I going on a date with Tom DeLay?

    • Jack: Human contact is important, Lemon. I can tell from your stress level that you have not been touched in any way in quite some time: not caressed, not massaged, not even groped on the subway.

    • Frank: Liz, nobody's gonna believe that a killer robot can get his ass kicked by one bear. It doesn't make any sense.
      Liz: You're trying to bring logic to the robot/bear sketch?

    • Liz: I can't believe you bet your wedding ring.
      Pete: I know. Weird thing is... I had money left.

    • Gretchen: Oh, I worked with Jack in plastics. He tends to approach everything that way. Locate the problem, isolate the problem, set the problem up with a lesbian.

    • Tracy: (dealing cards) This round, Texas Doozy. Face cards are wild, threes are jinx, fives are twos.
      Jack: Tray, do you mind if I deal this hand?

    • Jack: Are you familiar with the Japanese art of Reiki?
      Liz: No.
      Jack: It is the laying on of hands in order to improve one's life.
      Liz: How does your life improve? Do the hands have money in them?

    • Liz: (about Kenneth) Well it was nice of you to let him keep his job.
      Jack: The Italians have a saying, Lemon. "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." And although they've never won a war or mass-produced a decent car, in this area they are correct. In five years we'll all either be working for him... or dead by his hand.

    • Liz: What made you think I was gay?
      Jack: Your shoes.
      Liz: Well, I'm straight.
      Jack: Those shoes are definitely bi-curious.

    • Liz: What do guys like?
      Frank: Uh, porn.
      Liz: No, I mean if you were to gonna go on a date with a woman, how would you want her to act?
      Frank: Like she was in a porn.

    • Jack: I enjoy poker. I'd be interested in seeing my new employees under that kind of pressure.
      Liz: Oh, you're not going to come to our crappy poker game, are you?
      Jack: No, I'm not.
      Liz: (relieved) Good!
      Jack: I bluffed. Yes, I am coming.

    • Jack: You are a puzzle, Kenneth Ellen, and I'm going to solve you. Yes, I am.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The German episode title is "Blind Date". The French title is "Rendez-vous gay-lant", a play on the phrase "Rendez-vous galant", which means a tryst. The Italian title is "Appuntamento al buio", an idiomatically exact translation. The Spanish title is "Cita a ciegas", an exact translation.

    • Though credited, Jane Krakowski does not appear in this episode.

    • International Airdates: Czech Republic: February 16, 2010 on Prima COOL


    • Jack: Little Kenneth Ellen Parcell from Stone Mountain, Georgia. Growing up in your mama's tract house, dreaming of working on a TV show, dreaming of making it all the way to the N-B-C. You come a long way, haven't you, Kenneth Ellen, with your cheap loafers and your page jacket. But you'll always be a pig farmer's son, boy, cuz I smell fried baloney all over you.

      Jack's speech is a parody of Anthony Hopkins' monologue as serial killer Hannibal Lecter in the 1991 film Silence of the Lambs, in which Lecter coldly dissects the humble beginnings of Clarice Starling (played by Jodie Foster).

    • Tracy: Okay, Rain Man, tell me what I got. Rain Man is a 1988 film about the relationship between a man and his autistic savant brother, who at one point uses his amazing memory to count cards and win money at a Las Vegas blackjack table.

    • Pete: There was the tall, gangly, red haired guy who played guitar all the time.
      Liz: Conan
      This is reference to Conan O'Brien who hosts the NBC show, Late Night with Conan O'Brien. The description fits Conan's physical appearance and he is seen playing the guitar many times on his show.

    • Liz: We're just friends, like Oprah and Gail.

      Liz compares her friendship with Gretchen to talk-show host Oprah Winfrey's friendship with her best friend Gail. Recently rumors have been spread that Oprah and Gail might be lesbians, but both women shot them down.