30 Rock

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • This episode has everything you could want out of the cast. Jenna returns to the show with some hysterical lines, and Jack continues his run as the funniest man on television.

    If you don't like being left hanging then this episode is not for you, but other than that I can't imagine a better episode.

    Once again, the highlight of the show is the fantastic soundtrack. It always adds just the right note to every scene, and in a fantastic musical number about the virtues of Cleavland it really amps it up to a whole new level.

    Tracy Jordan's under attack from the black crusaders and as we all know that man knows how to play paranoia for laughs. We find out Jacks gold card is literally made of gold, and that Floyd somehow seems to be able to ground the show in reality while at the same time being one of the funniest cast members.

    Really, I couldn't ask for more.
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