30 Rock

Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2010 on NBC
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Jack tries to find flaws in GE's latest microwaves. Liz joins a crew lottery, even though she's been warned against it. The writers learn Jack is the voice of an online dictionary.

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  • college

    30 Rock is still a creative show and I admire it for that, but some of the episodes over the past few years have just left me scratching my head. Too many scenes tonight with the writers, and I know that some people love them, but I think once per episode is more than enough airtime for them. And the Jack storyline, just too over the top. He would never give his voice for the perfect American accent, I mean, I do not even understand what on Earth they were going for there.

    Funny, but in an irreverent and in an irrelevant way.moreless
  • Liz wins a mini-lottery and the writers play a prank on Pete.

    In probably my least favorite episode of the season besides one of the earlier ones, we saw everybody in the cast and crew doing a great job as usual, but something about it felt too formulaic and tired. The show has been on for five years, and I've never felt like they've run out of ideas, but tonight felt like one of the first disappointing episodes of "30 Rock."

    Liz wins a 1000 dollars in a work lottery and ends up being hated by the group because she already makes more money than them. As a result, to be the cool kid again, she decides to put all of the money on a bar tab for the whole group. As the episode goes on, you can already predict exactly what will happen: Liz will keep trying to make everybody happy and realize she's the boss and meant to be the mean guy. And that's exactly what happens. However, I did like a lot of Liz's lines, especially the "high-fiving a million angels" line, as well as her reaction to Toofer's awful English.

    As for Jack's plot, I loved the fact that he would read the dictionary to document the perfect American accent. However, the plot just didn't add up in the end for me. It didn't help that Kenneth got involved.. Kenneth and Jenna both have one running gag: they say random things by comparing things in the present to something strange in the past. They both do it and it's annoying. Tracy gets an exemption because his character is built on being strange.. the other two feel like anchors to a show that is mostly void of them.

    However, there were enough little moments throughout to make the episode tolerable and funny the way a 30 Rock episode usually is. It was also cool to see Franco from Rescue Me in the episode.moreless

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    • Jack throws a beer can at Liz's head and shouts "Lemon, think fast!"
      This recreates the moment from Being John Malkovich which was famously ad-libbed by an extra and kept in by the director, Spike Jonze, who liked John's surprised reaction.

    • When Jack visits the microwave division of GE the new microwave being developed is called TK-421, the same designation of a storm trooper on the Death Star in Star Wars.

    • After Liz says her specific playing card has a 1-in-52 chance of being picked from a deck, Tracy tells her she's "like Rainman" and asks how many toothpicks are on the ground. This refers to a scene in Barry Levinson's 1988 film Rainman. In a diner, a waitress spills a box of toothpicks, to which Raymond immediately says there are 246 on the ground. His brother tells him he's close after the waitress said the box is of 250, but she then reveals there are 4 left in the box.