30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 08, 2008 on NBC
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Jack moves on to a new job at Homeland Security, but the position is not quite what he anticipated. Meanwhile, Liz suffers a pregnancy scare, Kenneth confronts rival page Donnie when applying for a Beijing Olympics gig, and Tracy works on his latest invention.

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  • Great season finale!

    Another great story from the our nerd queen of comedy, Tina Fey! This time, she brought a lot of serious problems but still could kick it out to comedy.

    Jack has moved to Washington DC and work with Cooter (Matthew Broderick) and he realizes that he misses working at NBC and wants to do anything to get back. So these two were trying to get their asses fired by his ex-girlfriend, C.C. (Edie Falco).

    Jack's life in the White House is a little harsh joke if you really into politics of US, but the lines were so great that you'll forget about it.

    Tracy releases his video game porn with Jenna's voice as the girl. And in the end, he asked Frank to play it and Frank ended up playing it for 3 months!

    The story that I love the most is Liz's pregnancy scare. In the memory scene, she ran into her ex-boyfriend, Dennis Duffy and they had a drunk one night stand. And in the episode, Liz's realized that she missed her period. And then she took pregnancy tests and reveal that she was pregnant. Like always, Liz tries to talk to Jack, but she only got to his voicemails.

    In the end of the episode, we reveal that she wasn't pregnant, that it all was just a false alarm.

    I love Liz's voice in Jack's voicemail when she told him that she wasn't pregnant. I geo a little emotional, because Alec's face and Tina's voice in the scene, i thought that it would be a really sad one. But of course, Tina Fey wrote it out as a joke again, so in the end, i couldn't cry.

    Love it!moreless
  • alright way to end a short season

    30 Rock,


    In the episode Jack gets the new job and sad because the dont even have pens. He tried to find a way out with a special gueststar. MB. Liz thinks she is pregant. Thinking it was Dennis. Only to discover in the end it was the snake bull sperm that effected the test. Tracy finally finishes his game and it goes over well with the crew it's going to be HUGE no puns used...Kenneth tries out for the olymic thing. Ands gets some help with a castmemer. Overall all this episode went over allright the ending peice was probably the best part of this episodemoreless
  • Great lines. Not a great story, though. I would have loved to watch more of the porn video game plot. Some lines are wicked genius!

    If I compare this season finale with first season finale, I would have to say that the first one was better. Also, after chapter 14 "Succession", I was expecting an even better chapter, but that didn't happen anyway. Baldwin's acting is at the top of the top, what a great performance! And Broderick also made a great acting. I love Liz Lemon, but I was expecting more crazy from her. There were too many stories running and very little time. So, the writers had to run. I think that complicated everything. So, I think this final chapter would have been better if it was splited in 2 chapters. That's my opinion. It's a classic one, anyway!moreless
  • Liz has a pregnancy scare, Jack moves to DC to work with Cooter and Tracy finally finishes his video game.

    The season finale of 30 Rock...The biggest shocker would have to be that Liz may or may not have slept with Dennis Duffy! She ran into him one night and she was very drunk and she asked him up to her place. Take us to present day and Liz has missed her period. She takes four pregnancy tests and all four reveal that she is pregnant. She tries to leave many voicemails to Jack but has no luck reaching him, because Jack has moved to Washington DC to work with a man nicknamed Cooter (Matthew Broderick) and has to go head-to-head with his ex, Celeste "CC" Cunningham. He realizes that he misses working at NBC and wants to do anything to get back. Finally Tracy releases his video game porn and lets Frank test it out and turns out that Frank played it for three months straight! Oh yeah Liz was not pregnant, her cheese chips she loves were made with bull semen. Gross.moreless
  • Jack heads to Washington D.C.

    This is another example of why 30 Rock is the best comedy on TV. Classic lines and countless laughs clustered throughout a 22 minute block of television. No other comedy on TV is as funny or well-scripted as 30 Rock is.

    Good usage of Donny in this episode, but Kathy Geiss is really growing to be very irritating. When Devin Banks isn't there to get laughs off her, she's even worse. Tracy's porn video game is also kind of childish and lame, and those points had to be deducted from the overall rating of the episode. Dennis also should be used more regularly as he always provides some laughs. Cooter was also yet another great character created by 30 Rock.

    Another strong episode of the show, and possibly the best episode of any TV show this week.moreless
Paul Scheer

Paul Scheer

Donny Lawson

Guest Star

Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick

James "Cooter" Reilly

Guest Star

Rob Sedgwick

Rob Sedgwick

Archery Coach

Guest Star

Maulik Pancholy

Maulik Pancholy


Recurring Role

Edie Falco

Edie Falco

Celeste "C.C." Cunningham

Recurring Role

Dean Winters

Dean Winters

Dennis Duffy

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The conversation Kenneth has at the end of the episode in Mandarin with the Chinese girl translates to the following:
      Girl: Kenneth, I like you, because I am attracted to your two healthy kidneys.
      Kenneth: What?
      (a man breaks down the door with his gun drawn)
      Kenneth: (shocked) I had no idea!

    • Frank's hat reads "Slo-Bot."

    • After conversing in Chinese with Kenneth and Jenna, Donny knocks over a cart with paint cans. However, immediately afterwards in the reaction shot, the cart appears unharmed, with the cans neatly stacked on top.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Liz: Apparently, Sabor de Soledad gets its special tangy flavor from evaporated bull semen.
      Jack: Oh, that explains your hair's thickness and shine.

    • Liz: You had a three-way with Roseanne and Tom Arnold.
      Jenna: That was two years ago.

    • Jenna: (when she sees a pregnancy test in the trash) Oh, no. Someone's going to get more attention than me.

    • Liz: I guess I'm getting to that age where I don't care what anybody thinks of me.
      Jack: You're going to want to get a very short haircut. Resist that urge.

    • (About the hospital message regarding the results of the pregnancy test)
      Dennis: I know that message, I know that tone. Every one of my sisters got that message their junior year in high school.

  • NOTES (5)

    • The German episode title is "Regierungs" + "angelegenheiten" meaning "Government Affairs". [editor's note: the German title is actually one word, but split due to a site limitation that words can't be ≥25 characters long] The French title is "Les chips mexicaines", meaning "The Mexican Chips". The Italian title is "Gravidanza (in)desiderata", meaning "(Un)wanted Pregnancy". The Spanish title is "Cooter".

    • International Airdates: Czech Republic: April 15, 2010 on Prima COOL

    • Jenna does the female voice for Tracy's porn video game, but the part was originally written with Helen Mirren in mind.

    • Though credited, Keith Powell and Lonny Ross do not appear in this episode.

    • Tina Fey won an Emmy in the Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series category for her work on this episode.