30 Rock

Season 6 Episode 1

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2012 on NBC

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  • Not Liking It So Far

    So far this latest season is off to a slow, weak start. 30 Rock doesn't have the zing that it used to have. I think they really dug themselves a hole with the end of last season. What a bunk year for TV; too many great shows are getting choked out or canceled and apparently 30 Rock can't hold its own anymore.

    Seems like the only remaining good comedy shows are Community (!), The Office (not as good without Steve Carell) and Modern Family (also not as good as last season). I think Jack getting married and how they played it with his wife getting trapped in North Korea was super lame!

    Also, the other reviewers covered the rest of the lows. I sorta really just lost my interest in watching this show now.
  • Not a great season premiere

    Really a lackluster episode for a season premiere. It would have been fine for a midseason filler episode, but for a premiere it was pretty bad.

    There's just no patented Tina Fey/30 Rock snark. And not just on Liz Lemon, who gets very little air time (understandably so, since Tina Fey is coming back from maternity leave), but on the entire cast. Kenneth's "dream chores", Jack mistaking Liddy's cry for "mommy" as "money" - all are good idea that somehow fell flat; they feel in a weird area of either going too far or not far enough to be funny.

    I hope the new, happy Liz sticks around for a bit, but I hope even more that the season picks up.
  • Season Premiere


    Now I really hope that this is the last season of 30 Rock. Just disastrous, and when John McEnroe is the best part of a show you know it can't be too good.

    The problem with 30 Rock is not that it has a female lead, but often times Tina Fey uses her star role to force her weird women empowerment issues on all of the viewers, like she did tonight with Liz trying to embrace being unpredictable, and later being a dancer for the New York Liberty. Save that nonsense for Lifetime.

    I was excited for the show's return, but this was hardly recognizable. Not even funny at the least.