30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 10

Episode 210

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2008 on NBC

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  • Did anyone catch exactly what was going on with Tracy's dream? I know a robot and/or pirate was involved.

    In the C-story Kenneth The Page is introduced to the nightmare world of highly caffeinated coffee-like beverages and goes on an amped-up, jittery bender, Cajun-style. He eats a "Jewish donut", goes to an PG-13 movie, "rolls the brown serpent" and gets "Sodomized".

    Meanwhile Jack Donahy and star-crossed lover Edie Falco met each other halfway by spending a decadent weekend together in the heart of mining country. 30 Rock's conception of life in the flyover states subscribes to every reactionary stereotype about life in the sticks but I love it anyway. It's a testament to the show's genius that it was able to garner considerable pathos as well as wistful comedy out of Jack Donaghy answering his boss' call while still on the phone with his Whale-loving liberal lady love. Rip Torn, as the boss of bosses, managed to be a major element of tonight's show without ever actually appearing. That is some serious iconic presence right there.

    In the other major plot-line good old Liz Lemon goes through all the stages of courtship, romance, serial drunk dialing and estrangement with a co-op board when she decides to spend her money like an adult and buy real estate. As the most vocal member of the co-op board the always tip-top Ed Hermann had some priceless reaction shots to Lemon's mounting madness.

    This was such a great episode that it was able to weather a very tricky, very dangerous detour into oppressively quirky, precious Ally McBeal territory when the entire cast broke into an ecstatic rendition of "Midnight Train To Georgia". This easily could have been an excruciating, even shark-jumping moment but the cast pulled it off with aplomb.
  • jack skips a very important meeting with the germans to go to pensalvania with cc. liz tries to invest in a new appartment but messes it up and kenneth get a coffee adiction thanks to tracy so tries to catch the midnight train to georgia

    it all just fits in perfectly with each one of there story lines probably my favorite ep especially the end bit with kenneth its soo funny . kenneth says some of the most funny lines of the series including 'i dont drink hot liquids of any kind, thats the delvils temperatur' that on made me laugh and liz running on a treadmill while drinking wine was hilarious and saying shes going to the hospital . overall i would say 10 out of 10 for the writing on that ep and 10 out of 10 for the acting (and singing) aswell
  • A great show! Jack loves C.C. and wants to buy a German TV-Channel. Kenneth is a coffee addict and sings. Liz wants to invest in a real estate and talks German.

    The show starts with Liz and C.C. waiting in front of Jack's office. He comes out and we hear "German" talking, which I thought was hilarious, because (as I can say because German is my first language)that was neither German nor something else. The first real German is spoken, when Liz Lemon meets the German Channel guys. However... which big Kenneth-fan hasn't yet dreamed of a freaked out Kenneth. NYC - 21st Century's City of Sodom.
    In the end Kenneth leaves to go home to georgia on the midnight train - yeah there was this song. Well... so thought the writers and right of the bat Tracy, .com and the third big guy start singing the song and the whole cast joins in.What an episode. What an end.
    It is a shame that this episode doesn't have a title (WGA - Strike), because I'm sure it would be as great as the show.
    Anyway I was laughing my head off and I hope I was not the only one...
  • Darn memory loss

    30 Rock,
    No episode name,
    So its been a while since i have seen this episode so i decided to watch some episodes on Demand. Although it cost me 99 cents per episode was it worth lets find out. In this episode Liz wants to invest in real estate but fails in a durn. I didnt enjoy were Liz went i had a failing it would turn out pretty for her. C.C and Jack try to make there romance work. SO they decide to go to place between NewYork and D.C which just happens to be a race betting track. Although they dont want to sit in the right spot. Kenneth has never tried cafffeine because he thinks it's evil but Tracy gets him addicted it. He gets him off and Kenneth wants to go back to Gerogia with the episode ending with everybody singing a song not liz though. Kenneth missed his train. Overall i only cared for Kenneths parts of the episode the other parts just dragged the episode down on my part.
  • The 'Guide' says "Jack meets with Geman TV executives to close a deal," - but that's not even the half of it. The sub-plots of Jack and CeeCee's relationship and Kenneth the Page leaving for Georgia are what make this episode go. (some spoilers...)

    We open with Liz (Tina Fey) and CeeCee (Edie Falco) sitting in the waiting room while Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) is discussing a deal with German TV guys (who apparently don't speak English) to buy a network. Liz gets to see Jack first because Jack and CeeCee have rules for their relationship (which leads to a great fantasy scene where they make a date in the middle of a Congressional Hearing). The stress of the two meeting each other 'half way' in their relationship leads to some great lines and scenes (some by total strangers). Then, Tracy gets straight-laced page, Kenneth, hooked on cappucino, forcing him to re-evaluate all of his beliefs and causing him to consider returning to his home in Georgia on 'the Midnight Train' (which unfortunately leaves at 11:45pm). This leads to one of the better 'spontaneous' ensemble musical numbers in recent TV history. Add in the commercials that you're really not sure are commercials, Tina Fey's 'bad' German and her attempted purchase of a Condo, and then the fact that Jack and CeeCee are probably done (we never quite bought that relationship, anyway, right?), and you have another hilarious episode of this vastly under-appreciated series.
  • Best musical number on a sitcom since the Scrubs musical (but hey that was 8 or so songs...)

    Episode 2.10 (Unnamed before the writers strike) Was one of the best episodes yet. Maybe it wasn't and I've been just so starved for good television that my judgment was impaired but I'm pretty sure it was brilliant.

    Liz's breaking up with the board was brilliant. I know, most people say it's cliched. The drunk phone calls have been done in just about every sitcom. But never before have we seen it like this. About halfway through her calls, it wasn't funny anymore, but Liz kept going and since it pushed the cliche, it was hilarious. (And the time stamps were pretty smart too. She's go from crying to drunk to sober in 2 or 3 minutes.)

    And the musical number! First off, it was brilliant they way they built up Gladys Knight, the announcements, how she was CC's favorite ect, only to have her appear for 2 lines.

    Kenneth being miss informed about the time of the 11:45 train to Georgia is proof that the writers for this show are amongst the best. CC singing along in the background was pretty funny too. (I wish Eddie Felco would stay around for awhile longer. She was great on the show!)

    One last thing, Jane Krakowski has a voice!
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