30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 10

Episode 210

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2008 on NBC

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  • A great show! Jack loves C.C. and wants to buy a German TV-Channel. Kenneth is a coffee addict and sings. Liz wants to invest in a real estate and talks German.

    The show starts with Liz and C.C. waiting in front of Jack's office. He comes out and we hear "German" talking, which I thought was hilarious, because (as I can say because German is my first language)that was neither German nor something else. The first real German is spoken, when Liz Lemon meets the German Channel guys. However... which big Kenneth-fan hasn't yet dreamed of a freaked out Kenneth. NYC - 21st Century's City of Sodom.
    In the end Kenneth leaves to go home to georgia on the midnight train - yeah there was this song. Well... so thought the writers and right of the bat Tracy, .com and the third big guy start singing the song and the whole cast joins in.What an episode. What an end.
    It is a shame that this episode doesn't have a title (WGA - Strike), because I'm sure it would be as great as the show.
    Anyway I was laughing my head off and I hope I was not the only one...
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