30 Rock

Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2010 on NBC

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  • The Floydster returns

    This episode was not outstanding, but what I did like is as crazy as Liz purposely trying to poison Floyd was, she actually behaved somewhat rationally today. She was relaxed for the most part and did not do something completely foolish and outlandish. I think that is when this show goes downhill, when they try to have Tina Fey act like Lucille Balle on steroids, when her forte is simply making snappy, one liners, not being a crazy, love-obsessed woman. The side storyline with Danny and Jack vs. the writers was funny as well. The stuff with Tracy and Jenna was just stupid though. They need to utilize those characters better.
  • "I'll create my own group -- rejection from society is what created the X-Men!" A return to form for 30 Rock, and the funniest episode of a fairly mediocre season (with the exception of the James Franco episode, perhaps)

    30 Rock is one of my favorite shows, and the first three seasons were pretty amazing, but I've found the fourth relatively non-stellar and the formula getting a bit tired, which is understandable given the structure of the show is heavily reliant on non-sequitur, one-liners and fresh dialogue, something rather difficult to maintain after x amount of shows (and 2D dimensional characters like Tracy and Jenna, who really don't grow and constantly need to be fed great material or risk falling flat).

    Well, the beast was properly fed in this episode, and the zingers were flying from practically the entire cast, an impressive feat given the short run-time. Liz, Jack, the writers, Tracy/Jenna, Kenneth, etc. all had some fantastic moments (you know an episode is working when Lutz has multiple great lines.)

    The opening was classic Liz Lemon ("We met on K-Date, it's the dating section on the Kraft Foods website.") and the credit roll had Pete freaking out watching Liz and Kenneth get nasty (almost reminiscent of her and James Franco getting freaky a few eps earlier).

    This episode was a reminder of why I love 30 Rock -- while it's never had the relationship/character building of The Office or the quality of Seinfeld's interwoven storylines coming to a penultimate ending -- it's always had great acting and terrific writing; which, in the end, is all you really need.