30 Rock

Season 4 Episode 14

Future Husband

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2010 on NBC

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  • Future Husband

    What happened to this show? What was once the best comedy on television is now an afterthought on Thursdays. I complained when a blog I read said that 30 Rock had lost a step, but now I am seeing that reader was onto something. The show is just too insane right now. Jenna wasn't funny, Kenneth is as annoying as ever, Frank was not even in the episode and Tracy's nonsensical dialogue is starting to get to the Michael Scott point, AKA too dumb to be funny.

    I will still always watch the show, but this season has been a disappointment.
  • Man, 30 Rock, way to blatantly rip off The Simpsons.

    The main plot tonight involves Liz discovering, after getting doped up during oral surgery, that she's programmed someone into her phone as "Future Husband". Having no recollection of how it happened, she attempts to pry information out of her dentist, but very Lizfully, she manages to insult him and talk herself out of a swimming Batman toy. After conniving a la Three's Company with Kenneth, Liz finally manages to track down the mystery man, a British fellow with whom she decidedly fails to hit it off.

    In the side story, we get what could be a promising plot about NBC's sale to a cable giant. I've wondered for a while how the show would deal with the Comcast sale; in the Scheinhardt Wig alternate universe, it's in the guise of KableTown. At first, Jack refuses to believe it, but it soon becomes obvious, with the aid of Avery Jessup -- who doesn't have much to do here, and thus isn't nearly as funny and effective as she was in her first appearance -- that he's out of the loop. There's a funny scene with Jack Welch, but when you get more laughs out of a real-life septuagenarian billionaire than you do your regular cast, your show has taken a wrong turn.

    Meanwhile, Tracy -- still seeking his EGOT -- decides to do a one-man show. At first, it's a smash hit, but Jenna informs him that to qualify for a Tony, you have to do the same show eight times, a major challenge to the deeply improvisational Tracy "Pac-Man, I'm Jewish" Jordan. This is the shortest and best of the plots, and even manages to get a laugh out of that old "I'd watch him reading the phone book" chestnut.

    Unfortunately, the rest of the show is more or less a dud. There's too few laughs, too much padding, a subplot with Kenneth losing his wallet and doing donkey impressions that's so broad that it's downright stupid, and what's with all the reaction shots of Kenneth smiling broadly while Jenna and Tracy act wacky? If it was meant to be ironic, it failed, and if it was wasn't, it was straight-up old-school playing for time in an episode with not enough good material. This may have been the laziest episode of the season with weak outings from two of the three main characters and zero contributions from the supporting cast, and for me, 30 Rock has become the weakest link of an otherwise strong Thursday night NBC lineup -- something that would have seemed unthinkable in 2008.