30 Rock

Season 7 Episode 9

Game Over

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2013 on NBC



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    • Cast: Although listed in the opening credits, regular cast members Scott Adsit (Pete), Judah Friedlander (Frank), and Keith Powell (Toofer) do not appear in this episode.

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    • Liz: (On the phone with Bev her adoption counsellor) Four years, so I'll be 46 by the time I get a baby.
      Bev: Unless you'd like to adopt an older child. I can give you a six year old yesterday. Pick a colour!
      Liz: Oh, I just always pictured myself getting a newborn.
      Bev: And I always pictured myself getting double-teamed by two The Rocks. But sometimes we have to make compromises.

    • Liz: Have you ever updated your Flash Player? It is so sad (Crying). What happens to version 11.4.
      Jack: Oh what now?!
      Liz: (Angry) I'm taking hormone shots to have a baby you son of a bitch. A beautiful little baby (Crying). Laughs Being a woman is the worst!

    • Dr. Spaceman: Carol, they're towing your car!
      Fertility Specialist: Dammit! My kids are in there. (Leaves to check on car)
      Liz: No! How! I came all the way to Westchester just to avoid you.
      Dr. Spaceman: This is Westchester? I'm lost!

    • Tracy Jordan: (Walks into Liz's office while she is holding a hormone syringe.) Are you doping? Liz Lemon, that stuff is shrinking testicles, but there are bad side effects as well.
      Liz Lemon: No, Tracy. Not that it's any of your business, but I'm starting fertility treatments.
      Tracy Jordan: Now I'm not a woman so of course I can say whatever I want. This seems really weird and unnatural. Side effects include mood swings, increased irritability and swelling of one or more boobs.
      Liz Lemon: Can I help you with something?
      Tracy Jordan: Yeah, I'm about to start shooting my new Harriet Tubman movie and I got Octavia Spencer to play the lead, Harriet something.
      Liz Lemon: You know, I once played Frederick Douglass in a one woman show that the University of Maryland Diamondback called too confusing to be offensive.
      Tracy Jordan: Point is, I won't be at rehearsal at all this week.
      Liz Lemon: No, Tracy.
      Tracy Jordan: Exactly! No Tracy. Thanks for being so understanding.

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