30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Greenzo begins with Liz talking to Jenna about Pete. Pete has been staying with Liz because he got kicked out by his wife. Pete is actually very happy and Liz cannot figure out why. Jenna thinks Pete is having an affair.

Jack introduces Liz to Greenzo – the environmental mascot. He has catchphrases such as: "The free market will solve global warning – if that even exists." Jack's boss Don Geiss is making his branches compete over who can make the most money off of the whole green trend. Jack has great confidence in his Greenzo; Liz has some doubts.

Meanwhile, Kenneth is passing out invitations to his party. Liz is afraid of his parties –she is the only guest who shows at all his past parties. She runs into Tracy's dressing room to avoid Kenneth and his invitation. Tracy feels bad for Kenneth and decides to create buzz for his party. He secretly tells Dot Com and Grizz that T.I will be at Kenneth's party. He knows that these two are the biggest mouths at 30 Rock and will spread the word. His plan works – soon the entire cast and crew spread rumors that include Fallout Boy and "foxy boxing."

The next day Liz is writing pieces for Greenzo. However, Liz and the writers discover Greenzo's popularity and fame has gone to his head. Greenzo refuses to break character and lectures everyone about their wastefulness and damage to the environment. When Liz decides to complain to Jack about Greenzo, she accidentally spills coffee on herself and has to go home to change.

When she goes home to change, she finds out that Pete is having an affair with his own wife. They had been sneaking around so put some passion back into their marriage. Even though she is disgusted, she lets Pete stay at her place because it is helping his marriage.

At the studio, Liz and Jack are watching Greenzo's appearance on the Today Show. She explains to Jack about Greenzo's behavior. Jack is skeptical until Greenzo starts going off on live television about the evils of big business.

Due to the rampant rumors Tracy started, the entire cast and crew – including Jack and his assistant Jonathan – go to Kenneth's party. Liz is worried that the party won't go well since all the rumors are untrue. Tracy reassures her that everything will be great.

The morning after the party, Jack calls a meeting with a hungover TGS cast and crew. We only see glimpses of the party – apparently it was out of control. Tracy stole Kenneth's sink, Liz hooked up with Grizz and everyone trashed Kenneth's place. An angry Kenneth lectures them and says that was his last party.

Liz and Jack compose themselves to meet with Greenzo's replacement – Al Gore. Jack has convinced Al Gore to be their spokesperson by lying to him about GE creating a trash-fueled car. They are interrupted by an angry Greenzo. Jack tries to restrain Greenzo and end up trashing the set. Meanwhile, the former Vice President runs off after he hears a whale in trouble.

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