30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2007 on NBC

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  • "Greenzo out!" funniest line ever!

    In honor of NBC's Green Week, this episode was both environmentally conscious and a scathing satire of liberal environmentalist self-righteousness.

    In a desperate bid to suck up to Earth-huggers in a pro-capitalist, free-market friendly way, Jack Donaghy hired a struggling actor played by David Schwimmer to portray "Greenzo," a tree-hugging do-gooder in green designed to win hearts and minds while fattening NBC's pockets. Best of all, Donaghy breathlessly announces that Greenzo scores well with "colored people, broads, and fairies!". But it isn't long before Greenzo and the clueless thespian portraying him go mad with a very modest amount of power. I'll probably never write this ever again, but Schwimmer was hilarious in a role that simultaneously spoofed both do-gooder excess and actorly hubris.

    In the b-story, Kenneth the Page's party plans begin to spiral out of control once rumors begin to spread that T.I., Fall Out Boy, and foxy boxing will all be involved. The C-story, as usual, was less inspired, but brief and finally gave Pete something to do this season. Also, I could be mistaken but I think that was Paula Pell, veteran SNL writer, as Pete's wife, who apparently does some sinful, sinful things with a pop tart.

    The climax of this show was an elliptical flashback to Kenneth's party, which apparently found Gris and Liz Lemon finally hooking up. Also, Gris or Dot.com cried. All in all it was a classic 30 Rock episode, studded with great lines and wall-to-wall hilarity.
  • Greenzo

    I may not have been a fan of a fan of David Schwimmer on Friends, but his work on Curb Your Enthusiasm and his guest appearance on 30 Rock here was excellent (although I was not crazy about his serious turn on Band of Brothers.)

    30 Rock may have overused the guest star aspect, almost to the point that one would call it stuntcasting, but the Al Gore cameo here was nothing short of genius, and it was so brilliant that he would later return to play same exaggerated version of himself that could hear whale cries. Who else, but maybe Family Guy, could make Gore so funny?
  • Schwimmer guest umm 'stars' as what is supposed to be a 'green' corporate symbol and Kenneth throws an unfunny party. Only slighly clever bit was the pop-tart joke at the beginning.

    I don't normally write reviews, but I trudged through the sign up procedure just to make my point. This episode is a show-wrecker. So far, 30 rock has been pretty consistent - but this time they pandered for the low IQ laughs through the whole show - so now I know the depths they'll go to when they run out of material.

    Schwimmer was awful. He was worse than awful but I can't think of a word to describe it. His timing was terrible, the character was unfunny - and the whole Al Gore thing seemed forced and I'm sure everyone involved wondered why they bothered at the end of it. The 'b' storyline about Kenneth's party was not quite as painful but you could tell they wrote the lines for the show the night before.

    The whole thing was a poor effort and the fact that the show has been great recently made it all the more painful to watch. Shame on you - the writers, the actors, the producers - you >know< you messed up with this one.
  • NBC's Green Week continues with a funny, but informative, 30 ROCK.

    Funny, but informative. How else could you describe it? I knew I would love this episode before the first five minutes were over, and that's because of Kenneth's lame parties. Kenneth is soooo funny, and Greenzo fit right it. But why would he have a picture of a penguin to whip out for people to see when they're at the frig. Plus I loved when Jenna was barefoot because she thought that it was in. That's one of the reasons why 30ROCK is so amazing, the subtle little bits of humor that are thrown in, most of them I didn't catch the first time I saw it. Overall, Greenzo is a great episode of this great show. GO EARTH!
  • A bit late but still NBC lost it with "GreenWeek"

    Sorry for writing this review almost weeks after it aired. But school came a knocking. Ok in this episode. Jack hires a guy{David} to worn about global warming. So he can kill in the ratings.The character is soon called Greenzo. After getting to much into the whole save the earth thing Greenzo goes crazy and starts to make things worse by insulting people. In the end Jack gets Al Gore to come on to replace Greenzo but he refuses and runs off to save a whale... Other....Kenneth is having is annual party. Which usually are so horrible only Liz will show up. So liz gets Tracy to tell people the party will be exciting. But soon after Tracy tells and lies about the party the thing gets out of hand in the party which was the funnniest thing i had seen since Jack did his Tracy father thing. All in all the party and the green gone mad thing totally made this a great episode. One thing the brought points off was David SWimmers carrer is probably finished.
  • There's already a summary, asdjsklf

    Well you obviously have to be into Arrested Development type off humor, but in that comedy genre this is one of the best episodes ever. Absolutely everything you want from a show like this, and this particular episode is on par with Arrested Development itself. The cameo appearances are pretty good. David (Schwimmer?) from Friends is an out of work actor who transforms himself into Greenzo, the environmentally aware national icon originally hired by CEO Jack Danaguh (or gee?) to promote big bussiness, more particularly his big business, as enviromentally friendly. He eventually ends up out of control wreaking havoc on Jack. There is also a cameo by NBC's Merideth Vierra and a slightly awkward, but ultimitly funny appearance by Al Gore. Then there's Kenneth's party, which utilizes a brillaint flashback method that is absolutely, well brillaint. So much better than the Office, though i'm not saying the office is bad. The writing is excpetional, as is the acting. Best sitcom on TV right now. Too bad there's a strike.

    sorry for any spelling mistakes etc. Especially on names
  • A fantastic episode that crippled my bladder control.

    This episode has it all, sex jokes, an insane David Schwimmer, gossip/rumors, revealing character insights (Kenneth's parakeet has epilepsy), Harlem Globetrotters, cupcakes, chicks from Holland, Cerie (hot hot hot), and foxy boxing! It is by far the best episode in the series. Greenzo's decent into madness is skillfully written, it is completely unpredictable, and overall masterful comedy. The Al Gore speech about the entire week with environmental themes is fantastically done! The scene where Jack calls the meeting to discuss Kenneth's party is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in a sitcom. Tina Fey is a god and Alec Baldwin is indescribable. Long live "30 Rock" and hopefully Tina's pay raise after the WGA strike will keep the show snappy and hilarious, and hopefully Kenneth will throw another party.
  • Loved the party!!!

    This was a hilarious episode! The regulars were included and each contributed nicely. Greenzo (David Schwimmer) played the part beautifully, and Al Gore rocked!

    I think what made this epsisode so special was the fast paced use of all the characters. Cerie with her Dutch cousins, Jane taking her shoes off :), Griz and Dot Com wanting Josh to think they are "cool" and Liz making a pass at Grizz (how funny!) It all worked together and there were so many great lines. I laughed out loud throughout the episode with all the great gags - and the "flashback" of the party was absolute genius.

    Natually, Alec was brilliant - as always. If this is a sample of the rest of the season, I can happily say that this is the best sitcom on television!
  • Kenneth hosts a party and Tracy starts a rumour that makes everyone think the party's going to be fantastic. Enough for some twists and turns, and a few laughs, but my issue is mainly with the Dutch cousins.

    Cerie has visitors from faraway The Netherlands (or Holland, if you will): her gorgeous blonde cousins. What puzzles me is why the show's creators didn't bother to have the girls sound even remotely Dutch. At one point, one of the cousins supposedly (reading the subtitles) tells Kenneth: "I'm horny to be in New York." What she's actually saying, though, is absolute gibberish. A few words in there are actual Dutch words, but those are 'I am' and 'to be' - not that much of an accomplishment. The rest: utter, incomprehensible nonsense. It's a damn shame that the writers apparently don't even bother to use Google for three minutes.
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