30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2007 on NBC



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    • Greenzo: Hey, did you leave your computer on all night?
      Liz: Yeah, it just takes a really long time to reboot in the morning.
      Greenzo: Huh. Hey, you know what else takes a long time? Building a new Earth!

    • Liz: (the smiling Earth prop falls and bursts into flames) Oh, boy. Okay, this Earth is ruined. We gotta get a new one.

    • Greenzo: I've always been Greenzo.
      Jack: No, you're crazy. And you're fired.
      Greenzo: Oh, really. Can you fire the wind, Jack? Can you fire a hurricane?
      Jack: We're developing that technology.

    • Tracy: I love foxy boxing! It combines my two favorite things: boxing and referees!

    • Greenzo: Wait, what's in that Styrofoam cup, huh? The Earth's blood?

    • Greenzo: You know what, you people make me sick. You act like you care, but you do nothing. Do you even bother to compost your own feces?

    • Jack: During your party I'll be home listening to some Schubert, and uh (leans closer) ironically viewing some Canadian pornography.

    • Greenzo: (in a campaign ad) Hillary Clinton wants an all-homosexual army. How will that affect my family?

    • Liz: I found your lipstick.
      Jenna: Oh! Oh no, this isn't mine. This is Sunset Blush. I wear Tiger Orgasm.

    • Kenneth: Ya'll should be ashamed of yourselves. Mr. Lutz, you ate all of my parakeet's medication and thanks to you, Sonny Crocket has been having seizures all morning. Mr. Hornburger, I would thank you to come pick up your wife at some point. Mr. Jordan, I saw you steal my sink. Harlem Globetrotter, does that name mean nothing to you? And Miss Lemon, I will have you know that before last night I have never, ever seen Griz or Dot-Com cry. I want you all to think about what you did.

    • Liz: No, no, no. We'll catch up later. I just came to get a clean sweater. Ugh! Blurt! Why is there a pop-tart in the bed? What do you do with the pop-tarts?!

    • Jenna: The only reason men start taking care of themselves is if they're getting someone to have sex with them. If it wasn't for that, they'd just sit at home in their own filth.

    • Liz: People are going to show up expecting all this great stuff, and they're going to be disappointed and angry.
      Tracy: Just like Colonial Williamsburg.

    • Jack: Look how Greenzo's testing. They love him in every demographic: colored people, broads, fairies, commies...gosh we've got to update these forms.

    • Cerie: Did he just talk to me like I'm ugly?

    • Al Gore: (to Liz) Shhh, do you hear that? A whale is in trouble. I gotta go!

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Greenzo, der Erdenretter", meaning "Greenzo, Savior of the Earth". The French title is "Tous au vert", meaning "Everything in Green". The Italian title is "Mia moglie per amante", meaning "My Wife for a Lover". The Spanish title is "Verdizo", meaning "Greenish".

    • Meredith Vieira also worked with Alec Baldwin in the 2008 movie, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.

    • David Schwimmer also worked with Alec Baldwin in the movie Madagascar, and the episodes "The One With The Tea Leaves" and "The One In Massapequa" of Friends.

    • This episode was part of the show's Emmy Awards 'For Your Consideration' DVD for this season.

    • International Airdates: Latin America: December 5, 2007 on CANAL SONY; Czech Republic: March 30, 2010 on Prima COOL

  • Allusions

    • Al Gore: If your network is so committed about the environment, why don't you start by having an entire week with nothing but environmental themes on all your programs.

      Al Gore is referring to Green Week, which occurred from November 4 to November 10, 2007. Every NBC show had a green message during this week.