30 Rock

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jenna does a photoshoot for Maxim magazine even though Liz advises her not to. Josh's contract is up and Jack is happy because he gets to make negotiations, which he loves to do. Liz wants Jack to take it easy on Josh. When Jack offers to teach Liz to negotiate she refuses, she just wants Josh to stay because he's needed by the show. Even so, Jack begins orating lessons to Liz. Meanwhile, Tracy just got a check from a Nigerian prince who needed to get money out of Africa. With the extra money, there can be room for another person to join the entourage. Then Kenneth comes in with their lunch and Tracy invites him to be part of the entourage. Kenneth willingly accepts and he and Tracy start singing and harmonizing with each other.When the newest issue of Maxim comes out, there's a big misquote. It turns out that Jenna thought the interviewer asked her about theater troops and she doesn't like theater troops. So the quote is a misunderstanding but it makes Jenna seem unsupportive of U.S. troops. Later in the news, Liz, Jenna, and Jack see a report about the misquote in Maxim and it becomes a big deal. In order to solve this problem, Jack is having Jenna make a public apology on the show Hardball.Liz finds Josh and warns him that Jack wants to negotiate his contact or fire him, so Josh has to be careful. It turns out Josh has an agent, Alan, who is going to negotiate for Josh. Kenneth does not let Tracy get everything he wants. He doesn't laugh at the old joke Tracy keeps saying, unlike Dot Com and Grizz, and also beats Tracy in Halo. Tracy gets upset and tells Grizz to sit on him to calm himself down. Jenna is about to go on Hardball and Liz advises her not to worry about it and just voice her opinions (that she supports the troops but not the war, and in '08 she supports Barack Obama). Back at NBC, negotiations get underway as Jack, Liz, Josh, and Josh's agent, Allen, meet to negotiate Josh's contract. Jack and Allen try to out-negotiate each other.Dot Com and Grizz tell Kenneth that Tracy is the leader of the entourage and that Kenneth should let him win. Tracy comes in upon seeing Grizz beating Kenneth and figuring that he has two "yes" men, disbands the entourage.Jenna is on Hardball and isn't making a good impression to Chris Matthews or his other guest, Tucker Carlson. When she tries to say her opinion, she ends up saying that Bush should find Barack Obama and she's going to vote for Osama in 2008. She switched the two men's names but she has shocked Chris Matthews and viewers already. Liz faints.Liz and Jack continue to try to solve the problem Jenna has magnified. There's also the problem with Josh's contract. Liz continues to stand up for Josh, and hearing that he is sick, she goes to get him some soup.Kenneth is the only one left in Tracy's entourage. Liz buys some soup and before she leaves the store, she sees Josh with some guy from another show talking about a potential job offering. Liz gets angry at Josh. Even though she stood up for him, he does something stupid, therefore proving Jack right. Liz returns to Jack's office and wants him to crush Josh. Jack starts to smile.Kenneth is still the only person in Tracy's entourage and shows that Grizz and Dot Com can do things he can't, like turn on the TV.Another meeting takes place and this time Liz is intent on bringing Josh down. Jack let Josh stay, but with no raise. Liz wants more revenge and makes Josh do the worm and Alan imitate a crab. There's this whole musical-like show with a patriotic theme and Jenna sings patriotic songs. Light-up pinwheels fail to spin and end up looking like swasticas. A protest goes on outside the building (NBC Studios) and when Tracy gets in trouble, Dot Com and Grizz rescue him.