30 Rock

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2007 on NBC

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  • Hardball

    Oh man, I do not miss the days when Rachel Dratch was on 30 Rock. She just completely was useless on the best comedy in years, even more useless than her time on Saturday Night Live. But getting that out of my system, this was another great episode of 30 Rock. Jenna appearing on Hardball was excellent (down with Obama!) and you automatically laugh at anything Chris Matthews says now because of Darrell Hammond's great impression of him on SNL.

    30 Rock's first season was good, not great, but episodes like this are the reason Emmy voters gave it the trophy.
  • great

    Jack sees an opportunity for budget cuts when Josh's contract is up, forcing Liz to go out of her way to motivate Josh into staying with TGS and not moving on to a rival show. Meanwhile, Kenneth earns a coveted spot in Tracy's entourage and Jenna gets in trouble over a misquote in Maxim. A episode that centered around Josh was a refreshing change. the negotians where funny like the way Liz and Jack won and the mention of the Daily Show and Jon Stewart was good. Tracy getting attacked was really funny and then him getting saved by his entourage.
  • another rib-burster

    In this episode, Liz must deal with the fact that her friend Josh is up for negotiations and Jack making her life miserable as usual, and dealing with Jenna's brainless ear for politics since she's going to be interviewed on Hardball, and Kenneth accidently reveals to Tracy that his entourage have been less than honest with him. Liz and Jack do battle, Jack winning another small victory and Liz still having to pay the price, and Tracy, Tracy has to deal with Kenneth as his only entourage. Another funny episode that proves that Barack Obama and Osama bin Ladin's names are more "similar than previously thought", Tracy cannot shoot a basketball without someone to lift him, and Liz well, learning that friends can often be less than honest. Not to mention the Bodyguard allusion at the end. Kudos. More episodes like this one, please.
  • Tracy gets a new member of his entourage. Jenna gets political. Liz gets a lesson in contract negotiations from Jack.

    30 Rock is such an excellent show. I am officially in love with Tina Fey. The character of Joshs' agent was a stroke of pure brilliance ("Enough of the foreplay lets move on to the penetraysh"). Then when Liz Lemon makes the 'crab' fight the 'worm' I literally fell out of bed laughing. There are so many elements to this show that make it funny (Seriously, who hasn't accidently said Osama instead of Obama or vice versa). I really enjoy all of the characters especially Kenneth and Tracy so that was cool seeing a storyline with them together. I wanted to watch this episode again straight away. It must of been good :)
    Also, nice shout-out to The Daily Show in this episode.
  • And you thought that it couldn't get any better.

    30 Rock definitely got it right this time. This and "Black Tie" are my two favourite 30 Rock episodes.

    The main story is that Jenna (being the stereotypical stupid blonde that she is) accidentally mixes up Osama and Obama. To apologise, she goes on Hardball and again screws up. The way her story unfolds is quite funny. Liz has to help mentor Jenna just so she doesn't make a complete fool of herself on national television.

    While already helping Jenna, Liz is trying to help Josh keep his job at the show. Jack is strictly against the idea, believing that Josh doesn't do enough to contribute.

    Tracy decides to be nice and allows Kenneth to join his "entourage" (or lack thereof). It's so funny watching Kenneth try to be a "gansgta." Overall one of the best 30 Rock episodes.
  • Jack teaches Liz how to negotiate, when Josh's contract is up. Meanwhile, Kenneth earns a spot in Tracy's entourage and Jenna gets in trouble over a misquote in "Maxim" and subsequent attempts to clear her name.

    This is one of the best episodes of the show so far. I loved the way the writers made references to the political enviorment in the U.S. Not a lot of shows (let alone comedies) do it these days. The numerous failed attempts by Jenna to say the right thing and clear her name were really funny. The way Liz coached Jenna what to say, I think, was intended to laugh at the norms of political correctness.
    I hope they make more political related shows.

    The other storylines weren't as funny, but good nontheless. Thanks to great acting by Alec Baldwin, you can give him any script and he will deliver.
  • Perfect episode.

    In this episode we find Josh's contract expired. Jack wants to fire or negate a no plain. Liz messes things up for Jck after talling Josh he is liked in a catorgry. Later Jenna words get mistaken. Because of this she gets some negitive fans. She tries to make things better by appearing on Hardball. Yet she messes up big time with a small coment. This inrages many people. Tracy fires people because they always let him win.
  • "Does my vulva look swollen?!"

    30 rock is rapidly becomming my favorite show. i started watching after i had my weekly fix of the office and scrubs and left my tv on for the next few minutes. one episode of 30 rock has yet to disappoint me. in 'hardball', jack negotiates with josh over his contract. jenna confuses osama bin laden with obama on hardball. kenneth joins tracy's entourage, harmonizes with him whilst they sing, and beats him at halo (big mistake). this show is already a winner. if you love the office (like i do), watch 30 rock. both shows are hilarious in their own subtle way. you wont regret it.
  • The comedy on Thursday night that is pulling away!

    So once again 30 Rock was the best comedy on NBC's new Thursday night comedy line-up. And that is saying something from me when you understand that Scrubs and The Office are my two favorite comedies on TV! Howeve, If 30 Rock can have episodes like 'Hardball' then I think a lot of people will have a new favorite! The entire political storyline was amazing and ended perfectly! Alec Baldwin is the best comedy actor on TV currently and deserves to win more awards accroding an Emmy! Tracey Morgan is getting stronger every episode! I believe NBC sees they have the makings of a real winner here i just hope they continue to support it and renew it!