30 Rock

Season 7 Episode 12

Hogcock! / Last Lunch

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2013 on NBC

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  • Boring finale

    I loved this show for many years, but this episode is so boring that I decided to write this review while watching it. Very lame jokes and boring twists, not a good way but after all this show was so great I'm not even angry.

    Bye bye 30 rock!
  • Valiant attempt to give us a deserving closure

    Well I had somewhat moderate hopes they would end the series anything but how they did end it. Granted its hard to give a show like this justice and wrap it up and send it off in a way that will satisfy everyone but the finale came off lacking to say the least. A few people have said the jokes were played out and the finale was a let down. Well Sadly I have to agree to a certain point, it appeared that they went out with a whimper instead of a bang. Some of the jokes and punchlines were played out. I can only imagine how difficult it was to write this show and try to give us a worthy finale but somehow in all of this the show fell short.

    On the positive side they did try to paint a good picture of what will become of everyone. (And I use the words "try" and "good" loosely) Without spoiling the episode for anyone that may not have seen it I will simply say that Jack's fate was fitting and entertaining and Kenneth's promotion was a novel idea. I was particularly entertained with Liz Lemon's children being clones of Tracy and Jenna very funny stuff. And while we are on Tracy and Jenna I found the story lacking to a degree but honestly how can you wrap up them two in a nice package and bow?

    Overall, if you are a fan you have to watch the finale. They put together the best show they could in the time allowed. With that being said, you still have to walk away feeling let down or maybe even sad. I find it hard to believe that with all the fan support and further Alec Baldwin offering to take a pay cut that somehow this show could not live on in some form. On the other side of the coin seven seasons is a pretty decent run for a comedy show like this one.

    The finale tries and gives us some closure and that is important. The story was in some ways quite funny and although it was the final episode you can not help but desire more.

    So in conclusion watch the finale if nothing else just to see how they are being all sent off.
  • Last Lunch

    30 Rock redefined the comedy genre, it saved the career of Tracy Morgan and turned Tina Fey into a star.

    The show fell on some hard times in later seasons, and even this episode, which clearly was written with all of the writers' energy behind it, failed to produce any laughs. By now the jokes are so played out, as evidenced by Jenna refusing to make a Mickey Rourke reference, and even looking back at it in nostalgic times, it just was not that good.

    Pete's lines, and attempts to fake his death were great, but this just did not let the show leave television the right way.
  • #713 'Last Lunch'

    The last episode of '30 Rock' - it's really weird to write something like that. Yes, while I definitely think that it was more than the right time to end this funny little show I cannot help but feel like I'm still going to miss it. Liz, Jack, Kenneth, Tracy, Jenna, Pete and the others became a valuable TV family to me over the years and I fell in love with these crazy but still truthful characters and I am forever grateful to have shared the bizzare situations of their pathetically hysterical lives. Thank you for never taking yourself too seriously, 30 Rock. You will be missed. [10/10]