30 Rock

Season 4 Episode 2

Into the Crevasse

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2009 on NBC

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  • Common, stop using current events..

    After watching some really crappy comedies this week, including highly rated ones like 2 1/2 men, my benchmarks were downgraded by default that I actually enjoyed this episode. But, somehow I am sure it not the good old 30 Rock that won a deserving Emmy.

    Episode two also took some really painful jabs at the current economic situation. Right from making fun of the auto industry to government bailouts, it makes me think if the writers are out of material. I mean, whats up with bringing up Milia and Sasha? I never liked Will Arnett in Arrested Development, and in this episode, he proved he can't act at all. Liz and Tracy's storylines were the saving grace of today's episode. It remotely looked like the crazy stuff that used to make us laugh.
  • Funny, but not Emmy-worthy.

    It was bound to happen eventually. After being the best comedy on TV for three seasons 30 Rock has fallen off the mountain a little bit as the first two installments this season, while funny, have just not been that great. Tracy is still hilarious, but his dialogue is not even believable anymore. They're trying to make him as goofy as possible, when the early season Tracy actually seemed like a nut, but the nut we knew Morgan was. Is the show still great? Yes. Will it tie or break Frasier's record of five consecutive Emmy wins for Outstanding Comedy Series? Not at this rate.
  • Liz seems to be upsetting everyone at 30 Rock with her new book That's a Deal Breaker. Jack must go face to face with Banks who now works fr the government.

    30 Rock is one of those great comedies where it seems that they can't do a thing wrong. It is as if they have a draw card that the play each and every week to get more laughs than the material deserves. This week that is the inclusion of the brilliant Will Arnett again!

    This week Liz starts the week riding high when her new book, That's a Dealbreaker, is released. But she soon brought back down to earth with every male member of staff seemingly despising her as the book has got them in trouble with their partners. Tracey decides to make her pay by living with her when his wife throws him out. Liz also has to deal with an angry Jenna who has gone to Iceland to prepare for a Werewolf film. But it has a hitch when they can only shoot for one minute a day as the sun never seems to set in Iceland.

    Meanwhile Jack is run into DC for a commission about GE and the microwave division. Everything seems to be going fine util Jack finds out that the head of the Commission is his nemesis Banks. Banks explains that he wants revenge on Jack for ousting him from his job. Jack must now find a way to get GE Microwaves making money before Banks gets the all clear to remove Jack from his job. This was the funniest arc of the ep with Arnett and Baldwin playing off one another so very well which makes for entertaining TV to say the least.