30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 2

Jack Gets in the Game

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

News spreads that Don Geiss is possibly retiring from GE. Jack thinks of the ways in which he can secure himself as a possible replacement for Don. But these plans go down the drain when his known enemy, Devon Banks, gets engaged to Don's daughter.

Tracy wants to make his wife jealous so he gets help from Kenneth. Kenneth gives him the advice to admit that he is wrong and get back with her. Tracy does not like this advice.

Jack knows that Devon is only pretending to be straight so that he can take Don's job. Devon's real crush is Kenneth. Kenneth nervously tells Devon about Jack's secret heart attack.

Liz gets in an argument with Frank and Jenna about Jenna's weight issues. It turns out that Jenna is getting positive publicity in the press and with her fans for her weight gain. This makes her reconsider staying chubby.

The team is sick of seeing Tracy and Angie fight all the time so they come up with a plan to have Kenneth flirt with Angie in front of Tracy to make him jealous. They think that seeing this will make Tracy drop the drama.

Jack interrupts Devon's dinner with Don and his family. During the dinner, Devon tries to trick Jack by making him consume food and alcohol he is not supposed to have due to his heart attack.

The following day, Devon gets Jack to play flag football with him in front of Don. Jack ends up getting Jack back by having one of the more physically fit team members knock down Devon in hopes that Devon's urges will overtake him and it will be known that he is really gay. Later, Jack ends up saving Devon's life and Devon says that he will no longer compete for the job.

Tracy has nightmares about Kenneth and his wife together and he goes home to try to win her back. It turns out that Kenneth had not gone through with the affair. In fact, he ends up puking out of nervousness. Tracy and Angie start over as husband and wife after Tracy agrees to Angie's new rules.