30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 2

Jack Gets in the Game

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2007 on NBC

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  • "How important is teeth retention to you?" ha ha!

    I consider both The Office and 30 Rock 10 shows, yet before tonight the second season shows hhave been 8 shows. So I'm excited to finally dole out an 10 to this episode of 30 Rock, which leaped giddily from high to high. Granted, the final third wasn't as laugh-packed as the first two segments, but otherwise this was about as good as network sitcoms get.

    30 Rock is definitely taking a page from the Arrested Development playbook by piling on the big-name guests. Tonight boasted the return of Will Arnett's raspy-voiced gay corporate shark–a wonderful foil for Jack–and Rip Torn's network executive. Beyond providing always-welcome comic ringers, these guest spots trace back the show's impeccable comic lineage: you can draw a straight line from the bent genius of Arrested Development and The Larry Sanders Show to 30 Rock.

    This episode plunged further into the secret world of the super-rich as Jack battled Arnett to win the favor of Torn's corporate giant while Tracy Jordan tries to engineer a reconciliation with his estranged wife by trying to convince Kenneth The Page to shag her silly. In just one of this episode's laugh-out-loud lines, Kenneth tries to seduce Mrs. Jordan with "I'm a real great sex person. I do it all the different ways."

    Then there's Jenna's continuing battle with the bulge and another hilarious appearance by Dr. Spaceman. Did anyone else crack up at his wall of famous patients? It's not every doctor that treats Alf, The Unabomber, and Kenny Rogers. It's hard to pick a favorite moment from tonight's show, but mine is probably Tracy Jordan's "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah" video. That's seriously the most awesome song Flight of The Conchords never recorded.

    Tonight wasn't a particularly Liz-heavy episode, but that's fine by me. At its best, 30 Rock boasts a comic density and volume of jokes on par with Mr. Show or Arrested Development in their prime. Praise doesn't get much higher than that. It's always exciting and a little frustrating to watch a comedy where you're laughing so hard you miss a fair share of jokes. I loved tonight's episode so much I want to–well, you can probably guess my amorous intentions towards it and whether or not they involve an intermediate school of some sort.
  • Me want more

    30 Rock,
    In this episode Jack's foe Devin returns.Devin is out to get Jack's boss's job.After finding out from Kenneth that Jack had a heart attack, Devin uses it against him.In the end Devin stops after being saved from chocking.Tracy is tricked into thinking Kenneth and his wife Angie have someting toghether. Just to say in the end Tracy and Angie get back toghether.Jenna gets new fame from being over weight and decideds to keep the weight on after getting new fame for saying "ME WHAT MORE FOOD".Liz isnt happy with Jenna's move saying it should be voiced in womens body image.During the episode Liz also has some dentle problems which disappears durinng the end of the episode.I had some problems with this one, i felt it was to fast for Tracy and Angie to get back toghether there was nothing there.So this leads me to think there must be something coming upetween them or something.I felt Liz's role didnt make sence in this episode.For the first time i think it would have just been better not to have her in the episode because she had no effect towards it.
  • Good episode

    After a slightly disappointing last episode I think this one did well to put the show on track.

    There were lots of good laughs in it, and some character development to boot. Banks (played by Arrested Development's Will Arnett) is an excellent character in this show, and really brings in an extra dimension. All the scenes involving him are fantastic and reminscent of classic Gob from AD.

    That aside Kenneth's attempts on seducing Tracy's wife were the other highlight of the show. Fat Jenna ("me want food!") was good, although I'm not sure how much of the belly I want to see on the screen! :)

    All in all a good funny episode.
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