30 Rock

Season 1 Episode 6

Jack Meets Dennis

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

A new and improved Dennis Duffy asks for Liz back. Apparently, last year changed him when Liz broke up with the so-called Beeper King. He does seems more mature, respectful, and…less offensive. Liz actually takes him back, but only because he asked so kindly.

Jenna is shocked when she hears this news and does not approve of the relationship; she insists that Dennis is no good for Liz! But then again, he remembered Liz's birthday when everyone else forgot. Aw.

While Liz is busy figuring out her love life, Tracy is juggling some press issues. Yes he steals dogs and yes he does the robot backwards into doorways. That's talent. As for Jenna, she starts freaking out about her age, thinking that she's getting old and may lose her job security. Good ol' Jack only makes her feel worse when he exacerbates her fears.

On the other hand, when Jack finds Liz working late, he insists on being her mentor. He wants to guide her life and take her out of her boxcar hobo mentality. She refuses this offer and the scene ends.

Then, at the restaurant, Jack spots Liz and Dennis enjoying their meal. Dennis and Jack have never met and Liz would have preferred it this way because Dennis always makes bad first impressions (who could blame him). Witty banter soon ensues and Jack and Dennis begin going in depth about rats. Dennis then provides a pleasant tidbit that humans eat a pound of rat poop every year.

The next day, Jack ends up in the same elevator as Liz. She tries to justify why she is with Dennis and lists her reasons: she's busy, she has no time for the singles scene, etc etc. As she continues her list in the hallway, she admits that Dennis is her default boyfriend. Basically, she spends the whole time talking to herself because Jack doesn't even say anything the whole time.

On the elevator, Liz talks a lot, justifying to Jack why she's with Dennis. She's busy. She has no time for the singles scene. She continues her monologue into the hallway, where she admits Dennis is her boyfriend by default. Then she realizes she's talking to herself. Jack doesn't say a word the entire time.

Meanwhile, Jenna stresses out about her aging and rushes to get all the latest surgical wonders. You know how expressions are gone after Botox, skin disappears after a chemical peel, and get you a shark face after something with shark DNA…wait, what? Either way, Jenna looks 'younger'.

Dennis then makes a surprise visit to the writer's room and tries to cell everyone beepers. Apparently they are making a comeback and everyone needs one now! Jack enters the room and they talk about rats once again. This time it gets better than rat poo because Dennis says he saw a rat king: a multi-headed creature that is formed by many rats who tails have been entangled together. Jack is even more impressed now.

Speaking of impressed, Josh is approached by the object of his desire: Liz Taylor, a creepy, freaky, funny Rachel Dratch.

As Liz eats a sandwich, Pete bugs her and criticizes her crappy sandwich place choice. She argues back and says it is convenient, consistent, and she knows what she is getting. Hm, sandwich shop, Dennis, sandwich shop, Dennis, Denwich shop.

Once Liz realizes that Dennis is much like her taste in sandwiches, she runs to Jack asking for his mentor-ship. His first tip: get rid of Dennis like a rat exterminator.

Liz heads home and while pondering Jack's advice. Advice turns into reality when she finds Dennis sleeping on her couch…under a newspaper…with a candle on his stomach. He's dazed and confused. Liz is ready to dump the beeper king.

The episode ends with mentor-Jack holding the elevator open for Liz the next morning. What a nice guy.

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