30 Rock

Season 1 Episode 6

Jack Meets Dennis

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2006 on NBC

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  • Not good for a episode of this show.

    After Liz takes her ex-boyfriend, Dennis, back simply because he asks, Jack takes it upon himself to mentor her as he thinks that she is leading a life of mediocrity. Meanwhile, Tracy gets a tattoo in the face, Jenna gets botox and collagen injections, and Josh is given two black eyes by an angry Elizabeth Taylor. Not my favourite episode so far but still a decent twenty one minutes of top quality comedy. I thought the biggest laugh came when Elizabeth Taylor assaulted Josh. All in all this episode was probably the worst of the first season of 30 Rock, a low 9 out of 10.
  • Rat king...

    When Liz takes back her sleazy ex-boyfriend Dennis Duffy, Jack takes it upon himself to convince her that she is headed for a life of mediocrity. Tracy is enraged when a magazine calls him "normal" and Jenna becomes worried about her age when Jack asks her how old she is. Really funny stuff I thought the part with liz taylor was the best just laugh out load funny. Also I tthought the episode finnished abit stupid Iwanted to see more but will probably find out net week, Dennis was quiet funny when he said about Rat king very funny story, this was a good episode but it lackedsome of my favourite characters.
  • Hey Tracy, Nice Tattoo, but get out of the way I want to see Tina Fey!

    I saw Tina Fey the previous night on the Chrsitmas Tree lighting at Rockefellew Plaza holding her child. I keep forgetting that she's married and has a child. This epsiode is what I like to call a fine example of the series. Tracy has a face tattoo. That's ok, but I tune in the show because of Tina Fey. I don't care if she married or not. she the best reason to watch this show and she's the only reason why I watch this show, I hope the show would improve over the next cojuple of weeks. but as long as tina is on the show, I couldn't care less.
  • Another great show with rapid fire jokes.

    This is the funniest show on TV IMO. They pack a ton of smart, witty jokes into every scene. Tivo this show, because you have to watch it twice to get them all.

    It\'s so much fresher and original than that rip-off, The Office. That show feels so forced to me. 30 Rock\'s characters are great. Alec Baldwin is the go to guy in this one. His backhanded compliments just kill in this one. And Tracy Morgan\'s craziness makes you laugh out loud at what celebrities will do to just stay famous. His line \"Yes I steal dogs!\" Just killed me. I\'ve liked every show so far. They\'ve all made me laugh out loud, which is hard for me. I would have liked more dialogue from the writing staff in this one, they crack me up. But everyone is good. From the stupid secretary who doesn\'t know that \"the numbers at the top of the pages, should be sequential.\" to the hick, NBC page telling tour-goers that one of NBC head anchors was once a call girl!, yeah did you miss that one? Watch it again.
  • Best episode so far.

    In the episode that jumped up 30 Rocks subpar rating's and hopefully keeps it on for it's new 25 episode Season. In this episode Liz is going out with "Beeper King" Dennis and Jack is trying to make them break up and help her life, and Tracy is trying to get more street cred [the Sharpie Tatoo was great]. I liked the jokes about Liz's life and like always I enjoyed Tracy and Jack. Keep it up "30 Rock"!
  • An exciting episode

    30 Rock keeps getting better by the episode. This episode goes along with Liz reconecting with her exboy friend. On the set of the show they are having big problems. One character thinks she is to old. Tracy doesnt want to be normal. And a mysterios character hurts one of the other characters.

    Such a good episode. It seems as though Rachel Dratch might have a role on the show. As the person who is trying to destory the show Great episode.