30 Rock

Season 1 Episode 6

Jack Meets Dennis

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2006 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In a few scenes (when Liz gets the call in the sandwich shop and when she storms into Jack's office), she can be seen wearing a wedding band. While Tina Fey is married, Liz Lemon is single.

    • The trucker hats Frank wears in this episode read "Ninja Expert" and "Joystick Master."

  • Quotes

    • Liz: Very funny, you bought a pager from Dennis. Will you take it off now, please?
      Jack: I'm sorry, I can't, I'm expecting a call from 1983.

    • Tracy: I shouldn't expect a white woman from Whiteville to understand street cred.
      Liz: First of all, I'm not from Whiteville, I'm from White Haven. And it's not as nice as it sounds.

    • Dennis: Maybe I'll, uh, pick up some Chinese.
      Liz: Aww, you said "Chinese" instead of something offensive.

    • Dennis: There's no reason to live anymore.
      Liz: What happened?
      Dennis: The Islanders lost tonight.
      Liz: Doesn't that happen a lot?
      Dennis: I knew you wouldn't understand.

    • Frank: You sell beepers?
      Dennis: I sell way of life, my friend.
      Frank: Cool, I could use some ironic accessories.

    • Jack: Lemon, what tragedy happened in your life that you insist upon punishing yourself with all this... (looks around her office) ...mediocrity?
      Liz: What, because I'm eating a turkey sub?
      Jack: Your turkey sub, your clothes, the fact that a woman of your resources and position lives like some... boxcar hobo. Or maybe it's the fact that while I'm saying all this, you have a piece of lettuce stuck in your hair.

    • Jack: (looking through the blinds in Liz's office) Oh, my. There appears to be a gentleman making passionate, angry love to himself.
      Liz: Yeah, I know. That's why I closed the blinds in the first place.
      Jack: Right in his office. Huh.
      (Turns away). Lemon, I like to think of myself as a winner; I like to surround myself with winners. I see potential in you. Let me be your Jack Welsh. Let me be your mentor.
      Liz: No, thank you.
      Jack: That is unfortunate. (Turns around and looks through blinds again) You've, uh, got to admire his persistence and stamina, though. Am I wrong or is he in the middle of a staff meeting?
      Liz: Maybe you should be his mentor.
      Jack: Obviously he doesn't need one. He's got it all figured out.

    • Liz: Last week was my birthday and everyone forget except Dennis. He called and we went out and it wasn't weird.
      Jenna: And how was the sex?
      Liz: Fast and only on Saturdays—it's perfect!

    • Tracy [angry at being called "Normal" in a magazine picture]: That's character assassination! That's not normal! It only looks like I'm walking out of a Starbucks when actually I'm doing the robot going backwards into a Starbucks! And I don't even know who dog that is. Yes, I steal dogs!

    • Dennis: Dennis Duffy, Beeper King.
      Jack: That's a sharp tie you've got there, Dennis.
      Dennis: That douchebag up front made me wear it.
      Jack: Does he know you're the Beeper King?
      Dennis: I don't think so.
      Liz: This is clearly the nicest restaurant we've ever been to.
      Dennis: Hold on a second, this place ain't that nice, alright. It's got rats and roaches like every other restaurant.
      Liz: No rat talk tonight, okay.
      Dennis: (to Jack) You know there are 17 rats per person in Manhattan? You eat a pound of rat crap every year without even knowing it.
      Jack: I think I read about that in The New Yorker. (pause) Um, anyway, we'll leave you two to your meal. I hope you enjoy the... choices that you've made.

    • Jenna: You're back with Dennis?
      Liz: I'm back with Dennis.
      (Jenna gives Liz a look.)
      Liz: Don't look at me with your eyebrows all up, it's so annoying.
      Jenna: Oh, yes, I'm annoying. Not the man who honked your boobs on the Jumbo Screen
      Liz: That was before, and it was the playoffs.

    • Frank: Sounds like someone loves Liz Taylor.
      Josh: I do.
      Toofer: No, we mean looove love.
      Frank: Yeah, like if she walked in right now, and said she wanted to do it with you, you would.
      Josh: I definitely would.

    • Tracy: You take away my street cred and I am Wayne Brady.
      Liz: Nuh-uh. Wayne Brady has three Emmys. You have a People's Choice Award that you stole from Wayne Brady.

  • Notes

    • When they start to panic near the end, Pete offers that they may get lucky and be preempted by some national news event, then inquires about Gerald Ford's health. Gerald Ford actually passed away less than a month later, and on the DVD release, the line is replaced with, "It's still hurricane season, right?"

    • The German episode title is "Rendezvous mit dem Rattenkönig", meaning "Rendezvous with the Rat King". The French title is "Jack et Dennis", meaning "Jack and Dennis". The Italian title is "Jack conosce Dennis", and the Spanish title is "Jack conoce a Dennis", both exact translations.

    • Music: "Maybe" from the musical Annie is sung by Liz, though she makes an error, for the lyrics are actually "Maybe she's made me/A closet of clothes."

    • International Airdates: Czech Republic: February 22, 2010 on Prima COOL

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