30 Rock

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2006 on NBC

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  • Really, really funny episode

    After being pressured by Jack to plug GE products into her show, Liz integrates Jack himself into a sketch. While Jack hones his questionable acting chops, Frank and Toofer trick Jenna into fearing for her job, and Liz wonders if Tracy is faking illiteracy to skip out on rehearsals. Alec was on top form in this episode his character was so funny. The two mugs never fail to make me laugh. Tracy reading the newspaper was great. Toofer and Frank are a funny team, lol at Frank naked on the roof. All in all this nearly got a higher rating but 9 out of 10.
  • brilliant...

    Forced by Jack to plug GE products into the show, Liz integrates Jack himself into a self-referential sketch about product placement. Frank and Toofer trick Jenna into thinking that her job is in danger and Liz wonders if Tracy might be illiterate when he refuses to read the cue cards. This episode was one of the best so far Jack was just histerical when he was trying to act and the part where he was holding two mugs was really funny also I really enjoyed the part where Tracy got the new poster shown to him that was great he is my favourite character, this episode had no Kennith he is always a good character to watch so I missed that. all in all this was a good episode.
  • Well Written

    30 rock
    This was the first episode to show on thursday congrats 30 rock. This one goes along with trying to get gg or what ever the company to be part of the show. It seems as though snapple got better promotion. Jack worries that he cant act right but in the end he manages to come through
  • If you read this, you probaby like the show.

    I came back from the opening of the 14-screen movie theatre in Kalamazoo and had to miss the first ten minutes of "30 Rock." I don't like much about those 40-minute episodes. Well, anyway, I didn't miss much consider the fact that I've benn watching the series for the past month. Tracy Morgan's lying about his illiteracy didn't help much. Alec Baldwin theatering to fire a few employees did help much either. but what I like about this episode is the reason why I lkike all the past episodes, that is tina Frey. She getting better by each passing episode, while the rest of the cast stay tghe same. For the second straight week, Tina shows up is a sexy outfit. In other words, she wore a dress this week. If she promise to wear something sexy every week, I won't mind. There is no "30 Rock," next week. so I guess there will be no Tina Fey. So Sad!
  • The best 30 Rock episode yet!

    I was excited to watch this episode because it was of the extra long variety (much like The Office a half hour earlier) and so I sat down, excited and expecting to laugh, and it was wonderful.

    I loved the jokes about product placement, so much so that I've since shown that part to a few friends, and there were so many great and intelligent jokes spread throughout the show that I can't wait another two weeks to watch another episode.

    I love this show because it's well written, clever, and lacks a laugh track, and since they recently got ordered to make three more scripts, I'm excited to see what else they can come up with, and hopefully many more people fall in love with what I've already discovered to be some of the funniest writing on television.