30 Rock

Season 3 Episode 18

Jackie Jormp-Jomp

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

This week's episode begins with Liz's sexual harassment training. She is not allowed to be at 30 Rock until she is done with her training. However, Liz cannot handle life without work; she is addicted to stress. Her forced break affects the company as well: all employees need to disclose any inter-office relationships. Frank is now very conscious with how he talks to Cerie. Kenneth discloses that he fantasizes about marrying a TGS dancer but sadly discovers that Dotcom is dating her. Kenneth decides to declare war on Dotcom by refusing to get extra mustard for him. Tracy decides to mediate this conflict and fires the dancer.

Meanwhile, Jack tells Jenna that her not a Janis Joplin movie is hard to sell because the test audiences don't like it. They decide to up the PR by going to the Kids Choice Awards where she discovers that she is dead – literally. She is accidentally put in the memorial montage at the show. Jack decides to use this for their advantage – they are going to "TuPac" Jenna. Her death will make it so much easier for Jack to sell this movie. All she has to do is stay out of the public eye until he sells it.

At home, Liz is going crazy without work. She spends her time talking to her doormen and doorwomen who are getting very tired of her. She has never missed a show before and is very anxious about missing this week's. Still in the lobby, she runs into a neighbor who is going to the gym. The neighbor understands how Liz feels because she was just like Liz. She also tells her there is a better way to live. Liz follows her to the gym to figure out how.

Liz goes to her new friend's apartment and meets other unemployed women drinking wine and relaxing. All these women have large amounts of money and don't need to work anymore. They spend their time sitting, getting spa treatments and shopping. Liz gets so caught up in their routine of leisure that she forgets to watch the show.

Back at the studio, the dancers are refusing to work because Tracy fired DotCom's dancer girlfriend. Without Liz's help, Tracy decides to solve this problem by hiring some questionable new dancers.

When Liz finds out that her training is over, she decides to sexually harass her counselor so she doesn't have to go back to work. She comes back to her new friend's house to do the same relaxing routine again. However, her friends tell her that she has to do something to stimulate her mind and stay active. While they do live a life of leisure, they are also a Girl Fight Club. Liz immediately wants out but has to fight for it. Liz later arrives at the studio with bruises and cuts but makes it to see a special memorial show for Jenna. On set, a huge poster of Jenna is hung with her real birthday and death date. When Jenna sees that her real birth date will be displayed for the world, she comes out of hiding and appears on stage to cover the poster and sing her memorial song.
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