30 Rock

Season 3 Episode 18

Jackie Jormp-Jomp

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2009 on NBC

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  • Passive Agressive

    30 Rock,
    Jackie Jormp-Jomp,
    - From the last episode, Liz is on paid leave and doesnt know what do know that she all the freetime. Missing the first episode ever, even when she had that virus. Liz meets a group of women around her age who like to take of themselves a little to much. Liz doesnt want to live her life the way they do but without knowning she spends the whole day with them and joins the group. Liz becomes so addicted to the group that when her paid leave is up she insults the leader and goes back on leave again. Which angers Jack because he says that the women have no lifes and such. Liz then plans to leave the group, knowing that the show is the most important thing in her life and that she loves the stress it gives to her. The group however wont let her leave because it turns out it is a Fight Club, and she must fight her way out of it. - Jack at this moment is trying to seel Jenna's movie, which the company wont let him. So he tries to makes Jenna appear better by sending her to the Kids Choice Awards. Which they get wrong saying that Jenna has died. Jack jumps on this and promotes the show saying that Jenna is actually dead to sell the movie. She hides from the show about her only to destroy the moment when her actual age is shown on tv. - Kenneth is worried about the new booklet they must follow since Liz got booked and kicked out. He happens to love a dancer on the show, who is actually in love with Dot com. Tracy not wanting a feud to happen fires the dancer and in turn all the other dancers quit. - In the end Liz comes back and yells at Tracy and Jenna for messing up the show only to show that she really loves it when they mess up because she can come in and clean it all up. - Overall i thought it was a good episode. The parts with Kenneth went no were though. I liked the part with the fight club that was funny.
  • Liz lives life outside TGS

    We've had a lot of crazy things this episode. Liz hanging out with a group of wealthy divorced women after deliberately committing another sexual harassment offense was hilarious. Kenneth and Dotcom fight for the love of a dancer on the show. Tracy taking charge of things in the absence of Liz only to make matters worse just goes on show the fine ingredients that make a typical 30 Rock episode. Jack tries to fake Jenna's death to promote the Janis Joplin movie. When everything looks like its in place, Jenna messes things up by going before the camera to hide her real age. Not a perfect episode- but was real fun to watch.
  • Liz must leave TGS due to sexual harassment.

    A sexual harassment saga, a fake death, and a page reporting a relationship to the head of the microwave division that hasn't even happened yet. Only on 30 Rock.

    This episode definitely had all the elements of greatness, if it was not for the weak ending. Having the rich divorcees turn out to be members of a "fight club" was hardly a big reveal and had me scratching my head, not laughing. The same can be said about the bizarre tribute episode of TGS (although I did like Tracy saying how it was surprising how those two older women, especially the one on the right, outlived Jenna).

    30 Rock is still one of TV's elite shows, but lately the episodes have not been of the same quality we know the show is capable of.
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