30 Rock

Season 3 Episode 22

Kidney Now!

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 14, 2009 on NBC

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  • Kidney episode

    Damn, I am a little late on the review. This has been a crazy week. I missed all of Thursdays shows, and worst of all, the finales of my favorite shows.

    30 Rock has had a decent 3rd season. My major concern is that the finale could have been done a lot better. What started off as a really typical 30 Rock episode with some funny performances from Tracy, Liz, and Jack. We even had Dr. Spaceman back with his usual crazy stuff. The ending was a bit disappointing with rather uninspiring large scale guest performance.

    Whatever the show intended to achieve, I don't know. But they managed to mock the Tyra Banks show and how stoned and stupid musicians are.
  • Milton needs a kidney, and Jack bribes celebrities into helping him find one.

    I thought this episode was just fantastic. I love when Sheryl Crow and Maroon 5 guy are introduced as his European friends - "Please to meet!" - very funny. And the song at the end is delightful. The best part about it was that it gave me chills even though it was a spoof. The artists were great at poking fun at themselves, especially Cindy Lauper and the Beastie Boys. I was also please to see Jane K fit right in with the rest of the singers, her voice really is tremendous. Good for her. As always Dr. Spaceman was hilariously inappropriate, asking Jack for help with interpreting their test results. Great end to a great season. I am so looking forward to the premier tonight.
  • Only three of us our drunk

    30 Rock,
    Kidney Now, - In this episode Jack finds out that his new father needs a new kidney since he will die without one. Jack is on the edge with this because he doesnt want to but he does. I'll talk about that plot latter on. Jenna is angry with Liz since Liz made the front cover of the magizine that Jenna was supposed to be on for her sketch. Jenna is invited to a show which she has bad relationships with. She takes Liz with her as a punshiment. Yet Liz comes out to be the star when the hosts make Jenna answer questions from the audience. Liz then becomes the new it person even though she really doesnt know what she is doing. Liz then gets a book deal and stuff after being told from Jack, that TGS has 2 years tops left. Tracy at the time is invited to return to his old high school to make a speech to the graduating class. He doesnt want to because he dropped out and never got a good eduation. In the end Kenneth gets him to go but when Tracy gets a diploma he crys and falls off the stage. And now back to Jack. The episode ends with Jack's charity singing about his father needs a kidney.
  • Great season-ender

    Wow, what a great season-ender. Kidney Now has got to be one of the funniest things that 30 Rock has done this season, and that's saying a lot. Pure genius. This episode tied up all the loose ends of the season, without making it seem too conclusive...I hate when TV shows end seasons in a way where they basically could end the entire show, too and they avoided it. T

    Great celebrity cast, good idea to include Cyndi 'We are the World" Lauper and I was also way happy to see Rhett Miller lending his vocals to the cause, too. I've been anxiously waiting for his new album to come out next month, but for now I'm happy just to see him on 30 Rock.

    Check out a video clip of the song at : http://displacedbrett.wordpress.com/2009/05/18/the-return-of-rhett/
  • Jack wants to find a Kidney for his new Dad while Liz gives relationship advice on TV for creating "that's a deal breaker!"

    This episode was as funny as most of the episodes this season which is no mean feet as this season has been brilliant. This week sees the season wrap up in rather simple circumstance that makes you want to see next season but with no burning questions to feed the hunger through the summer.

    This week Jack is worried that he will have to donate one of his kidneys to his new found father. But when Dr. Spaceman tells him that he is not a match he feels guilty and wants to find a kidney for his dad. So he pulls in every favor he has with celebraties to start a fundraising song for his dad's kidney drive. Here we see more celebs than any other ep of 30 Rock combined and it does provide some solid laughs for a few scenes.

    Meanwhile Liz is riding the success of, "That's a deal breaker ladies!" by getting on a smutty talk show with Jenna to give relationship advice. When Jenna is no help she turns to Liz to give out the advice which is met with much success from the audience. Jack tells Liz to ride this wave of success and use it to her advantage. But she gets out of control when she begins to give advice to the wives of Tracey and Pete. This ep was very funny with some great one liners and the usual inside jokes. But there was something missing in this season finale, this being that there was no kind of cliff hanger or unresolved plot lines to be answered. It was as if that the ending was almost playing it safe so that no one would have any unanswered questions should they be axed.
  • The Season 3 Finale.

    I the subtle comment about TGS only lasting "two more seasons tops" is about the expiration date for this show. While witty, clever and as funny as anything on TV in the last five years, it just does not deliver in the ratings for a network that once had Cheers, Seinfeld and Friends.

    The show was a little too heavy on guest stars, and even though I enjoyed their performances for the most part having the season end on a song about kidneys was not the best way to go. They couldn't have thought up anything directly involving Jack, Tracy or Liz? And does this mean Hawkeye Pierce is returning next season?