30 Rock

Season 4 Episode 9

Klaus and Greta

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2010 on NBC

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  • Jack thinks he may have drunk dialed Nancy, Jenna pretends to be dating James Franco

    "They even came up with a celebrity name for us: James. It combines Jenna and James."

    Well, 30 Rock did it. They managed to make James Franco unfunny. James Franco, the same man who was on Freaks and Geeks and even was great on General Hospital, was incredibly lame tonight in one of the worst celebrity-as-themselves guest spots on the show. I don't think he said a funny thing tonight.

    This was a really disappointing episode that featured way too much Kenneth and any Jonathan is a bad thing. Let us hope the second half of 30 Rock's back-to-back can make up for this travesty.
  • James Franco outshines all in this episode with his new friend Kamiko.

    I completely disagree with the first critic of this episode. I thought that James Franco was the best guest star yet, and yes I loved Freaks and Geeks. I also loved Pineapple Express, and was amazed at how well Franco played a stoner without actually smoking pot. I like this character even more. I got a bit bored with Liz's gay cousin, but the other part of this episode that had me falling out of my seat laughing was Kenneth's webcam accidents. I thought this was the best episode yet. Yes indeed, oh indeed yes yes yes yes and one hundred.