30 Rock

Season 3 Episode 21

Mamma Mia

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 07, 2009 on NBC

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  • Mama mia here we go again

    30 Rock,
    Mama Mia, - In this episode Jenna is getting press for her hit sketch where she says it's deal breaker. Although not sharing as much time with Liz who wants to feel the life of fame. While dealing with this Tracy brings in his son, who turns out not to be his son. But for some reason thinks he is son. While the cast and crew knowns this "son" is just scamming money out of Tracy. In the end we find out Tracy was just raising money for the kid so he could live and do stuff. And now to the whole Mama mia part of the show. Jack after finding out that the person he thought was his father was not his father, sends out his invistagtor to find his real father. The guy sends in three people two not having any relation. In the end he finds his real father with Liz calling it the real mama mia. ALL IN ALL: i wasnt liking this episode,
  • Jack meets his real dad..

    I am not ashamed to admit, so here it goes. I absolutely love musicals. So I really found Mama-Mia eternally romantic and cute. Meryl Streep was amazing here, and to have the movie referenced here in a 30 Rock episode was just amazing.

    Moving on, what we witnessed in this episode was truly the 30 Rock that made 30 Rock. Tracy acting all crazy, helping a 40 year old, who claims to be his son - though Tracy himself is 39 years old. Liz and Jenna take credit for the 'deal breaker' quote and get to pose on the cover page. But the main focus was Jack finding his real dad, after Liz stages a Mama-Mia situation where they call the 3 potential dads to NBC. It wasn't exactly hard for Jack to narrow down his choice, as one guy was Korean, and the other had no genitals. Steve Buscemi makes an appearance again. Now that's the deal-breaker.
  • Above average.

    This episode felt reminiscent of Seasons 1-2 when the show was fresh, the jokes were all connecting and the series was racking in Emmys. This episode restored my faith in 30 Rock doing the impossible and garnering a third consecutive Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy. It was not a series classic by any stretch of the imagination, but it had the right amount of snappy one-liners and guest stars to justify a high rating. Where do I begin?

    Steve Buscemi popping up again was excellent and hopefully we see more of him next year. There's so much they can do with the character, but I think minimizing him to a few lines every now and then is the best way to prevent burn-out (see Dr. Spaceman). Alan Alda's TV return was enjoyable as well, and the twist at the end was certainly something I did not see coming. I wonder if this becomes a recurring theme as Jack ended Season 1 on a hospital bed as well.

    And all of Tracy's lines were just so outlandish and racist that you had to laugh.

    If only they would get rid of Lutz then the show would be amazing right now. I do not know anybody that finds that man funny in the least.