30 Rock

Season 5 Episode 17

Queen of Jordan

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2011 on NBC

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  • 3/17

    I thought that the idea of "Queen of Jordan" was funny when they introduced it a few episodes back, but I thought this was a little too much. Clever to have 30 Rock as an episode of that show, but it just was not that funny. Did I laugh? Sure, but I think we would have been better off just seeing some clips of that show thrown into an actual episode. I echo a lot of the sentiments around this community as if I wanted to watch a terrible reality show I would turn on E!

    Props to 30 Rock for trying, but don't do this again.
  • Terrible. By far, the worst episode.

    Just an abysmal failure. It wasn't even a 30 Rock episode. Usually, 30 Rock is smart comedy, but all they did was make fun of reality shows. Timely. I checked out very early in the show. Sherri Shepard is always bad. From her "Sherri Learns to Swim" episode on The View (way to enforce stereotypes, Sherri. Black people can't swim. Why didn't you just learn to swim and keep it to yourself? Who gives a rat's ass?). She helped grind this poorly written episode to a halt. I couldn't believe the trite, unoriginal crap they were pulling either. Please, get it together.
  • Worst episode ever, a new low. It's basically a reality show.

    If you hate reality shows, you'll hate this episode of 30 Rock too. They may think "but we're just making a parody of a reality show", and that's true. The problem is, to watch the perfect parody of a reality show, you're basically watching a reality show. I guess if you like that kind of pathetic nonsense, then you'll like this pathetic nonsense parody.

    If you hate Opera, you're not going to watch a parody of one. If you hate shoot 'em up violence movies, you're not going to enjoy a blood 'n guts parody either.

    I gave up on this garbage episode after about 3 minutes. I was hoping it was only the intro that was in the reality show style and once the opening credits came on it would go back to normal. No such luck.