30 Rock

Season 5 Episode 17

Queen of Jordan

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2011 on NBC

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  • Worst episode ever, a new low. It's basically a reality show.

    If you hate reality shows, you'll hate this episode of 30 Rock too. They may think "but we're just making a parody of a reality show", and that's true. The problem is, to watch the perfect parody of a reality show, you're basically watching a reality show. I guess if you like that kind of pathetic nonsense, then you'll like this pathetic nonsense parody.

    If you hate Opera, you're not going to watch a parody of one. If you hate shoot 'em up violence movies, you're not going to enjoy a blood 'n guts parody either.

    I gave up on this garbage episode after about 3 minutes. I was hoping it was only the intro that was in the reality show style and once the opening credits came on it would go back to normal. No such luck.