30 Rock

Season 6 Episode 19

Queen of Jordan 2: The Mystery of the Phantom Pooper

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 03, 2012 on NBC

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  • 6.20 'Queen of Jordan 2: The Mystery of the Phantom Pooper'

    The best episode of the season (just like last year's first part). I laughed like crazy, those reality show's characters were still hilarious. It's a perfect mockumentary of the current reality shows on Bravo. Sherri Shepherd is a hoot as Angie Jordan, Mary Steenburgen as Jack's mother in-law is always a pleasure and baby Virginia's feud with Liz was actually very funny. I've noticed people complaining that they wanted to see '30 Rock' and not 'Queen of Jordan', but I've found this to be the highlight of the season. 10/10
  • A Pitch-Perfect Sendup of Reality Shows

    I had to write a review of this episode on the off chance that anyone involved in creating "30 Rock" ever reads websites such as this one. The negative reviews are so off-base it is laughable.

    Sherri Shepherd's Angie Jordan is ALWAYS funny. This episode captured all the annoying aspects of every reality show while still managing to advance the story and pack in all sorts of one-off gags.

    Highlights: everyone who said "Rude!", the unused character who "was caught up on her mortgage payments", everyone lined up in the restaurant to kiss Jack, D-Fwan's boyfriend's pregnancy scare... too many more to name.

    Don't know whether other reviewers are jaded or just lazy viewers, but this episode is brilliant and hilarious satire.
  • One reviewer nailed it - "I tuned into see 30 rock not queen of jordan"

    30 Rock has been very decent this year, considering the late start and the rushed episodes they have been very funny if not a tiny bit scattered. Last week saw 30 Rock attempt the live episode again and it fell short so i was hoping for a bounce back this week. NOPE. Instead of 30 Rock we were mis-Treated to an episode of Queen of Jordan, a reality type Bravo show which follows Tracey's wife around. The problem here is that this parody show is actually so similar to the material it is spoofing. The Tracey Jordan character has become second fiddle as of late and the wife has never been the most likeable or even funny of characters, so a whole episode dedicated to her is almost unbearable. I hope next week we are back to normal and none of this side show shite from the past two weeks.
  • Queen of Jordan 2

    I am against the idea of the show continuing to do this, I hate all those stupid reality shows, but there were a few amusing gags here including Kenneth's racist take on the cords, Liz vs. the baby, and Jack covering us with "Gus." Don't do this again 30 Rock, but I do not think it was as bad as some people make it out to be.
  • What is this crap!

    I tuned in to see 30 Rock not The Queen of Jordan