30 Rock

Season 5 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2010 on NBC

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  • reaganing

    A very solid episode of 30 Rock here. For once I actually did not really love Tracy Jordan's performance. A little too over the top and a little too random, even for him. But a Kelsey Grammer appearance? And Jack having one of his best rants in a long time when talking about his reaganing? This really felt like a Season 1 episode in that it was very character-driven and not really too cliched as far as sitcom plots are concerned. The show is having a solid year so far, hopefully it can regain the Emmy that it was robbed of in September.
  • Kelsey Grammar guest-stars and Jack attempts to become a Reagener.

    This was yet another solid episode of 30 Rock, one that proves the show may still have a chance to pull off another Emmy win before it ends. I think it'll all come down to Modern Family and 30 Rock, although there are other great comedies on TV right now. While I'm completely open to either one winning at this point, I think 30 Rock has done a lot more to improve upon any mistakes they made last season. This was typical classic 30 Rock, with great writing, hilarious flashbacks and random guest-stars who add rather than detract to the show.

    Jack is in the process of "Reaganing," which is basically doing everything right over the course of a work-day. He's pitched numerous shows to NBC, including a reality show about people flying in a plane learning that their plane is being flown by a six-year old. However, his perfect game of accomplishing things is threatened by Liz Lemon, who claims she needs a ride to the airport to meet Carol to break up with him. Therefore, Jack is presented with his biggest challenge yet: help Liz Lemon with her sex life.

    As a result, we get a montage of hilarious scenes from the past involving Liz's fear of sex and some new scenes of what caused this fear (it involves roller skates, underwear and Tom Jones). Meanwhile, the two side plots ended up being pretty interesting, with Tracy filming a commercial for the Boys and Girls club and being is normal ridiculous self, while Jenna and Kenneth start in a plot that begins stupidly and winds up being hilarious after Kelsey Grammar gets involved ("Yes, I'd like a cake that says 'Frajer 2010 Reunion')

    There was just a lot of great lines here, and it's definitely a hilarious episode that deserves to be seen.
  • Jack Donaghy is on a campaign of 'Reaganing,' solving problems with jelly beans and by asking himself 'What Would the Gipper Do?'

    30 Rock continues with its high level of comedy hijinks. Alec Baldwin skewers the pretensions of CEOs with his great character, Jack Donaghy. He really nails the irrational adulation of The Gipper among that set, and 'solves' the Tracy Jordan problem of a director who is trying to film a Public Service Announcement with a creative use of Jelly Beans. Meanwhile, Kenneth is only too happy to help Jenna Maroney run a short con involving returning cakes bought with a credit card for cash. When they get caught, they raise the stakes to the long con with the help of guest star Kelsey Grammer, playing himself, or at least his evil twin. Liz Lemon is having performance issues and is on the verge of breaking up with her pilot boyfriend Carrol, played by Matt Damon. Jack asks himself: "What would the Gipper do?" He even does a very bad imitation of him, which was very creepy as he was giving Liz sexual advice. He traces Liz's problem to a traumatic childhood incident involving roller skates, a locked bathroom, and a Tom Jones poster. 30 Rock juggled these intertwined story lines well, with the main characters of Jack, Liz, Tracy, Jenna, and Kenneth performing like a well oiled comedy machine.
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