30 Rock

Season 3 Episode 9

Retreat To Move Forward

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

In this episode, Jack is too nervous about attending the Six Sigmas' corporate retreat because of the CEO situation and his time with the Bush administration. Liz agrees to go with him but is quickly shoved aside when the Sigmas embrace Jack.

However, Jack does invite Liz to LUNCH which is not food but legos. During the team building exercises, Liz shows that she is too familiar with her boss, which forces Jack to send his subordinate "to the lake with the fat kids." Even there, she is an outcast among outcasts.

Though she is sent away by Jack, she ends up saving him by covering for his "psych-up" speech that was accidentally broadcast over the PA system. Liz's most effective improve skill, ripping open her blouse, creates a great diversion.

At 30 Rock, Jenna hopes to become Janis Joplin by studying the singer on Wikipedia. Frank finds out her Wikipedia studying and decides to edit the page. The new edits make Jenna speed-walk everywhere, fear toilets, mix her signature drink Frankshlong and try to eat a live cat. Frank confesses and stops her right before she eats the cat. Jenna reacts by having sex with Frank in her dressing room.

To Jenna's surprise, Frank wants to keep this quiet which frustrates the proud Jenna who believes he should be bragging. She realizes why he's been discreet when she admits that she slept with Frank - his other ladies are outraged by his unfaithfulness. One of the ladies is her hairdresser.

Dr. Spaceman warns Tracy that he is at risk for diabetes. Tracy reacts by saying he is excited to replace his food with a wheel. While, Kenneth encourages Tracy to eat better and makes up a fake "hill witch" that will turn him into stone and eat his brain if he doesn't eat more veggies. In the end, Jenna comes in with zombie hair, features and broom and scares Tracy into eating all the vegetables.

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