30 Rock

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 2008 on NBC

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  • The great episode of hate

    30 ROCK
    Reunion - In this episode Liz perpares herself for trip back home for her high school reunion. She doesnt want to because she was the nerd of the group. Jack makes her feel better after saying that Don Geiss was going to give him the job after waking up from the coma. Yet Geiss doesnt do want Jack wants so Jack flees with LiZ. However at the reunion everything is not want liz wanted. Everybody hates her and doesnt want to be near here. Yet jack pertents to be a long lost student. It works until the class plans a "carrie" on liz. Back at the studio, tracy is angered that his jokes in the elevator bomb but kenneth's dont. Overall i thought it was a great episode i didnt like the part much with kenneth but the reunion was great.
  • Liz goes to her high school reunion.

    Funny episode, had a lot of really good parts.

    - Reunion
    Liz goes to her high school reunion, after much hesitation, just to find that everybody hated her in high school. She thought the was the "lovable nerd", not a "mean bully".
    I found it very interesting that they described Liz Lemon in her high school days much like Tina Fey has said she herself was. A "supernerd" who would make fun of everyone and everything, sometimes in a kind of mean way. Apparently Fey made a lot of jokes back in the days.
    It was pretty cool that they chose to make young Liz Lemon like young Tina Fey.. I guess they're a little alike.

    I LOVED the flashbacks, Tina looks so adorable and ridiculous!

    - Kenneth is funny?
    Tracy is reaaally bothered by Kenneth's jokes in the elevator. All the people riding the elevator love Kenneth's jokes, but not Tracy's.
    He made a really big deal out of it, it was pretty funny.
  • Liz goes to her high school reunion.

    This is the 30 Rock we all know and love. Quirky, witty and just a little bit offensive.

    In what seems to be a mandated episode storyline for a NBC sitcom we saw Liz Lemon return to high school for a reunion. Her recollection of her time spent there was not good and resulted in the return of Liz with round glasses and a curly afro hairstyle. While Tina Fey was enjoyable in the environment which was basically a SNL sketch with a gay character, a balding man and two bitter housewives the real stars of this episode were the male actors of the show.

    Kenneth and Tracy were comedic gold together with the latter getting upset at the former stealing laughs while in the elevator. Kenneth's lines were meant to be mediocre yet Jack McBrayer's character is all about making average jokes seem much funnier than they have any right to be. Tracy was the zany personality that we saw from him in Season 1 with an "angry chair" and attempting to steal Kenneth's NBC tours.

    Jack's character was brilliant again here, bluffing his way through a conversation with an old flame of his mistaken identity all while getting across his subtle jabs at the middle class of America. Don't start preordering the Season 3 DVD just yet but this was a high-quality episode of television.
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