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  • Oh Tracy! New York in 70's was wonderful place. Tracy send the staff on a treasure hunt, Liz experiences the pitfalls of adult pictures(it's a shame it was used as blackmail, they were both facing the right direction)and Jack commits to his relationship.

    All in all this episode was amusing. It was quirky, as usual, but entertaining. Tracy's mayhem was a riot. I think Liz and Kenneth's plot was a original considering she seems to resent his presence, morals, and general being most of the time. Jack, once again, finds himself unlucky in love, which stinks for him. Peter Frampton's voice almost has an appearance which is really funny too. Also, I want to point out what a trooper Larry King is. He has to be 83 years old and yet he manages to do his own show and a guest spot on this. Keep truckin' along Larry, you big lug.
  • This is, by far, the best show on TV. This should be on everyone's watch list!

    I have been a fan of Tina Fey for some time, so I was sure I'd enjoy this show. What I did not expect, was that I'd love it as much as I do. Not only is the writing phenomenal, but the performances by each and every cast member deserve the highest recognition. Now, prior to this show, I found Alec Baldwin to be very boring and I found Tracy Morgan to be annoying. But in this show, these two actors have been given the roles of their lives. Morgan's character has got to be one of the funniest characters I've ever witnessed and look forward to his ridiculousness each and every episode. If you aren't watching this show, you should start! I also recommend adding each season to your DVD collection, this can be watched over and over without losing the funny!
  • Just brilliant! Comic genius!

    30 Rock is simply the best comedy show I have ever seen, no others can compare to the genius of Tina Fey. The cast is amazing and Alec Baldwin is just amazing, his timing and the sarcastic nature of Jack Donaghy is a incomparable character. All of the show's characters work so well together and they each add something great to the show. 30 Rock is certainly leading the way of comedies at the moment, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh so hard they pee themselves! Anybody who says they don't like 30 Rock, is just in denial!
  • A true comedy, and has a great all star cast! Fun Tip for new watchers!

    This is a great television series. Tina Fey and the whole lot are amazing, and have perfect comic timing! I love the concept of the show being a spoof on how they ran things over at Saturday Night Live, and I think having Alec, Tina, Jane, Tracy, and Jack as the main group of people was brilliant. I do wish that Rachel Dratch's character would of been around more (the cat lady), but the show is just so over the top, yet feel real. I think that having people from the broadway and sketch comedy backround fits in really well with this type of show. Tip: I would suggest starting from the first episode if you have never have watch this series. I bought the first season because it was cheap, having never watched the show before, and finished it in 3 days. And got the 2nd one for Christmas and watched that in 2 days. This show is worth watching, and buying!
  • One of the better things on tv right now

    I have only come to the series quite late: indeed I am still working my way through the first series. I'd heard about it but in the UK was always either on a cable cahnnel or late on at night on a channel I had to wiggle the aerial for. I finally managed to catch the first episode on a plane and found it to be one of the funniest things on tv. In many ways it doesn't feel like an American comedy but rather reminds of the great British comedies (I'm British btw not an American who happens to live in the UK). I cant quite decide why but I do know that healthy doses of sarcasm plus a focus on the 'little people' (albeit in a tv setting) being less than superstars helps enormously. Got almost 2 series to look forward too!
  • People are missing out if they're watching The Office, but tuning out after it's done. 30 Rock is THE comedy on NBC right now--and maybe all networks.

    I'm not certain why this show is lagging in the ratings. Quite frankly it's brilliant. The writing is great. The characters are likable, all in their own unique way. There are very few "bad" episodes. The show is very much like pizza: even when it's bad it's still pretty damn good. The critics seem to agree based on the awards the show has be receiving. Hopefully the rest of the public realizes this sooner than later. I suspect much of the humor goes over the heads of fans of "typical" comedies (read: How I Met Your Mother). Bottom Line: People need to start watching this before this gem of a show goes away like other smart comedies (read: Arrested Development).
  • i love this show, im from australia and i discovered it on late night tv and i laughed soo much i had to go out and but it

    brilliant brilliant brilliant, it's funny as. all the characters are so good and they work well together. the show is much better than some of the tv shows that have come out of america latley, because it's topical, cutting edge and hilarious. i especially love the jokes some of them subtle and some of theme over the top and unbelieveable. the episode where jenna becomes fat (the few episodes ) are amazingly funny "Me want food" i laughed for hours, there is one more thingi have to say, i dont care how disfuctional Liz Lemon is SHE'S HOT !!! :)
  • Fantastic show!

    I just got turned onto 30 Rock & i'm glad I finally discovered it. It really is one of the best comedy's going around at the moment. The characters are great but the fantastic cast really bring them to life.

    30 rock creator Tina Fey does a brilliant job as Liz Lemon but the real star of the show is Alec Baldwin who plays Jack the sometimes over the top & always exciting boss of Liz Lemon.

    The show also has an amazing support cast consisting of some of Tina Fey's friends from her Saturday Night Live days.

    The episodes are always fantastic & leave you wanting more while you quote your favourite lines.

    Hopefully this show continues for awhile because it still has so much left to give.

    Give 30 Rock a go if you haven't seen much of it, you won't be dissapointed
  • a comedy in nyc

    a show about people who work its really funny i suggest it to evryone. like tinie fey, and macey gordon. i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i also love the guest starts like oproo and steve mootin. night court the werewolf and jenna jame son and pro[lr. alex boldwin is prime enter tainmen t! i do suggest it for mostly all da family so have fun enjoy the emmies people mickey mouse clubhouse!
  • Fantastic show. It's fun and witty, but it's definitely not a cheap laugh. That's not to say that you have to be up on politics and the media to get it. There is something for everyone.

    So, I love this show. Tina Fay and Alec Baldwin are a dream team. The writing always keeps you on your toes and waiting for more, so you can't fall asleep watching this show. The jokes are quick and witty, but also memorable. Plus, I can always find a little bit of someone I know in the cast. I usually find myself cracking up at Liz Lemon, but thinking 'that could be me!'. Their ability to take risks and do things on the edge is what makes them stand apart from other shows. The characters seem so farfetched and odd, but at the same time it's hard to think of 30 Rockefeller Plaza without them. Seriously? What would I do without Kenneth to brighten up my day?
  • After last week's lukewarm season premiere, the Rock hit full flight and delivered numerous strong laugh out loud moments, and made me so happy that it is finally back on air.

    Well we have all been waiting for the "Oprah" episode, and what an episode it was.
    After last week's lukewarm season premiere, the Rock hit full flight and delivered numerous strong laugh out loud moments, and made me so happy that it is back on air.
    The moment when Liz let loose to "Oprah" on the plane is destined to become a series classic moment, and although Oprah did not have to do or say much her presence alone and the way Liz reacted was priceless.
    The two other main sub plots - The fight between Jeanna and Tracey and its subsequent resolution; and Jack and Kenneth's dispute over faux Olympic sports were also just as hilarious.
    I also loved it when Liz came back to the office wearing the supposed new favourite things and when Jeanna asked her "did she touch you?" and then bowed down in front of like she was going to be blessed.
    So funny, can't wait for next weeks installment already
  • Just a great, hilarious show created by the awesome Tina Fey!

    Words cannot describe how funny this show is - so I'm only gonna write like 400 of 'em.

    This is an instant classic in the comedy hall of fame. Tina Fey (Saturday Night Live) has created a brilliant, hilarious show that just keeps getting better and better with every episode.


    - Liz Lemon
    Liz is the head writer for the NBC show "TGS with Tracy Jordan". She's played beautifully by Tina Fey. Liz is a food-loving, slightly neurotic, talented woman. I think she can best be described by quotes, so here are some:
    "Pete, can you tell Jenna she smells like a stripper?"
    "It's not HBO. It's TV."
    "Is it my birthday?"
    "Good evening. It's great to be here at the beautiful Waldorf Astoria. I haven't seen this many white people in tuxedos since the Titanic."
    "Wow, a thousand dollars a plate? For that kind of money this stuffed chicken breast better paint my house."
    "Tracy took advantage of my white guilt. Which is to be used only for good, like over-tipping and supporting Barack Obama."
    "Aw, you said 'Chinese' instead of something offensive."
    "Great. Jenna looks like a porn star burn victim, and now this idiot."

    - Jack Donaghy
    Jack is the "suit" of the show, except funny. Alec Baldwin is really great playing him, he's hilarious. Here are some quotes:
    "I like you. You have the boldness of a much younger woman."
    "Relax your balls, Pete."
    "Oh sure, then we can sit around and brade each other's hair until we get our periods at the same time."
    "Really? I see you bring a little feminine magic to everything you touch."
    "Human contact is important, Lemon. I can tell from your stress level that you have not been touched in any way in quite some time. Not caressed, not massaged, not even groped on the subway."
    "Those shoes are definitely bi-curious."
    "Jack Welsh has such imparalleled management skills they named Welsh's grape juice after him. Because he squeezes the Swedish juice out of his workers' mind grapes."

    - Frank
    Frank is played by Judah Friedlander. To sum it up, I would say Frank is a weird guy who likes porn.
    "What's up, flappy butt? You look weird today. Hey Pete, you wanna see a comic book with pregnant zombie nuns?"

    - Kenneth
    Kenneth is a sweet, dumb NBC page from Georgia. He's played by Jack McBrayer, who's reaaaaally funny.
    "Rooster, this is the farmer. Is the egg safe? Be careful, the badger and the bear are asking questions."
    "If I die, will you take care of my birds? Oh, Tweety..."

    - Pete
    Pete's played by Scott Adsit. He's a bald guy, and pretty funny with a dry sense of humor.
    "Hey, look at you! You look like a fancy prostitute!"
  • The show that sticks to its higher calling and standards. Thursday nights are great again!

    Can barely wait for season three.. Thank God Alec swallowed his pride or some advice/pharmaceuticals and got back aboard. This clever caper-filled gem's a soothing balm in the reality stuffed dumpster that network TV's mostly become. ..No wonder most of the critical awards are going to cable/pay TVs entities. (Their revenues don't depend on red-state, trailer park soap powder spots.)

    Was afraid in the middle of last season that they'd lose their bite and cleverness. Sarah, er, Tina and her prize winning writers slew my fears and delivered show after show of yukks, angst and just plain weird - Carrie Fisher slumming up her twilight writer's years with her wine-filled, BFF thermos. Wow. Well, welcome back to a young classic in the post "Larry Sanders" world.
  • You got to love reality TV? And 30 Rock is it?

    You do have to love 30 Rock, it is so real. Or is that surreal? It is though too. Tha cast an crew seem to have something that no other TV show has ever had, yes had. Those washed up shows that are no on air any longer, you remember the one that were in 30 Rocks time slot. Of course you don't they are washed up has beens that are gone for ever. Or until the box set comes out on DVD. 30 Rock has their time slot and there is nothing, I mean nothing no one is going to do to take that a way from 30 rock. Until those people at the top at the network say so. Or the ratings go into the hole then the show will never seen again, until the box set DVD's come out. Its a good show, you should watch it.
  • Excellent series.

    When this show first came out, I was not interested at all. I just thought it was another spot filler that NBC pushed out in a hurry. A few friends kept telling me how great of a show it was, and so I finally sat down and started watching it, and after a few episodes, I started to see why. It's full of great characters and story lines, and some great comedic moments. Alec Baldwin impressed me the most, because I would have never pictured him in a comedy series, let alone doing it well. Overall I have to say that this is a show to keep an eye on, and keep the channel on too.
  • Awesome Show. Simply brilliant, well drawn characters who are histerically well acted! Alec Baldwin is a legend as Corporate Jack Donaghey, as is Tracy Morgan in the role of Flamboyiant Bad Boy Comedian Tracy Jordan

    One of the most consistently funny shows on TV ever.
    Great ensemble cast from Tina Fey as Liz Lemon right down to Jack McBrayer as Kenneth "The Page". Also the show has an incrediblly high standard of Celebrity Cameo's.

    Hilarious and original situations are the order of the day, every week on this show. Jack Donaghy's character never fails to amuse whether he may sassing Liz Lemon with a sharp put down, or hamming it up as the "all knowing" exec.

    Can't wait for Season 3, there are gonna be some excellent cameo appearances again and some big laughs i'm sure!

    30 ROCKS!!!
  • 30 Rock is a very funny show. One of the best sitcoms in years.

    30 Rock is a surprisingly funny show. SNL spinoffs have a remarkably poor track record, since they usually are trying to over-extend some 3 minute sketch, but 30 Rock is a very funny exception.

    Tina Fey (Liz Lemon) is the heart of the show and pulls off the geeky 30-something role well. But the breakout stars have been Alec Baldwin as the right wing corporate boss and Kenneth the evangelical NBC page. Both consistently steal the scenes the are in.

    Tracy Morgan has done better than I expected. I rarely found him funny on SNL, but he does a good job as the barely functional, insane comic star.

    If there is a weakness, the characters of the other writers all sort of blur together. With such a large ensemble cast it's hard to give them all enough time and lines to stand out, so it's understandable. But the writer room meetings seem like a jumble of unknowns.

    One of the funniest sitcoms in years.
  • witty, funny, charming, and very smart

    This is a smart show among comedies. When you do comedies, there is goofy and witty and warm but often times, there is not enough room to do smart. 30 Rock manages to be all three. The premise: a behind-the-scenes look at a Saturday Night Live-esque show and all the creative muscle behind it. Anything is never out of the ordinary for Liz Lemon (Tina Fey), the head writer of the show who has to deal with a new egocentric boss, Jack Donagee (Alec Baldwin), and a new host Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan), all while wrestling the everyday problems of work and personal live and maybe even a love life. The show gets its charm from the three above actors. Tina Fey plays a wonderfully warm Liz Lemon, a nice, average 30s woman who is careerminded and looking for love, all the while still a little naive, Alec Baldwin is wonderful, wonderful as Jack, the coy, business savvy, egocentrical eccentric boss, and Tracy Morgan who as Tracy Jordan is the off-the-wall uncencensored comedic host of the show that is never afraid to speak his mind or to wind himself into trouble mostly due to that. This show is very insightful and packs all the right punches. The only problem keeping it from other comedies is that there are no beautiful people in here, just average looking people going through life and that's also where this comedy gets its charm. Everyday people getting into wacky everyday things. I hope this comedy stick along for awhile and people to check it out. It is a smile of pleasure all around.
  • A show showing the inner working of a NBC television show that is just hilarious!

    Tina Fey left SNL to do 30 Rock and this is a hilarious show. At a time where sitcoms are harder to find on TV, 30 Rock is a refreshing new sitcom. The show is set in NY at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The cast is a hilarious mix of character that represent writers, actors, a producer, and many more. Tina Fey stars as Liz Lemon, writer for a popular NBC television show. In comes Jack the pompous and obnoxious exec that changes the show to his liking. The cast chemistry is great, and the NBC page Kenneth, the nerdy group of writers, Jenna, Tracey, Jack, Liz all work great together. This show is hilarious!
  • A great sitcom that doesn't use all the cliches

    Living in Belgium, I have not seen much of saturday night live, but I have seen it enough to know what it is and recognize it in 'TGS' on the show. I like the premise of the show, a television show about what happens backstage and behind the scenes of TV. You could say, then, that 30 Rock is basically a very funny and successful, shorter Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. The writing is great and the humor different than the usual you can expect from other sitcoms (e.g. According to Jim). I don't see most of the jokes coming.

    The acting is also great, and Alec Baldwin gives a great performance in his role as righ-winged GE executive. Tina Fey also does a great job of representing the successful, but troubled lead-writer. However, not only the two main charecters are well portrayed, every role is performed very well.

    30 Rock is an original and hilarious sitcom which I would reccomend to anyone, and I hope it stays around for a while still.
  • this is a great show it is like showing you what its like on the set of a show i cant wait to see more episodes!

    this is one of my all time favorite shows it great to see how the life behind a tv shows is, and to also add the life of a writer is great while Liz is a writer for TGS with Tracy Jordan she manages to deal with everyone else's problem and her own. This show is a great show for anyone who is in that comedy mood. so if you haven't start watching because this is a great show for everybody (even the people who don't really like comedy show that much) its a great show for everyone to enjoy!
  • Probably one of the best comedy shows on TV right now. Trouble is I bet a lot of people in the USA and Canada miss a lot of the jokes because they move too fast.

    I don't know if anyone watches a show made in Canada called Corner Gas, a comedy of people living in a small town in Western Canada and I think 30 Rock got some ideas from them. When their talking about something on 30 Rock they do this "flashback" about something they are talking about, and they then show a scene from three weeks earlier when one of them did a stupid thing. I first saw that on Corner Gas. But 30 Rock is by far the best comedy on TV now and never miss an episode. I've always loved Tina Fey from Saturday Night Live and she just keeps going in 30 Rock. Well done.
  • "30" Rock centers on a comic (Tracy Morgan), who stars in a late-night comedy show called "The Girlie Show." Tina Fey stars at the head writer who works hard to keep her job as well as her sanity as she deals with the network and the stars.

    Funny makes up for a multitude of sins.

    By now, you've probably heard the knock on 30 Rock. It's yet another NBC showbiz series set behind the scenes at an SNL-type show. It's trying to survive in prime time with a night-time star, Tina Fey, who's a better writer than actor. It has gone through some major on-screen changes on its way to a time slot that can be charitably described as challenging.

    All of that matters, of course, particularly for the show's long-term health. But what matters most tonight is that 30 Rock probably will make you laugh, no small achievement in a season in which too few shows are even trying.

    Much of the credit goes to Fey, a clever writer who has written her part so that it stays within her limited performance range, which mostly is confined to snide remarks and a look of put-upon befuddlement. She also has wisely assigned most of the heavy-duty comic lifting to her co-stars: Tracy Morgan as the show's newly hired, possibly unhinged star and, best of all, Alec Baldwin as a newly named, hilariously improper network executive.

    Fey plays Liz Lemon, head writer of The Girlie Show, a sketch show starring Liz's friend Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski in a role that seems insufficiently conceived).

    Although the show does well with women, it doesn't do well enough with men to please her new boss, Jack Donaghy (Baldwin), the kind of executive who believes, "You have to change things that are perfectly good just to make them your own."
  • highly entertaining very funny

    I did not know what to make of this show when it first came out. It had a very good cast I loved Alec Baldwin and Tracy Jordan, and it has had consistently good and interesting characters, episodes, and guest stars. Tina Fey who I never liked on SNL shines in this show and deserved the emmy that she received. This show gets better every episode, and has never failed to make me laugh. Im very excited to see what they have in store for the viewers, especially after the start of the second season where they had multiple great guest stars
  • One of the funniest shows on TV.

    It seemed to take forever for Australia to start airing 30 Rock, but boy, was it worth the wait!

    From the first episode 30 Rock has constantly been funny and original. Its characters have a depth that very few comedies these days have. Every actor on this show brings a certain something to their characters. The writing is always fresh and original. I, personally, could not wait for 30 Rock to start airing in Australia; I've been a big Tina Fey fan for a long time, and 30 Rock just goes to show how funny and talented she is.

    30 Rock is a shinning example of comedy done right.
  • First episode sent me off to wrong direction.. Yet again

    Like with many new shows, 30 rock did what the rest did as well. Have a bad first episode, that didn't make me want to watch the show. Luckily for me few months later I watched another episode cause it was on tv, and it was awesome. It was funniest show I had seen since Friends. So I began watching it more and more. I am completely hooked now. It really brightens up my mood. I love Tina Fey. She is a incredible comedian and you simply can't get enough of her. Cast is great, story is great. What more do you want?
  • Not bad, not brilliant, but not bad.

    30 Rock. 30 Rock... where do I begin with you? This is a show that has plagued me for many hours as I do not know what to think about it. On the one hand it provides quite a few laughs and keeps up to date with modern issues. On the other hand, the laughs aren't that good. There are much funnier comedies than this, but this is still very good stuff. I particulary like the characters of Jack, Liz, Frank and, of course, Cerie! If you're looking for wild, hilarious stuff then this is not your show, but if you're more for down to earth humour give it a try.
  • I LOVE THIS SHOW... It is so well written, the characters interact about as well as in any sitcom and there are at least two laughs per minute, even on a bad day. Anything goes on this show and they never seem to run out of...

    ... great ideas. There are usually five or more plot lines running at the same time and it reminds of the old Saturday Night Live shows when they were at their best. I love Tina Fey (I mean, I really love her. I want her to leave her husband for me - just kidding, Tina... I'm too old for you). Alec Baldwin, might be the funniest former dramatic actor ever. He never ceases to amaze me with his range - like the time he played Tracy Morgan's father, mother, uncle and next-door neighbor all in about two minutes in the shrink's office. Kenneth the page is hysterical and unbelievably well-cast, and Morgan seems to be getting funnier every week. You have to watch this series. Go back and see all of the previous episodes so that you will be ready when the new ones come out. I mean it. Do it now. Hurry...
  • Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is the head writer at 'The Girlie Show', a comedy sketch show where everything is well. Things begin to change when eccentric movie star Tracy Jordan and successful and bizzare Jack enter the picture as the show's new star and boss.

    This show is hilarious, creative and believable. It has memorable characters, each unique, with sensational plot lines and themes. Alec Baldwin steals the show in his impeccable performance as 'the man with the weird ideas'. Tina Fey will never be the greatest actress but is smart and knows how to portray herself which makes her acting much better. Favorite supporting actors include the dumb blond Jenna played by Jane Krakowski and secretary Kenneth played by Jack McBrayer. In my opinion, I love a lot of shows and this may not be at the top, but it certainly is up there. I really think it should be getting higher ratings and I hope it continues to grow.
  • It was a rocky start with 30 Rock and me, but this show has really blossomed into something fantastic.

    I tuned into the first episode because Tina Fey has always been on of my favorite SNL cast members. I've always found her hysterical. So I sat down to watch with high hopes... and I didn't care for it at all. I just did not find it funny- and I have a very weird, inappropriate and downright inaccessible sense of humor. I gave it another chance a couple of weeks later but turned it off a few minutes in because I was bored and there were other things I could be not doing. Jenna Fisher of The Office (who's blog I love) would write about how funny she found the show and my response was always "Really? huh."

    Cut to a few weeks later when my friend calls me in a panic because I HAVE to watch that night's episode. Isabella Rosalini was going to say "Damn it! You know I love my Big Beef 'n Cheese!" and how could I even consider missing it? So I give in and watch it - even though I'd already given the show several chances and been disappointed every time - and it was funny. Not constantly laugh-out-loud funny, but a marked improvement on my earlier viewings. Cut to a month ago when I'm dying to watch an episode and almost throw a fit because the schedule's all screwed up due to the strike and some stupid game show is on in it's place. I am so glad this show kept going because it gets funnier as it goes on and they get a better hold on what it is. I love this show so much I want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant. And how can I not have instantly loved a show that says that?? I hang my head in shame at myself.
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