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  • I really want to love this show, and I don't.

    Concept: a smart TV show about a smart TV show, full of quirky characters, headed up by Tina Fey (a smart TV show writer). Once they threw in Alec Baldwin, playing a network shark, I knew "30 Rock" was going to be one of my favorites before I tuned into the pilot episode.

    Three episodes in, I'm underwhelmed. Sure, "30 Rock" is approximately 11ty times better than "According to Jim" but whatever hook drew me into loving "The New Adventures of Old Christine" and "How I Met Your Mother" last year (neither show I expected to even like), is MIA.

    The good:

    Alec Baldwin is brilliant. He manages to deliver a fresh turn on the classic "guy you love to hate". He's smart, he's funny, and he's an ass. A funny, fresh ass.

    Jack McBrayer as Kenneth the Page. Like Baldwin, McBrayer brings freshness to the "wide-eyed country bumpkin in the big city" character. (Think Woody from Cheers, with McBrayer nearly as good in his start as Woody Harrelson was at his.)

    The not-so-good or at least lukewarm:

    Everybody and everything else. Fey, whom I adore from her SNL days, leaves me flat in most of her Liz Lemon moments. Jane Krakowski, as Jenna the show star and supposed best friend of Lemon, seems hopelessly out of place. I don't believe she's a sketch comedy star ... nor do I believe she's Lemon's best friend. The two show no chemistry.

    Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordon? I find his character and his performance quite painful.

    "30 Rock" is still on my DVR list and I'll still continue to watch. Right now my reasons for sticking with it are Baldwin & McBrayer but maybe, with some time and fine tuning, the show might live up to its original potential.
  • it's probably harder to make a bad show with all of this talent than a good show. nonetheless, the overachievers at NBC have done just that.

    let's see...
    tina fey is funny and a proven comedy writer, though SNL is not really a functional measuring stick for good writing. SNL actually thinks it's much funnier than it really is. kind of a gang mentality here. if a lot of people like "SNL", then it's good, from year to year to year. well , that's just not true. you can like SNL, but it would be a very difficult task to explain why it is good TV. it's rarely funny.
    anyway, back to 30 rock. alec baldwin, very funny, and always one of my personal favorites. his talent, perhaps arguably, should be considered as a given. and comedy suits him very well, though not in this particular show (our point rears it's ugly head).
    if anyone wants to debate the talent or even comedic skills of any other regular on the show, you'll have to do it without me. i got nothing from anyone else that even remotely resembles humour. annoying, yes. humour, no. i could go on, but really, this show isn't even worth it. sorry tina, we love you, but this ship has sunk and you should have seen it coming.
  • Tracy "Jordan", a full of himself celebrity joins the show and begins to take over. He's unliked by just about everyone accept for the show's producer played by Alec Baldwin.back together...for now at least.

    I was excited about this show. The trailers looked promising, I like Tina Fey, and Alec Baldwin is pretty much always hilarious. I finally got to see it the other night and apparently my expectations were a little high: not that it was horrible. It just wasn't particularly funny. I think I chuckled twice. Maybe I caught a bad episode, but if that show was indicative of what to expect from 30 Rock then it won't be on long. Don't get me wrong, I'll watch it next week and maybe the week after, but that's as far into the future as I'm willing to commit at this point. Heck, it's more work to take the series off my Moxi Series list. Here's hoping that the show rises to my original expectations, and if it does I'll be happy to retract any and all negative statements.
  • Awkward pauses and unfunny writing. This show stinks.

    When I first saw the trailers for this show last summer I thought it looked really funny. Now that I've seen a few episodes, this show has revealed itself as a real stinker. Although I initially liked her a lot on SNL, I've come to the conclustion that Tina Fey is responsible for the sad state of affairs on SNL and now this trainwreck, '30 Rock.' The talent is all there, but the show just falls flat. Lame jokes, bad timing, awkward pauses, and a strange sense of aloofness permeate this show. Alex Baldwin is definitely the highlight, but he can't carry it on his own. The "writer" characters are absurd, unfunny parodies. I smell a short season coming for '30 Rock.'
  • I expected more from a show written by Tina Fey.

    Honestly I expected more out of something from Tina Fey.
    I had high hopes for 30 Rock, and this episode just didn't bring it for me.

    When the funniest scene is Tracy Morgan running around in tighty whities saying "I am a Jedi!", that's sad.

    The show just didn't seem funny to me at all... maybe I'm missing something, but I was a big fan of other "quirky" shows like Arrested Development, and The Office, but saidly as much as I wanted to like this show, I just couldn't. I'm going to give it another try and see what happens, but it looks like Studio 60 is the show I'm going to watch for my fake SNL fix.
  • Tracy Morgan is the best person and probably the most talented person on that show.

    I have only watched a bit and what I saw was 2 people from SNL after it stopped being funny, and another one who was in that era but has proved himself funny in other TV shows and movies. He was funny in the remake of the longest yard, and it his small role in Jay & Silent Bob Strikes back. I know not exactly classic credits, but I would rather watch him than a Baldwin, that was mistake #1, the 2 people from the un-funny casts was #2. They should have tried to get old school SNL Alum, or just random comedians that were unknown, so it won't be always associated with SNL, unless they are doing it for extra publicity. I'm not so into it, but I could see it probably getting better, even with the people they have in there now.
  • Charming Tina Fey works her magic in prime time for this funny intelligent sitcom.

    I watched this show at 6:00AM Saturday morning and I still laughed my ass off! I shouldn't have been surprise knowing that Tina Fey is at the thelm. I think this show absolutely has the potential to be another Arrested Development for its hilarious one liners and the possibility of very funny characters. Each of the characters is strong enough to carry their own show, but together they are amazing.

    And Tracy Morgan's crazy character--running through the streets in his tighty whities holding a light saber. Priceless.

    I hope NBC gives this show the chance it deserves because it has amazing potential. Let's cross our fingers....
  • Who's decision was it to have two new shows about TV shows on the same network?

    When I first heard this show was coming out the same year as Studio 60, I didn't think it would be on the same network. First they started it after S60 and with all the hype S60 got, 30R would have to be pretty good. It wasn't. It was rushed. I haven't learned a lot about anyone. I get Alec Baldwin's character. I get the studio page. I don't get anyone else. There's nothing to Liz that's special. They should have established the characters and the situation better before they introduced Tracy Morgan. Baldwin has some funny lines but unless the show flows better it's going nowhere.
  • I liked it alot, and soon will love it.

    I especially loved the interaction between Tina and Alec. I bet that all the characters will develop and get better - I also like the other cast members. That girl that plays Tina's assistant (Cerie) is funny in an classy sort of style. The guy that plays Josh also looks like alot of fun to come.

    I hear the second episode is really funny. Don't know who saw it, or if it is alot of hype, but I am looking forward to seeing the show progress over the season. NBC was smart to get Tina Fey to write this, it is clever and adult with a little bit of silly thrown in.
  • 30 Rock Review

    I was somewhat disappointed with 30 Rock, but from my experience a Pilot always has to set things up and if they only have 22 minutes that's all they really have time for.
    The Good: Tracy Morgan was pretty funny and pretty much stole every scene he was in. Alec Baldwin is going to be great and get some major laughs.
    The Bad: I wasn't laughing much...grinning and smiling yes, but I want clever humor and hilarity! Tina Fey has a lot of screen time- it was a little off-putting and Rachel Dratch was under-utilized.
    I shouldn't dog Tina Fey too much, I like her and she had her moments. I just don't know if she should be on screen for all 22 minutes of every show. I think that there are a lot of ensemble players that could be really funny in the long run of the show (Fey's secretary for one) and hope that they will grow and get more screen time in the coming weeks. 30 Rock has potential and could be really funny, it just wasn't very last night. Then again, Futurama's first episode wasn't that funny, the Simpsons first episode is devoid of laughs (first season really), and both shows were/are great comedies. Even Arrested Development's pilot isn't that funny, so hopefully it's just a thing with really good 30 minute sitcoms. Verdict: **1/2 stars. 2.5 stars for last night but the Show has major potential.
  • Tina Fey proves she can't act, but Alec Baldwin proves he can be funny!

    I'm going to start my review with something that made me scowl at the obvious incestuous nature of the industry as a whole: Alec Baldwin's character takes the reins of Tina Fey's character's show. In his under-construction office, he explains that he is being rewarded by the parent company (General Electric, who owns the network, NBC, that both the real and fictional show are on) for his latest work: a super-nifty microwave oven (we only get to see a poster of it, which Alec's character posts prominently on his office wall). When the scene ends and we go to a real commercial, we're shown - - guess what? - - an ad for a new GE microwave oven!!! Subtle as a hammer blow on a Twinkie! Thus endeth the rant! ; )

    There are *almost* no likeable characters on the show.

    For example, if Tina Fey's character were as lame in real-life, she would probably be selling wilted flowers on the streets for a living: no way she could have convinced anyone to produce her show. During the strip club scene with Tracy Morgan, she gets drunk (though we never see her actually drinking) and joins the strippers on the stage. So, there goes any shot at believability, much less originality.

    The directors have Tracy Morgan go all out to prove that black sterotypes are perfectly valid: He travels with a posse of steroidal "gangstas"; he goes to a strip club; he urinates outside an apparently condemned building . . . Can someone please call the NAACP? (BTW, during the show, I'm positive that I heard the other characters refer to him multiple times using his real name, "Tracy MORGAN", rather than his character's name, "Tracy JORDAN"! If it's true, it says a lot about the horrible direction and editing of the show; if it's NOT true, then it says something about the show that the viewer was unable to separate the actor from his character, showing either bad acting or bad direction (or, possibly, a bad attention span on my part! But, then, who's to blame for that?)).

    The secondary characters also fall in line with their perceived stereotypes: The Sychophantic Page; the in-show's writers cast as lame, white, male nerds (except, of course, for a black actor, who waxes nearly Shakespearean, which is reverse-stereotyping of the worst kind; even the characters compare him to "Urkel" of "Family Matters" fame!); the insecure, gold-digging lead actress; the this-close-to-being-homeless animal trainer who, in violation of every ethic we would think she would have, allows a stray - - and possibly rabid - - cat to work with the actors in a skit . . . is Hollywood so incapable of making a show without having to resort to stereotypes so blatant that it's nearly painful to watch?

    For the "almost" part, mentioned earlier, I was stunned at seeing Alec Baldwin doing well in his role, albeit that, too, was stereotyped. I'll admit that I've never thought much of him as an actor, but, his near deadpan delivery of otherwise banal and unfunny lines were unexpected, and made me grin . . . a little.

    Unfortunately, Alec's performance wasn't enough to save the show, although it *was* enough for me to put it a notch above "5.0". I also don't understand how NBC could put on two shows that are so similar in venue: "30 Rock" and "Studio 60" (FWIW, I wasn't crazy about S6, either).
  • what was that???Really ?

    A little confused as to what I just watched and why. And I love Tina Fey. Mean Girls was one of my fave guilty pleasure movies and proud of it,but seriously what was that. I am really disapointed the first part with the hot dogs funny, the black nerd joke funny ,the stripper and computer class joke close to being funny but the other 20 minutes? Tracy morgan could be funnier but the obvious Martin Lawrence refrences again what was that? Hope the show gets way better. I am actually shocked it made it to the air I thought it seemed like one of those pilots that we only hear about when an actor makes it to a good series and they\'re talking about all the shows they did befor and almost always talk about a show they belived in but it didnt make it past the pilot. Hey good news is it can only get better. right? I have faith in Ms. Fey

    this show does have a lot of potential okay this show will be funny, but this is only the first episode okay so come on peope. OKAY OKAY tina fey isent the greatest actor are there are a lot of better actors on there, but seinfeld wasent built in a day and this wont be either so give this show a chance!!!
  • Yuk, Now I know why Saturday night live was so bad for the last 8 years.

    I can't believe NBC wasted our time with this show. This is terrible. One Joke in the whole show, and that was the way they were dressed. Kmart has better clothes than what they were wearing. I know it was a SNL clone after only hearing one joke in the whole show. That’s about SNL's trade mark bores us for 19 min and then say something funny. Educated does not always equal funny.
  • Just needs some more re-works and a better script but the cast is good.

    This show has a lot of potential to being a great show despite a great cast led by the great Tina Fey as her character must cope with a new boss and a violatile new star, played by Tracy Morgan. Who like Fey is a SNL alumni. Want to see more of Rachel Dratch as she is a favorite of mine.
    Not a big Alec Baldwin fan, who plays the new boss.
  • Is it craft or just crap?

    Who's kidding who, I recommend watching something else. This seemed to be a case of great actors in a disappointing show which didn't work for me, at least compared to the laughs I get from the other stuff on TV. That being said, Tracy Morgan running down the street in his underwear yelling "I am a Jedi" was pretty freakin' hilarious, but that's about it. There are so many better shows! If you're looking for great laughs watch Shatner on Boston Legal or NPH on How I Met Your Mother, The Office, The Extras, Lucky Louie, or Harvey Birdman even. I was bored out of my mind with this one. I'll watch it for the next couple episodes to see if it picks up, but if it doesn't I won't be bothered with a show like this.
  • Please, more of Jane Krakowski and Alec Baldwin and less Tina Fey. The show comes to a complete stop when the two above are not on screen.

    Well, I watched because I thought Alec Baldwin was very funny in the promos. Alas, far too little Alec Balwin and Jane Krakowski and and far too much Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan. Tina Fey literally fades into the background in scenes that she's supposed to dominate ... her only laughs were reaction shots to Alec Baldwin. This show has promise but it needs far more of an edge -- the insanity of the Tracy Morgan character just isn't going to do it. The premise should be the clash of corporate culture and the SNL writer culture. And the SNL folk should learn how to make fun of themselves.
  • I was worried about this, but they hit a home run

    Who could imagine that two shows about Saturday Night Live could be so different and so great? I loved the first two episodes of \"Studio 60\" (although I wonder if the serious tone is really right for the subject matter) — but having seen the pilot for \"30 Rock\", I think it\'s even better. It\'s a real treat to have Alec Baldwin on television --- he is doing a wonderful comic variation on his character in \"Glengarry Glen Ross.\" Brilliant. I was never a fan of Tracy Morgan on SNL, but in the pilot he showed some great stuff. We already know how great Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski are ... but let me just mention Scott Adsit, who I saw in Second City acting with Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey. He is a secret weapon. There is so much talent and potential in this show, it\'s ready to explode.
  • Isn\'t Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, which is a GREAT new show by the way, the same concept??? Behind the scenes of a late night comedy show? Are the network execs so desperate for ratings that they would piggy-back on a concept on the same network?

    I haven\'t seen 30 Rock yet but I know that I go into it with a bit of scepticism, as well as a low expectation, based on my experience watching Studio 60. Studio 60 has an excellent cast, not to downplay the cast of 30 Rock, but I am deeply concerned that I see the network debuting a show that seems, in my opinion, to be the exact same concept as another show that is already being presented. I will admit that NBC has a small number of shows recently that I have ever truly appreciated (Deal or No Deal being one that comes to mind immediately) so I hope that they aren\'t just grasping at straws... I think that this could take away from the attraction, professionalism, creativity and \"freshness\" of Studio 60.
  • From the promo clip provided, I think this show is going to be very, very funny! I cannot wait!

    First off, I'm only giving this a 7.5 because I haven't actually seen it yet, since it hasn't started yet. This show really looks like it's going to be great though. From the clip that tv.com provided...it looks very funny. I was cracking up laughing. I always watch Saturday Night Live and love Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch. I also love that Tracy Morgan is going to be on this show. He is so funny and was one of my favorite cast members from SNL. I cannot wait until this show starts. I think it will become one of my favs. Fall season...where are you?
  • Anything that features Tina Fey is going to be worth a shot...

    And from the look of the promo, "30 Rock" may just deliever. Let's just hope it lives up to the hype.

    Given that Tina Fey, best known for her job as head writer on "Saturday Night Live" and as 1/2 of the "Weekend Update" segment for the last few seasons, is on board, how can you say no?

    The humor appears to be edgy and new, which could be surprisingly refreshing when compared to the somewhat stale product on SNL. This could be a fresh new jump for some of the SNL roster's underappreciated stars like Rachel Dratch.

    My only fear of sinking the ship is Tracy Morgan (who plays the character "Tracy Jordan"), who has already proved himself somewhat unworthy of headlining a television sitcom given his failed venture not long after he jumped the SNL ship.

    Let's just hope Tina Fey made the right choice in leaving Studio 8H for "30 Rock."
  • From the little thing on tv.com it looks very funny

    I just finished watching it on tv.com. I thought it was very funny. I hope it last on NBC. Tina Fey wrote this show and created it I belive. I just hope she is very lucky{like on her mean girls movie} I really enjoied watch the clip and I hope that the show is a big hit.
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