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  • Boy, this show was picked to continue rather than the excellent "Studio 60". It just proves how lowbrow viewers are today, and how idiotic studio executives are. Sigh.

    I was extremely sad to see "Studio 60" cancelled. It had great acting and direction, and extraordinarily excellent writing.

    Now I read that it was cancelled in favor of "30 Rock", so I went to iTunes and bought the first 3 episodes. What a load of dog droppings it is!

    I cannot believe that Americans have now become so intensely stupid as to prefer "30 Rock" over "Studio 60", and the executives' decision to push the limits (at the bottom edge) as well.

    In watching these episode, myself (54 yrs from Memphis), my wife (50 and English) and my son (15) had NOT ONE laugh during the whole three episodes. There were a around 10 "mild smiles" but nothing else. With such a wide range of tastes in our family, to disappoint all of us is a real accomplishment.

    No excitement, no fine writing to admire, lacklustre acting, stereotypes galore, and the Same Old Thing re-packaged once again.

    Well, if you want fine television, you can bet that 99% of what's on in the US is going to disappoint you.

    "30 Rock" sinks like a stone. (I understand Baldwin wants out as well - no surprise there!)