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  • my one "glitch" with 30 rock or any other show/movie written by witty people like tina fey is that the characters' characters (chew on that for a while) are sometimes compromised.

    there is a tendency for lines to sound like they're all coming from the same person (because they are) & the different actors are just voicing them. but that's just the thing: they're not supposed to be that way. it's like that time when tony soprano's kazakh cumare irina answered the phone & asked carm--in her exotic kazakh accent, where carm thinks she is in "the pecking order". & i was like, whattttt cumares never know about pecking ordersss.. kazakh cumares, no less........ in fact there's probably a law forbidding them from finding out what a pecking order is... at least there should be.... because it's just WRONG, all of it!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!11!1! make the voices stop!!!!!!!!1!11 end...scene

    30rock is funny, thanks to SNL's tina fey. the main character, liz lemon, is all too relateable...from when i was 19 & vegan & writing articles for a danish zine & almost thought i was a feminist until i was asked to define it. then there's her lack of luck (try saying it fast many times) in love. *sighs* :)

    it wouldn't be complete without the gang of stereotypes: twofer (2 for 1--black + ivy leaguer)...the aging blond actress...the bimbo...the greasy, intelligent slacker...the loud black guy... the married bald guy... the regular guy... the simpleton that's actually psycho...... & of course, alec baldwin.

    random scenes i remember from the show: liz lemon...on the floor eating while wearing her wedding dress, eating a sundae while walking at like 2mph on the treadmill, dating a guy who turns out to be a relative, dating jon hamm (d_mn), trying to do hip hop aero... it's good. watch it.