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  • like the Ghostbusters remake... i have been forcing myself to watch/finish this show...

    it gets a 4.5

    +points for production value

    +points for random celebrities

    +points for a few on going funny jokes to punch up the boredom

    +points for being generally mindless/stupid- easy to tune out to....


    ... Tina Fey... because she has been on SNL and produced her own work... fancies herself as a young for now Diane Keaton.... i'm not saying it's intention on her part but it almost has to be. She's like a younger(for now) Diane Keaton .... with ALL the personality and the likeability... BUT NONE OF THE HUMOR...

    HOW DID A COMEDY SITCOM MAKE IT 8 SEASONS WITH less than 1 seasons worth of

    .... Seinfeld was funny.... the laugh track was irritating and sneaky for the stupid masses(the humor was rarely accompanied by laugh track)....

    .... but this show.... i'm gunna finish... but why my ex LOVED this show i will never understand...

    its pretty and all... but it lacks almost any substance other than maintaining SOME fun characters...

    this show is kinda proof to me.... that Tina Fey must have been in some

    hot exec hollywood gangbang.... that HAS to explain her career... right?
  • [deleted by author]

    [deleted by author]
  • Useful commentary

    Useful commentary ! I was enlightened by the specifics . Does anyone know where I could possibly get access to a sample a form copy to fill in ?
  • Top Shows

    When the shows not running, it appears these characters are just as silly off camera and they just don't know it. From Jack to Tracy to Jenna while Liz is more grounded. Even she can't contain herself sometimes. It's surreal and pops in many celeb cameos but utilizes them well. There's bizarre, subtle, and meta humor. There may even be jabs at the low brow-ness of SNL (not a fan). Its unpredictable fun

    3 seasons and various ep (09-14)
  • Brilliant

    I can't stop laughing. This is probably the best show in history.
  • this show is good, great is an exaggeration

    The cast is great, what i simply can't stand it the dialogue they talk like they are in a tv. setting up every joke kind of seems weird for a sitcom with a plot. especially in the first 4 seasons i felt that tina fey was still taking an "SNL" approach to the writing which doesn't unless it's in a sketch show, which this is not. toward the end i felt that the characters finally started to develop instead of staying mono toned
  • Love. Love. Love

    If you look past the occasional awkwardly unfunny or over the top joke, you realize Tina Fey and her team of writers is just having fun with it, and this show becomes delightful. Jane Krakowski(Jenna) is endlessly hilarious. Jackie Jormp Jomp<3
  • Is this Emmy-winning comedy worthy of the praise it's getting or is it simply mediocrity?

    Many critics and audiences seem to enjoy NBC's highly acclaimed sitcom, 30 Rock. It seems to be enjoyed well enough in fact that for a few years in a row, it has earned the Emmy for Best Comedy on Television as well as numerous acting awards for the likes of Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. However, I have to be honest and say that I don't get it.

    When I mean I don't get it, I'm not implying that I don't understand the plots in the series, I'm implying that I don't get what all the hype is about. I have tried to get into the show for a number of seasons and after all this said and done, I feel like I'm trying harder than I should be. Maybe I'm missing something or maybe I'm not, but either way, my interest in this show has pretty much diminished.

    30 Rock follows the head writer (Tina Fey) of a live sketch comedy series on NBC called The Girlie Show, aka TGS, and the daily encounters and/or situations she experiences with her fellow co-workers. Among the co-workers are the two main stars of the show: one is her best friend (Jane Krakowski) and the other is a loose cannon (Tracy Morgan), the NBC executive who is also her boss (Alec Baldwin), a Southern NBC page (Jack McBrayer) and many others.

    There are a few things that I will give 30 Rock credit for. It is at least not as offensively bad or as seriously overrated as the last couple seasons of Saturday Night Live are. This show at least has a decent joke once in a while. For example, I liked how in one of the episodes, we find out that Jack McBrayer's character is so happy all the time because all he sees is puppets or whatever looks like the Muppets. That's a pretty good joke, but there are only very few jokes in this show overall that have that certain satisfactory quality to them.

    The main problem I have with 30 Rock is that it just isn't that funny. Save for a few rare jokes I like, the only reason I laugh at all at this show is because someone else is watching it with me and they have a funny laugh. In other words, I'm hardly ever laughing at this show and I think the blame for that has to go the show's writing. The main writer of the program, Tina Fey, who is also the main lead, was a former writer for Saturday Night Live and it sort of shows.

    Personally, when I think of great writing in television comedies, I think of shows like Seinfeld in which the dialogue and situations the show's characters go through sound like it could happen in real life. In other words, I am able to identify with their pitiful problems because they feel and talk like real people who have their own unique yet realistic perspectives on life that they share with each and every one of us. As a result, I am able to walk in their shoes and at least see where they're coming from. But most importantly, I am able to have a good affectionate laugh at what ensues on screen.

    To me, there is a huge difference between a show that has that quality of writing and shows like this that consist of sitcom-style dialogue which have no understanding of how normal people talk. It's as if the show's writers were under the heavily mistaken assumption that everybody knows everything about pop culture, all the types of programs on NBC, and New York City. They may have also made the heavy misconception that comedy comes from sitcom-style writing that consists of randomly put together sentences.

    Just because other sitcoms have a laugh track (which this show at least doesn't have) and a similar type of writing style, does not mean that it's always funny for people like me. I don't think I know anyone out there in their right mind who would talk similar to the way the characters were written to talk in this show. It just sounds like it would come off as too random, awkward, weird or just plain stupid. It could have been worse though in my mind, it could have been like The Big Bang Theory, though I'll talk about that show when I come around to it.

    This show's characters are nothing that special either. They are basically either typical stereotypes that you would normally see in other mediocre programs or characters that do very little to elevate the humor or the plot of a certain episode. Also, if you really think about it, 30 Rock doesn't tap into anything new or really original with its main premise. Movies and TV shows that explore the behind-the-scenes progress of a television program already exist and they're probably more insightful about how television really works than this one.

    Sure, there might be a good joke on a few rare occasions watching this show, but compared to the best television comedies out there, I have to again ask: why did this mediocre show deserve to win all the Emmys that it did? Maybe I'll never know, but I won't hold anything against people who believe this show to be worthy of all the praise it gets. All I'm saying in the end is that it's just not for me.
  • Tina Fey rocks

    I love Tina Fey. She is the best. Beautiful, adorable and witty.
  • The Trials and Tribulations of Liz Lemon will leave you Rolling on the Floor

    30 Rock is Easily the Funniest show currently on TV, and one of the funniest of all time. A must watch for anyone who likes to laugh, 30 Rock is a backstage show that follows Liz Lemon (Tina Fey), the head writer of TGS, a sketch comedy produced and filmed in 30 Rockefeller Center, and the constant pandamonioum that the show wrecks on her Proffessional and Personal life. First off she must deal with her lead cast, the clinacly insane former movie star Tracy Jordan (Tracey Morgan), and the neurotic and dim-witted Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski). Then their is her writing staff, notably the Slob Frank (Judah Friedland). Of course she can always find support from her friend and Producer Pete (Scott Adsit) and sometimes from her Boss Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin). She also may recieve a more often than not unwanted helping hand from Kenneth (Jack Parcil) the overeager NBC Page.

    With each episode funnier than the last and one of the most talented and funny cast ever to be on TV, 30 Rock is setting the standard for the future of television comedy and will easily make it hard for even the most cynical person not to crack a smile for even one moment.
  • Ended up really liking this show

    We ended up really liking this show even though we thought we would hate it because of Tina Fey. She used to irritate us on SNL because she could not resist stupid political stuff which bordered on progressive liberal propaganda. She proved to be a comic genius on this show however. I, personally, went into it expecting to be dissatisfied. I was proven wrong. This show was consistently funny throughout it's run and I would highly recommend it to anyone, even if they don't like Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, or Tracy Morgan. Give this series a serious try!
  • Tina Fey's Next Gig--Underwear-Wearing Superheroine

    I was sad to see 30 Rock end January 31, with Tina Fey's Liz Lemon character having left television to settle for traditional motherhood in the series finale. 30 Rock was an enjoyable look at the television industry in the same vein as The Larry Sanders Show and lasted much longer than Aaron Sorkin's similar drama project, Studio 60, which barely held on for one season.

    In her next gig, Tina Fey should become a self-made superheroine--she would look much smarter and sexier with underwear outside her tights than Fanboy ever will in that dreaded cartoon series "Fanboy and Chum Chum". Knowing Tina's writing style, she would be able to pull it off with great ease.
  • Credit

    I strat this with the comment - 30 Rock was not my favourite... but I end with - Formula 1 is not my favourite but I appreciate the skill, the professionalism, the enrgy and the entertainmant provided to millions thru the dedication and involved of those who care...

    ... welll, good job and well done 30 Rock for 7 years of a job very well done!
  • A graceful exit

    Comedy on US television has always been slow to catch up with the wit and intelligence of British television. Tina Fey has provided some memorable comedy moments over the past 7 years. I don't know why the show is ending, but it seems to be ending at the right time. I don't understand why people think it's lost it's edge, it's a whole lot funnier than that bland Modern Family. I love the quirky characters of 30 Rock and thankfully will have the DVD collection to watch them over again. Thanks Tina.

  • What the what?

    Look, I know The show has dropped off some over the last couple of seasons (in fact I sometimes think they phoned in a few of the later episodes), but there is no question that at its zenith this show was on fire. Tina Fey deserves to rank among the top ever in the business for her writing and acting and overall creative genius. Alec Baldwin is indeed a true 'Winner', as Charlie Sheen puts it, and is at his best. Tracy Morgan, whom I originally hated for the buffoon way his character portrayed a black man in Hollywood, I now accept as a superior comic talent. As for the rest of the cast, from Kenneth to Toofer to Pete, they're all perfect.
  • Tina!

    I'm sad to see it come to an end, 30 rock is one of those shows i look forward to along with parks and rec. I love Tina Feys humor, shes done a great job with the show and so has the rest of the cast.
  • Just awful!

    I can not believe this show is still on TV and they took Arrested Development off the air. What...did Tina Fey sell her soul to Satan? The show is not funny! Also...I despise Tracy Morgan. He was the worst cast member in the history of SNL. Yes, worst than the Pat chick, and the gay guy, and Anthony Michael Hall and even Lorraine Newman. He sucks! This show is just awful!
  • Nice surprise at Rockefeller Plaza ...

    When I first watched the pilot episode I was like: "Hm? This was not that funny." But I gave it a second chance and I was hooked! The series classic episodes were at the end of the first season but second & third season stayed really strong and send this great show to the next new level. Tina Fey should be really proud that she created such a smart show and her character Liz is so sweet that I totally love her "Blerk". :D Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy is absolutely fabulous and funny. Then there is Jenna (Jane Krakowski) who is totally believable. Tracy, Kenneth, Frank, Cerie, Colleen and those other characters are also pleasure to watch. When I thought that sitcoms are dead to me, 30 Rock and The Big Bang Theory came and I changed my mind. I also love the music in 30 Rock, it is really the tv show that makes you throw out your problems and just watch it with comfortable smile on the face.
  • Most overrated show on TV.

    I gave this show a try because I was able to stream it on Netflix. However I regret wasting my time watching this garbage. Tina Fey should be more like Liz Lemon and stay behind the scenes because she is a terrible lead. She's not funny and she has no charisma. Alec Baldwin is the only character that I found somewhat humorous. Tracy Morgan can be funny at times but usually is obnoxious. I suggest watching Parks & Recreation instead. It's a much stronger show with a better ensemble cast. Hell even The Office which has gone completely downhill is better than this show.
  • Lively and genuinely funny show!


    30 Rock...now this is more like it! Lively, genuinely funny bits that really make you wonder (and laugh) about what goes on behind the scenes of the network of your choice. They couldn't have done better than castingAlec Baldwin and Tina Fey as the headline gigglemeisters for this series, and it's good to see Lorne Michaels in the saddle as executive producer, he hasn't lost his stuff! 30 Rock is quite refreshing for me, after at times feeling as though I'm drowning in a sea of prime time mediocrity. If you letyour youngerkids watch along with you, good luck trying to explain what mommie and daddy find so funny about some of the bits...

  • Great show but appendix characters are being overused

    I love 30 Rock! It's the only show I've found to adequately replace the void left by Arrested Development. And I never would have predicted how much Alec Baldwin has made me laugh, what a great comedy actor! But I've noticed some recent criticisms and I have to say that while I don't agree with most, there are 'appendix' (unnecessary) characters that are in danger of ruining this show.

    Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Jane Krakowski & Jack McBrayer - these guys are the only regular cast members I am enjoying watching anymore. I don't know what's happened to Tracy Jordan. Nobody made me laugh *more* than this guy in the first season. Now I am tempted to reach for the remote to speed past any of his scenes. What makes this show funny (and shows like Arrested Development, The Office) is anticipating the reactions from characters we know have hangups or vulnerabilities. I think this is why Tracy doesn't work - he has none.

    And I feel equally irritated by most of the backup cast (Pete, Toofer, Lutz etc) who seem to be getting more attention recently than is befitting a *backup* cast. I remember wondering in the earlier seasons why these guys even made it to the front credits as they were in it so little, but this didn't bother me. It does bother me now however that they are getting more air time because I have no interest in hearing more than a line or two from them in each episode. The blonde 'bimbo' Cerie for example is still fun because she is given a line or two per episode that is usually funny and relevant. The others should have no place in more than 1 minute of each 20-min episode but we're seeing more and more and I'm wondering why. Are the actors demanding it and the writers complying? Sorry - too many cooks spoil the broth and I only want the few cooks that make the best food - the others are just waiters - necessary but only in small doses. Recurring characters like Elaine Stritch, Will Arnett and my new fave Ken Howard (as Hank) follow this same principle and it works. Don't make us resent these guys who never got in our face before!
    My other favourite comedy show The Office seems to be taking the opposite approach. It's a very dicey time right now with frontman Steve Carell just gone and I waited to see them head down the same route as 30 Rock and start dragging forward the backups but I was pleased to see they seem to be filling the void instead with recurring/guest cast stars. (Things aren't perfect in Scranton but on this one issue they've done better than 30 Rock).
    Anyway, love 30 Rock, and can't wait to see more of Jack and his beloved Lemon, Jenna & Kenneth and their backup cast next season! :-)

    This show is soooooo funny!!!!!!! When i first heard Tina was leaving SNL i was so sad then i heard the reason so she could do her own sitcom based on her experiences on SNL i was just over the moon seeing her writing skills from Mean Girls. The cast is perfect Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin give hilarious performances. The shows guest stars are pretty god damn good. Will Arnett is such a funny guest spots! i want him as a regular also i wud love Amy Poehler to guest star! The show is just all round funny and farrrrrrrrrrr better than studio 60 ever was!
  • A wonderfully funny insiders look into TV production

    Brilliant - simply brilliant. The story revolves around a 30 something tv executive and the hilarious goings-on at the NBC Universal studios in New York. Liz Lemon's life is comic genius and Alec Baldwin adds an air to the show that is dynamic and energetic.

    When Tracy Jordan joins TGS mandess ensues as this crazy actor brings a little bit of hollywood to nbc.

    The support cast are sometimes forgotten and Jenna Moroneys character seems under-utilized but on the whole you are left satisfied and even comically educated by the performances of the two main leads.

    Add this one to the list folks.
  • my one "glitch" with 30 rock or any other show/movie written by witty people like tina fey is that the characters' characters (chew on that for a while) are sometimes compromised.

    there is a tendency for lines to sound like they're all coming from the same person (because they are) & the different actors are just voicing them. but that's just the thing: they're not supposed to be that way. it's like that time when tony soprano's kazakh cumare irina answered the phone & asked carm--in her exotic kazakh accent, where carm thinks she is in "the pecking order". & i was like, whattttt cumares never know about pecking ordersss.. kazakh cumares, no less........ in fact there's probably a law forbidding them from finding out what a pecking order is... at least there should be.... because it's just WRONG, all of it!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!11!1! make the voices stop!!!!!!!!1!11 end...scene

    30rock is funny, thanks to SNL's tina fey. the main character, liz lemon, is all too relateable...from when i was 19 & vegan & writing articles for a danish zine & almost thought i was a feminist until i was asked to define it. then there's her lack of luck (try saying it fast many times) in love. *sighs* :)

    it wouldn't be complete without the gang of stereotypes: twofer (2 for 1--black + ivy leaguer)...the aging blond actress...the bimbo...the greasy, intelligent slacker...the loud black guy... the married bald guy... the regular guy... the simpleton that's actually psycho...... & of course, alec baldwin.

    random scenes i remember from the show: liz lemon...on the floor eating while wearing her wedding dress, eating a sundae while walking at like 2mph on the treadmill, dating a guy who turns out to be a relative, dating jon hamm (d_mn), trying to do hip hop aero... it's good. watch it.
  • Good idea - bad show. It just never gets very funy. Tracy Morgan really drags it down - he's no Eddie Murphy.

    One would think that a recent veteran of a 30 year old TV show could come up with a much better and way funnier behind-the-scenes take on an American TV institution called Saturday Night Live.

    Tina Fey is a bright perky woman but unfortunately, this show never rises above one of its most annoying characters - Tracy Morgan. There is way too much attention paid him when there is such a great mix of other characters who barely get any screen time.

    Even Baldwin - who I generally don't like - is well cast and funny as the network suit but unless they do a major overhaul before the second season, this one is not going to last.
  • Cancel this show!.

    I dislike and despise this show at the same time. She has very plain personality even her funniest comments are not funny. She out of proportion to in size Alec Baldwin. Tina Fey has very dry humor and she was not funny in this show at all. Tina Fey was very funny in Saturday Night live but I think she should stick to live comedy shows.
  • I really don't see how this is still on the air.

    I have to say, I watched 2 episodes of this show (not the first two, just a few random ones) and I find it completely idiotic and not funny at all. For one thing, 2 shows come out by the same network with the same premise (behind the scenes at a SNL-type show), 30 Rock and Studio 60. 30 Rock trys too hard to be funny and ends up completely failing, while Studio 60 is actually quite hilarious. I can't even fathom why this show is still on the air and Studio 60 was canceled. The acting is pretty bad in this, and the humor is in no way even remotely funny.
  • Shame!

    I can not agree with a lot of the reviews for this show. I watched half of the first season and just gave up at the end! This show is stupid comedy not really funny! Tracy Jordan acts like he wants to be Eddie Murphy but falls way short with more amusement at his stupidty than his real jokes. Baldwin plays the suit really well better than I expected but Tina Fey, with her experience in SNL could and should have done a lot better. Sorry people but I could not beleive this got nominated for an Emmy, NBC has to come up with something better than this! It is as bad as the Girlie Show itself!
  • Boy, this show was picked to continue rather than the excellent "Studio 60". It just proves how lowbrow viewers are today, and how idiotic studio executives are. Sigh.

    I was extremely sad to see "Studio 60" cancelled. It had great acting and direction, and extraordinarily excellent writing.

    Now I read that it was cancelled in favor of "30 Rock", so I went to iTunes and bought the first 3 episodes. What a load of dog droppings it is!

    I cannot believe that Americans have now become so intensely stupid as to prefer "30 Rock" over "Studio 60", and the executives' decision to push the limits (at the bottom edge) as well.

    In watching these episode, myself (54 yrs from Memphis), my wife (50 and English) and my son (15) had NOT ONE laugh during the whole three episodes. There were a around 10 "mild smiles" but nothing else. With such a wide range of tastes in our family, to disappoint all of us is a real accomplishment.

    No excitement, no fine writing to admire, lacklustre acting, stereotypes galore, and the Same Old Thing re-packaged once again.

    Well, if you want fine television, you can bet that 99% of what's on in the US is going to disappoint you.

    "30 Rock" sinks like a stone. (I understand Baldwin wants out as well - no surprise there!)