30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 4

Rosemary's Baby

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

The $10,000 recipient of this year's G.E Fellowship award goes to Liz Lemon. It turns out that Liz does not have any actual savings account.

Liz waits in line to get Rosemary Howard's autograph. Rosemary is a comedy writer who is Liz's idol. After Liz receives her autograph, Rose invites her to go to lunch with her.

Jack tells Tracy to never get involved in dog fighting and from that Tracy decides that he wants to get involved in it.

During lunch, Liz asks Rosemary if she would like to be a guest writer for the show. Meanwhile, Jenna gets a hold of Donny, the main page, to tell him that she damaged Kenneth's jacket. This allows Donny to transfer Kenneth to CNBC.

Rosemary meets with the writers and tells them they need more subversive humor in the scripts but Liz tells her that it is difficult to do nowadays. Tracy receives two puppies for his new dog fighting obsession and Jack sends Tracy to therapy to determine why he always ends up doing things that he is told not to do.

Rosemary is laughing and having a good time with Jack in his office as they speak about the type of sketches she has in mind. When Rosemary leaves however, Jack tells Liz Rosemary needs to be fired. Liz sticks up for Rosemary and declares that she got into the business to be revolutionary, not to end up being like Jack.

Jack now decides that both Rosemary and Liz should be fired. In a form of reverse psychology, Jack assures Tracy that he does not need therapy to deal with his father issues. This in turn makes Tracy actually want to receive therapy. Donny tells Kenneth that he can stay at his job at 30 Rock if he is victorious in a "page off" contest.

Rosemary brings Liz to her neighborhood, Little Chechnya. Liz is shocked to learn that Rosemary lives a measly existence with barely any money saved up. Tracy meets with an NBC therapist and he has Tracy pretend to talk to Jack as if he is his father.

As the page competition is about to start, Peter arrives and makes everyone get back to work. Liz ends up getting her job back and Jack gives her some advice. He tells her to never leave with a hippy to a second location.