30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 4

Rosemary's Baby

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2007 on NBC

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  • Great made-up words employed this episode: Followship and Adverlingus.

    This year's 30 Rock has so far followed a consistent pattern, with mildly disappointing episodes followed by all-time classics. This week's episode delivered an endless onslaught of eminently quotable lines and hilarious gags in service of surprisingly resonant storylines.

    In "Rosemary's Baby," Liz Lemon more or less adopts one of her comic heroes, a pioneering female comedy writer played with fearless self-deprecation by Carrie Fisher, who brings all sorts of fascinating iconic baggage to the role as both a formidable comedy writer in her own right and an old denizen of 30 Rock back in its mid-'70s SNL heyday. Heck, Fisher was even engaged to Dan Aykroyd at one point and appeared as a similarly desperate character in The Blues Brothers. All integrity and zero common sense, Fisher's tragicomic character essentially functioned as the Ghost of Christmas Future for good old Liz Lemon, a harrowing warning of what her own future might bring if she follows her own path and doesn't abide by the corporate rules.

    In the second brilliant plot thread, Tracy Jordan tries to rebel against his corporate overlords by organizing a dog-fighting ring, the one thing semi-malevolent, semi-benign father figure Jack Donaghy has warned him not to do. In one of the funniest scenes in the history of the show, Jordan goes to therapy with Donaghy and in a bravura comic turn ,Donaghy role-plays everyone in Jordan's past as a different black icon. His father magically becomes Redd Foxx on Sanford and Son before Donaghy delivers both a surprisingly dead-on Tracy Jordan impersonation and a shockingly convincing, hilariously out-of-place J.J. Walker on Good Times impersonation. It's a brilliant reversal of the usual dynamic: Here, Donaghy is the goofy cut-up doing all sorts of weird, crazy shtick and Tracy Jordan proves a stellar straight man.

    It called to mind all the impressive impersonations Baldwin does on Saturday Night Live and highlighted what an amazing comic performer Baldwin can be. Baldwin should win an Emmy for that scene alone. I know I've complained about Donaghy going too broad and wacky before, but this time his crazy shtick served a definite purpose: he was keeping one of his stars sane and in the fold. So in this case, acting a fool was both gut-bustingly funny and very savvy from a business perspective.

    The show's third plot about Kenneth the Page in a page-off with the sinister head page was a lot weaker, but it didn't take up too much time and the show's other plots more than made up for its relative weakness. As a comedy nerd, political buff, and hip-hop head, I love that there is a show on national television that makes jokes about Laugh-In, H.R. Haldeman, and Mos Def's verboseness. That Geek cover story didn't read "Tina Fey is smarter than you" for nothing. One of the things I love about 30 Rock is its understated reverence for comedy's past, which thankfully never lapses into Studio 60-style pretension. Fisher's character was a definite icon seemingly based on some of Saturday Night Live's original female writers, but she was also blissfully mad as a hatter and crazy as a loon. Also there can never be enough Spiro Agnew-based humor, says I. It's funny cause it's true.

    I was a little worried that 30 Rock was overdosing on the Family Guy-style non sequiturs and digressions, but this was network television at its finest, a definite high water mark for the show. Let's hope 30 Rock can maintain this level of inspiration next week.
  • Alec Baldwin steals this episode with his role-playing as Tracy's father.

    Alec Baldwin steals this episode with his role-playing as Tracy's father. He pushes the boundaries of taste in his impersonations of racial stereotypes. It only works, in my opinion, because he is playing out the scene with a black actor and that makes it "okay."

    Carrie Fisher is excellent as Liz' idol who turns out to have feet of clay. I think Jack's exact line about her encounter is "Never go with a hippie to a second location." It's a great line which also happens to be true, in my experience. The show's writers continue to give Baldwin's character some of the greatest lines in sitcom history.
  • Liz meets her idol, but she turns out to be something else than Liz thought she was.

    I though it was a good storyline – many people have experienced idolizing a person just to later learn that they weren't as they imagined. Liz is the ultimate rambling fan when she first meets Rosemary, and ends up inviting her to be a guest writer on the show. However, Rosemary turns out to be a bit too radical for NBC, and Jack orders Liz to fire her. Liz stands up to him and refuses. He fires her too but it doesn't seem to bother her. Not until she sees what Rosemary's life is really like. It was a nice wake-up call for Liz, and I liked the scene where she realizes that she doesn't want to be Rosemary after all. The final scene between Liz and Jack was very good and filled with punch lines. A part from that, Jack acting out Tracy's family was a really fun moment, which made me laugh. I didn't think the plot of Jenna running Kenneth's page jacket was that bad either, but it was a bit random when all of the pages were in the basement chanting and acting crazy.
  • Carrie Fisher (better known as Princess Leia) guest stars, Liz Lemon wins the "GE Followship Award," and Tracey starts dogfighting

    This is definitely one of the top episodes from this season. First of all, Carrie Fisher is easily my favorite guest star; David Schwimmer was sort of a joke and I'm not totally sold on the Edie Falco/C.C. storyline.

    The best part of this episode was definitely the therapy scene between Tracey and Jack, and then the therapist's commentary on the side ("I think we're just doing Good Times now"). As probably "politically incorrect" as it was -- totally hilarious. Racial stereotypes were obviously being made fun of, not encouraged as being right.

    My second favorite part was probably the Liz Lemon GE Followship storyline that starts off the episode. When Jack asks if she'll put her $10,000 award into a 401k or something, she's like, "I've got like twelve grand in checking." Jack's response? "Are you an immigrant or something?" Then it brings in Rosemary, who's trying to convince Liz to "break boundaries," so much so that she quits her job. But when Liz realizes Rosemary's wrecked life and realizes she doesn't want to be a future Rosemary, she books it out of there, goes back to her job, and needs to do "that thing that rich people do; make money into more money."

    Of course, there's the "you're my only hope" line that comes out of all of this.

    The only real "what was that for?!" storyline in the episode was obviously Kenneth losing his page jacket because of Jenna. Really unnecessary and not that funny, in the end. It was probably just to spotlight Paul Scheer, who had a guest role as the head of the NBC pages. I wasn't that impressed and didn't see it fitting into the storyline well at all.

    Other than that, hilarious episode.
  • Liz's idol returns!

    Liz lontime idol Rosmary Howard returns played by Carrie fisher, whose last time she was on televison she was on "On the Lot" I hope the show returns next season. I enjoy it very much. Her behavior has cased her plenty of stress. When Rosemary got fired, Liz got fired as well. At least she got rehired in the end. Tracy wanted to staart a dogfight ring (That sort of thiong has happened to Michael vick, look what happened to him) Tracy ended up visiting a therapist. Well Written. It's the best episode of the series. And I'm still mad at Maxim for naming her the ten ugylist women on televison.
  • Why don't more people watch this series! Start watching!

    I can't believe more people aren't watching this show! I just started and usually I don't laugh out loud watching TV episodes when I'm by myself, but these are hilarious!

    The psychiatrist scene was great and then um ... well let's just say I didn't even recognize that was Carrie Fisher and a particular line was really hilarious because of it.

    I can't believe there are only two reviews on this so far. This is a great show. It's like a less-crazy Arrested Development. I mean, no one loses a hand or gets painted blue. But Will Arnett is in a few episodes and does extremely well.

  • Now we know Conan has an audience

    30 Rock,
    Hello sorry for writing this in a such a late in vance i just didnt have the time out of my busy time.Ok in this episode Liz goes to a bookstore to get a book signed from one of her favorite writers.After getting into a akward conversation Liz invites Rosmary to be a special guest writer for that weeks show.After getting some out of the box type of idead and being refused to be put on the show Rose goes up to talk to Jack. After having a interesting talk Jack tells Liz to fire Rose.Liz refueses which in turn makes Jack fire the both of them.Rosemary invites Liz over to her place were Liz sees what her furture might turn out like.Tracy gets a therapist from Jack so Tracy get get out his problems once Jack gets made at Tracy for doing everything he said not to do.Brilliant work from Jack in that part. Jenna destorys Kenneth's jacket.Jenna askes for a new one which turns into a NBC pager fight
  • how could do you not like this show ?

    i tuly think 30 rock is one of the best comedy out there and so so so underated and this episode definatly proves it all the storylines were so funny first of all liz encounters with the has been writer which seems normal but gradualy turns out to be one crazy lady then we have jack and tracy the highlight of this epi was certainly alec baldwin impersonation of tracy's father mothers step father and the maid ms rodiguez funny stuff and of kenneth with the nbc trivia thingy that was great this episode was really well written and a example of why i love this show