30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 4

Rosemary's Baby

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2007 on NBC

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  • Carrie Fisher (better known as Princess Leia) guest stars, Liz Lemon wins the "GE Followship Award," and Tracey starts dogfighting

    This is definitely one of the top episodes from this season. First of all, Carrie Fisher is easily my favorite guest star; David Schwimmer was sort of a joke and I'm not totally sold on the Edie Falco/C.C. storyline.

    The best part of this episode was definitely the therapy scene between Tracey and Jack, and then the therapist's commentary on the side ("I think we're just doing Good Times now"). As probably "politically incorrect" as it was -- totally hilarious. Racial stereotypes were obviously being made fun of, not encouraged as being right.

    My second favorite part was probably the Liz Lemon GE Followship storyline that starts off the episode. When Jack asks if she'll put her $10,000 award into a 401k or something, she's like, "I've got like twelve grand in checking." Jack's response? "Are you an immigrant or something?" Then it brings in Rosemary, who's trying to convince Liz to "break boundaries," so much so that she quits her job. But when Liz realizes Rosemary's wrecked life and realizes she doesn't want to be a future Rosemary, she books it out of there, goes back to her job, and needs to do "that thing that rich people do; make money into more money."

    Of course, there's the "you're my only hope" line that comes out of all of this.

    The only real "what was that for?!" storyline in the episode was obviously Kenneth losing his page jacket because of Jenna. Really unnecessary and not that funny, in the end. It was probably just to spotlight Paul Scheer, who had a guest role as the head of the NBC pages. I wasn't that impressed and didn't see it fitting into the storyline well at all.

    Other than that, hilarious episode.