30 Rock

Season 4 Episode 1

Season 4

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jack has lunch with Liz, Tracy and Jenna to discuss the financial state of the company. He says that TGS needs to start relating to ordinary people. Jenna decides to "go country." Tracy attempts to connect and relate to ordinary people by getting to know the janitor. Things don't go well and Tracy blames Grizz and Dot Com for sheltering him too much. He decides to go outside the building to try and find other ordinary people to connect with. Jack also informs Liz that she needs to start looking for a new actor for the show.

Kenneth declares a page strike when Jack asks him to lie on his time card. The pages are no longer allowed to work more than 16 hours per day and Kenneth says he can't lie on his time card. After accidentally receiving Jack's paycheck and seeing how much money he had in his bonus, Kenneth escalates the strike.

Liz begins the search for a new actor with Pete but doesn't tell anyone else, which results in the two of them sneaking around, especially since they fear that Jenna and Tracy will freak out if they know about the search. Jenna shows off her new country look and Jack tells her that her new gig is to record the theme for NBC sports broadcast for off-season tennis. The writers start to think that Pete and Liz are having an affair and to cover up for their actor search, Pete and Liz tell everyone they are "intercoursing." At the same time, Pete's wife Paula walks in and hears this confession. She tells them that she's ok with Pete getting things on the side from Liz but they crack and Liz tells everyone that they're actually hiring a new actor. Upon hearing this news, Josh quits. While filming Jenna's new tennis promo, Jenna has a meltdown and tells Liz she's not doing her job. Liz breaks down again and tells Jenna about the actor search and Jenna does not react well.

Jack brings back Len, the private investigator, to help end the page strike. After Len's efforts don't work, Jack pays a visit to Kenneth at his apartment. Jack tells him that if the pages don't go back to work on Monday, he'll shut down the entire page program. Monday comes around and Jack finds more picketers than before. Kenneth tells Jack that since he's ok with lying, there was no way of knowing if he was lying about the page program as well. Jack gives in and gives Kenneth the one thing that he wants, a signed paper acknowledging that he's a liar and the strike is called off.

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