30 Rock

Season 4 Episode 1

Season 4

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on NBC

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  • 30 Rock's return is familiarly funny, but overall the show disappoints.

    While this episode was good for a few chuckles mainly courtesy of the big three of Tracy, Jack and Liz, this was by no means worthy of season premiere status. The jokes all seemed like the kind of thing we had heard a dozen times, or at this point, four years into 30 Rock's lifespan, would expect from the characters.

    For every line about Tracy being afraid of a certain elevator, there was something irrelevant and unentertaining that Kenneth would say.

    Season four premiere disappointed as a whole, but it is still one of TV's elite shows. That has not changed.
  • Jenna goes country, and Tracy goes...normal?! No, not really. But the pages go on strike, and Liz and Pete do some sneaking around.

    This episode fell a little short for me. Maybe it's all of the hype that the show's been getting, but it just didn't feel up to "30 Rock" caliber for me. Don't get me wrong - there were some very funny parts in there: Kenneth's "hill people" quotation, Tracy's misguided quest to re-connect with his roots (I especially liked the flash back to his stand-up routine), and Jenna's all-American song for the very Eastern European sounding tennis players, but I just think there was so much more they could have done. What about Milton Greene? Did he ever get a kidney? I know his story line wasn't the backbone of the show, but there is definitely material there. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season, and finding out who the new TGS cast member is.
  • Jack wants a new cast member for TGS, the pages go on strike, Jenna goes western and Tracey tries to get back to his roots.

    I am a big fan of 30 Rock and I was dying to see how season 4 would kick things off. And I am happy to say that I was not disappointed with laughs a plenty and god contributions from most of the main cast.

    This week TGS needs to be changed in light of the financial crisis and Jack thinks a new cast member is the way to go. He feels that Jenna and Tracey have lost touch with middle america and no one seems to even remember Josh at all. This leads to Liz and Pete going off to comedy clubs to find possible new cast members. They try and keep it a secret knowing that the actors will freak out at the suggestion of a new cast member. But this has its own problem with the writers thinking that Pete and Liz are having an affair.

    Meanwhile, Kenneth is upset with Jack as he can no longer work over 16 hours a day but he does everyday. Ken isn't worried about the money he is just worried about lying on a pay sheet saying he worked less than 16 hours. Jack tells him that NBC don't have the money to pay the pages overtime and Kenneth accepts this. That is until he accidently gets Jack's bonus check and realizes that there is heaps of money that could be spent on the pages' overtime rates. Ken plans a strike that starts small but becomes a huge issue for Jack.

    Meanwhile to save TGS Jenna decides to record a western album to relate to middle america, while Tracey goes to the streets to return to his roots. Tracey has become so rich and for so long that he can't seem to relate to common people.

    This was hilarious with some truely laugh out loud moments. And the return of Steve Buscemi's private eye is always a pleasure. This is a great start to the season, this is another staple of my TV diet and I can't wait for my next serve of 30 Rock!
  • Season 4 Premiere..

    Though 30 Rock won an undeserving Emmy for season 3, the season 4 premiere was definitely a good offering. Based largely on the current economic crisis and NBC's woes of decreasing viewership numbers, this episode made good leverage of the situation. I loved Kenneth's reaction to Jack's bonus check (seems like AIG bonuses provided some inspiration). Tracy was again hilarious trying to bond with the common New Yorker. The show also made use of some proven textbook comedy methods like the comedy of errors and self deprecation. Tina Fey certainly seems to have her mojo going. The season premiere was good, and I hope they produce some good episodes on a consistent basis.
  • Welcome to season 4 the best restaurant in town.

    30 Rock,
    Season 4, - Season 4 kicks off with Jack, Liz, Tracy and Jenna located in Season 4 in Season 4. One of the best resaurants in town. Jacks goes on to say that NBC is facing hard times. (No Joke) And he wants changes to come to TGS. Saying that everybody has lost their touch with the common folk of america. Jack demands the changes. After tracy and Jenna leave, Jack tells Liz that he wants her to add a new castmember to the show since Tracy and Jenna dont appeal well to most americans and other one (Josh) is very forgetable. Li tells Pete but he fears of the actors emtions and demands but falls in to it and they both decide to sneak around with each other at comedy clubs looking for a new castmember for TGS. Tracy is angry with Grizz and Dotcom for allowing him loose touch with the common folk. Tracy than runs around New York trying to interact with them but fails too (good comedy here in work) Jack allows Jenna to make a promo for the only sport left on NBC sports tennis. Kenneth then talks to Jack about the cut wages the page system is facing at the studio, since Kenneth cant work the usual 16+ hours he works. Ken is told of this because the company doesnt have any extra money. However he finds out that Jack got a huge bonus with alot of zeros. Causing him to make a strike will all the pages. Only because of the differences between Jack and Kenneth. The crew becomes suspicious of what Pete and Liz are doing together. Finally trying to hide what they are doing say that they are having intercourse together. Only to have Pete's wife come and make one of the best moments of allowing a threesome to be managed. They finally break the news and say they are actually looking for a new castmember because Jack wants to them. But not to tell the cast. Josh is there and decides to quit after he can flip the table. Everybody tries to help him flip the table. The strike is going on with now mall santas and street santas and tracy who thinks the drummers are his people. Liz gets angry with Jenna and spills what they are doing and Jenna goes on strike too. Liz and Pete worry how the first week back will do about the show. Will the strike is ended because Jack finally says he is a liar. And that is the show. I was very excited for this episode and was not let down. The show has some good comedic moments. A little let down in the start but the show picked up and carried forth a great season 4.