30 Rock

Season 4 Episode 1

Season 4

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on NBC

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  • Welcome to season 4 the best restaurant in town.

    30 Rock,
    Season 4, - Season 4 kicks off with Jack, Liz, Tracy and Jenna located in Season 4 in Season 4. One of the best resaurants in town. Jacks goes on to say that NBC is facing hard times. (No Joke) And he wants changes to come to TGS. Saying that everybody has lost their touch with the common folk of america. Jack demands the changes. After tracy and Jenna leave, Jack tells Liz that he wants her to add a new castmember to the show since Tracy and Jenna dont appeal well to most americans and other one (Josh) is very forgetable. Li tells Pete but he fears of the actors emtions and demands but falls in to it and they both decide to sneak around with each other at comedy clubs looking for a new castmember for TGS. Tracy is angry with Grizz and Dotcom for allowing him loose touch with the common folk. Tracy than runs around New York trying to interact with them but fails too (good comedy here in work) Jack allows Jenna to make a promo for the only sport left on NBC sports tennis. Kenneth then talks to Jack about the cut wages the page system is facing at the studio, since Kenneth cant work the usual 16+ hours he works. Ken is told of this because the company doesnt have any extra money. However he finds out that Jack got a huge bonus with alot of zeros. Causing him to make a strike will all the pages. Only because of the differences between Jack and Kenneth. The crew becomes suspicious of what Pete and Liz are doing together. Finally trying to hide what they are doing say that they are having intercourse together. Only to have Pete's wife come and make one of the best moments of allowing a threesome to be managed. They finally break the news and say they are actually looking for a new castmember because Jack wants to them. But not to tell the cast. Josh is there and decides to quit after he can flip the table. Everybody tries to help him flip the table. The strike is going on with now mall santas and street santas and tracy who thinks the drummers are his people. Liz gets angry with Jenna and spills what they are doing and Jenna goes on strike too. Liz and Pete worry how the first week back will do about the show. Will the strike is ended because Jack finally says he is a liar. And that is the show. I was very excited for this episode and was not let down. The show has some good comedic moments. A little let down in the start but the show picked up and carried forth a great season 4.
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