30 Rock - Season 4

NBC (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • I Do Do (2)
    Episode 22
    Liz encounters the man of her dreams while dealing with the weddings of Cerie, Floyd, and Grizz. Jack is forced to choose between Avery and Nancy. Another woman comes between Jenna and her boyfriend. Kenneth fears receiving a promotion that would move him to Los Angeles.
  • 5/13/10
    Jack's love triangle with Avery and Nancy grows increasingly complicated. Liz gives old boyfriends a second chance in seeking a date to Floyd's wedding. Tracy continues his quest to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.
  • The Moms
    Episode 20
    Mother's Day sees TGS cast and crew deal with visits from their mothers.
  • Argus
    Episode 19
    Jack learns that he's been left a gift by Don Geiss. Grizz's announcement of his engagement leaves Liz dealing with both Tracy and Dotcom squabbling over who will be best man. Liz and Pete are suspect about Jenna's new boyfriend.
  • Khonani
    Episode 18
    Jack uses deciding which janitor gets the shift they want to avoid choosing between Avery and Nancy. Liz tries to be more fun when she learns she's been excluded from the staff's "Thursday Night Thunder" parties. Tracy gets Kenneth to help him be a better husband to Angie.
  • 4/22/10
    Jack's torn between Avery and Nancy. Liz is reduced to attending YMCA singles events. Toofer is appalled when Tracy tells him his writing job at TGS is affirmative action.
  • Floyd
    Episode 16
    Liz has to deal with Floyd's return and learning he and his fiancée are in the running to get married on The Today Show. After the writers prank Danny, Jack helps him get his revenge. Jenna and Tracy are left scarred after hearing Kenneth's various tales for hours on end.
  • 3/18/10
    Jack needs to reestablish himself within the new corporate structure. Liz and Wesley continually run into each other, making them consider fate's role in their lives. Tracy's nanny writes an exposé.
  • Future Husband
    Episode 14
    Liz searches for a man she can't remember, but met in her dentist's recovery room and has labeled on her phone as "Future Husband". Jack fears for his future when he learns Philadelphia's Kabletown may be looking to purchase NBC from Sheinhardt Universal. Jenna helps Tracy try to get a Tony award.moreless
  • 2/11/10
    Liz hopes a Valentine's Day root canal will make her feel better about being alone. Jack goes after an attractive CNBC host. Jenna is crushed when a stalker stops stalking her.
  • Verna
    Episode 12
    Jenna looks to Jack for help when her mother drops by for an unannounced visit. Frank moves in with Liz as a boarder, and they decide to aid one another stop smoking and eating junk food.
  • Winter Madness
    Episode 11
    Hoping to boost staffers' spirits, Liz takes TGS on the road, but Jack takes over for his own reasons, and the staff find reasons to blame Liz for all that's wrong in their lives.
  • Black Light Attack!
    Episode 10
    Jack tries to squash the burgeoning relationship between Liz and Danny. Tracy asks Sue to be in his entourage. Jenna is thrilled to land an audition for Gossip Girl, unaware it's to be a mother, not a teen.
  • Klaus and Greta
    Episode 9
    Jack regrets drunk-dialing Nancy on New Year's Eve. Jenna pretends to date James Franco to help cover his bizarre fetish. Liz lets a cousin stay with her after outing him to the family over the holidays. Tracy becomes more respectful of women.
  • Secret Santa
    Episode 8
    Kenneth's interest in doing a Secret Santa is not met with enthusiasm by the TGS staff. Jack's diving into social networking leads to him finding an old crush from high school. Liz tries to find a gift for Jack. Pete takes vengeance on Jenna by turning her annual Christmas solo into a duet.moreless
  • 12/3/09
    The start of Dealbreakers gives Liz a crash course in what it's like to be a performer, while Jack feels the heat from Devin Banks to make it a hit. Tracy decides his new life goal will be to earn all four major entertainment awards: Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.
  • Sun Tea
    Episode 6
    Liz discovers Frank's office jars aren't just used to make sun tea and deals with her apartment building going condo. Jack and Tracy consider the impact fatherhood has on one's life. Kenneth is tasked with creating a five percent reduction in TGS' energy usage.
  • 11/12/09
    Jenna and Tracy question their demanding ways when the new TGS cast member is anything but, and Kenneth feels without a purpose as a result. Liz is offered a Dealbreaker talk show by Jack.
  • Audition Day
    Episode 4
    Liz and Pete have it worked out so Jack will assuredly pick their choice for the new TGS cast member, but when word of audition day spreads, everyone jockeys to get in on the action. Meanwhile, Jack deals with ostricization due to a case of bedbugs.
  • Stone Mountain
    Episode 3
    Liz and Jack search for talent in Kenneth's Georgia hometown. Jenna tries to ingratiate herself with Frank, Toofer, and Lutz to avoid being supplanted by a coming new cast member, while they in turn use her to get an invite to a gay Halloween party. Tracy fears the rule of 'celebrities dying in threes' will claim him after two other celebrities die.moreless
  • Into the Crevasse
    Episode 2
    Jack finds himself fending off yet another threat to his job from Devin Banks. Tracy—miffed over the Dealbreaker book—and Jenna—still upset over the impending new cast member—each exact revenge on Liz. Kenneth volunteers at an animal shelter.
  • Season 4
    Episode 1
    Jack demands changes to make TGS more relatable to average Americans, sending Liz and Pete to search for a new cast member while Jenna makes over her image and Tracy tries to prove he's not lost touch with his roots. Kenneth organizes a strike by the pages after NBC cuts overtime, prompting Jack to send Lenny Wosniak undercover to try to destroy it from within.moreless