30 Rock - Season 5

NBC (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Respawn
    Episode 23

    With TGS done for the season, Liz relaxes in the Hamptons—until Tracy moves in next door. Jack turns Kenneth into a surrogate for the absent Avery. Jenna's spokesmanship of the Wool Council and their desire for complete normalcy creates friction with Paul over his desire for them to be able to freely be their odd selves. The writing staff plays an endless game of Halo.

  • 4/28/11

    Liz runs into problems when trying to fix her dream apartment. Meanwhile, Jack deals with Avery being taken hostage, and Tracy is agitated to discover that Grizz, Dotcom, and Kenneth share an inside joke.

  • 100, Part 2
    Episode 21

    Needing a great episode to save the show, Liz deals with getting Tracy his confidence back and Dennis Duffy's return to her life. Meanwhile, Jack continues wondering if his life is on course, and Jenna relishes the prospect of the career boost motherhood could provide.

  • 100, Part 1
    Episode 20

    With TGS facing imminent cancellation, Jack asks Hank Hooper to allow them to do their 100th episode as a final chance to prove they deserve a place on the air. Meanwhile, a gas leak threatens the production, Jack questions if he's been all he could be, Tracy tries to lose his newfound public respect, and Jenna wonders if motherhood is for her.

  • I Heart Connecticut
    Episode 19

    Liz and Kenneth scramble to find Tracy before TGS is cancelled. Jack makes sure Jenna's latest project is a success. Frank proposes an arm wrestling competition contest over who gets to pick lunch, which Pete excels at.

  • Plan B
    Episode 18

    When it seems TGS will be cancelled due to Tracy's absence, everyone scrambles to find new employment, but Kenneth is certain he can save the show. Jack looks to Devin to help revive Twinks, a flagging gay cable network.

  • Queen of Jordan
    Episode 17

    Presented as an episode of Angie's Queen of Jordan reality show, Jack needs Liz to coerce Angie into getting Tracy to come back from Africa. Meanwhile, Jenna schemes for the camera's attention, Frank gets a visit from teacher who seduced him, and Jack has the camera continually catch him saying things that make him seem gay.

  • TGS Hates Women
    Episode 16

    Liz hires a woman to the TGS writing staff when the show's accused of being anti-woman. Jack starts a quest to become CEO of Kabletown, even though it's always been family-owned.

  • 2/17/11

    With the TGS staff afraid Liz will become a spinster, Jenna tries to find love for her. Jack's lack of sleep puts him at a disadvantage when negotiating. Pete and Frank form a band.

  • Double-Edged Sword
    Episode 14

    Avery's going into labor during a getaway with Jack leaves them in peril of their child being Canadian. Meanwhile, trouble brews when Liz learns just how easily Carol manipulates the passengers during a takeoff delay. Tracy realizes achieving EGOT status comes with a lot of responsibility.

  • Qué Sorpresa!
    Episode 13

    Jack is mortified to discover Kabletown's corporate culture is far more employee-friendly than he's used to. Liz fakes pregnancy to help Avery land a big promotion. A gift from their new bosses puts Jenna and Tracy at odds.

  • 1/27/11

    Jack stages pre-made telethons for disaster relief. Angie's reality show camera crew follows Tracy around the TGS studios, and Liz hopes to use the camera's presence to force him into working harder. Lutz fibs to make himself indespensable.

  • Mrs. Donaghy
    Episode 11

    A mix-up at Jack's wedding to Avery leaves him actually married to Liz. Budget cuts at TGS force Jenna and Danny to share a dressing room. Angie ponders a new career due to some health news that Tracy receives.

  • 12/9/10
    At the urging of Liz and Avery, Jack reveals some secrets to his mother over her Christmas visit. Liz tries to get Jenna and Paul back together. Tracy hopes to improve his chances of winning a Golden Globe for a serious film by preventing a comedy of his from being released.moreless
  • 12/2/10
    Liz starts talking to Kenneth about Carol after Jack suggests she see a therapist. Tracy wants Jack to invest in his son's Times Square theme restaurant. Jenna and Paul celebrate a half-year together.
  • College
    Episode 8
    Jack tries to find flaws in GE's latest microwaves. Liz joins a crew lottery, even though she's been warned against it. The writers learn Jack is the voice of an online dictionary.
  • 11/11/10
    Liz finds a pair of jeans that make her look amazing. Jack throws his weight behind a loopy independent congressional candidate running against Regina Bookman. Jenna helps Tracy organize a gathering to secure a Golden Globe nomination.
  • 11/4/10
    Avery wants Jack to be less involved in Liz's life, leaving Liz without Jack's help when her father visits and Jack searching for someone else to mentor. When Tracy sees his pre-made video obituary, he gets Kenneth to help him make some changes to his life. Meanwhile, Jenna's distraught to discover no one's bothered to make an obituary for her and takes matters into her own hands.moreless
  • Reaganing
    Episode 5
    Jack hopes his day of perfect success will allow him to help out Liz with Carol. Jenna and Kenneth get Kelsey Grammer to help them run a con with Carvel's celebrity "Black Card" program. Tracy shoots an ad for the Boys and Girls Club.
  • Live Show
    Episode 4

    As the show is set to air its weekly broadcast, Liz is agitated when it seems her 40th birthday has been forgotten by her TGS co-workers. Tracy decides that breaking character is so hilarious that he'll do it on purpose all show. Jack regrets his vow to go sober during Avery's pregnancy.

  • 10/7/10
    Jack appears before Congress looking to win approval for the merger with Kabletown. Liz pushes back against the writers' mockery of her. Jenna helps Kenneth with his application to rejoin the NBC Page Program.
  • 9/30/10
    Liz puts her newfound self-confidence to use by assisting Pete with the issues he's been having with an NBC video editor. Jack feels the best way to teach he and Avery's impending child—whose life he fears he'll miss most of—how to live is to make DVDs of life lessons. Tracy wants to be there for the birth of his next child, and Kenneth keeps sneaking into 30 Rock to perform his old page duties.moreless
  • 9/23/10
    Jack decides to help Liz hang onto Carol and clashes with Avery over redecorating his apartment. Meanwhile, Tracy finds it tough to cope without Kenneth, and Jenna becomes a TGS producer.